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Knights Templar
Knights Templar
Abbreviation: KT
Group Numbers: ~20
Leadership: The Grand Council
Goals: To keep the survivors of Malton safe and provide a nice, well-barricaded place to stay, with plentiful heals and revives. Not to mention diverting those pesky zed hordes!
Recruitment Policy: All levels/classes, apply in-person or via our forums (see below).
Contact: Discord

Our group forum


About Our Team

Since forming in 2006, the Knights Templar have been defending Kempsterbank from the zombie masses, keeping it one of the most consistently safe suburbs in Malton.

We are glad to revive and heal anyone who asks. We work side by side with the local civilians, and we proudly stand with our allies against any zombie threat.

We focus on strategy and teamwork within our ranks. Operations large and small, near and far, are always being planned and executed. If you really want to play Urban Dead, we're the group for you.

A detailed history of our group can be found here.

How to join the Knights Templar

Joining is simple! We can be reached on Discord

Our Team Structure

The Knights Templar is divided into two groups by function. Upon completion of your time in the Grasshoppers Guild, you'll be asked to choose which specialist group you would like to take part in.

The Order of the Archangel Michael (OAM)

The OAM team patrols Kempsterbank and peripheral territories, runs strikes on known zed hangouts, and generally protects K-Bank from hostile forces within our borders. This is probably the group for you if you like to play at your own pace and work a little more independently.

Cleansing Fire of St. Charles (CFSC)

This is the elite, highly mobile fighting force of the Knights Templar. CFSC operates wherever help is needed in Malton. This team consists of our most experienced and trustworthy Knights.

Our Revive Points

One of our main priorities wherever we go is reviving survivors who have found themselves on the wrong side of life.

In Kempsterbank we actively maintain Ebbutt Road (57,76) and Ware Walk (51,74).

Recent Team Events


2022–2023 - The OAM team maintain a strong presence in Kempsterbank, supporting local survivors and fueling many a generator. The Whitenoll Building remains a hub for coordination, joviality and shenanigans. Please use Ebbutt Road for a speedy revive.


2022 - Following a vital top-secret mission and a series of fateful events in Yagoton around Halloween, the CFSC fireteam have once again rolled up their armoured sleeves and taken to the streets of Malton on another epic crusade, codenamed “OPERATION SCIMITAR”. No doubt you’ll be seeing our brave and dedicated Knights in a suburb near you very soon!