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The Man In The Camo Coat

Boris reporting.

Well, technically Boris and Rako and Colin.

Things I'm Doing Or Have Done

Families of Malton: What a project- I didn't start it, and I doubt I'll be the one to finish it. I drop in now and again to fill an entry or two. Really freakin' useful, since making all of these things mesh is extremely helpful to my personal cause of making all the Wiki backstory- comical and srs, harman and zed- fit together on a single timeline.

Our Heroes: Detailed background information on each of our three heroes.

Mallrat: A conclusive background information center on all the malls in Malton. Still much in progress.

Convergence: Once horrible writing, now a general-use sandbox. Currently holds several informative maps of Dulston and the under-construction lyrics to my next musical ripoff masterpiece.

Editing Policy

Copied directly from below the edit box: All contributions to The Urban Dead Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here.

What that means: Don't put it on here if you don't want other people to contribute. This fully applies to all my stuff as well as yours: if you think you can make a serious improvement or contribution, go right ahead. I'd highly prefer you ask me first via the stuff's talk page (Mall Canon edits can be placed on the Mallrat talk page), but it's not necessary.

Also, before editing or contacting, please ask yourself a series of questions I call the Three Tenets:

  • Am I flaming?
  • Am I bitching?
  • Am I contributing?

The answers to them should be, in order, no, no, and yes. If they aren't, then don't post.

What this DOES NOT MEAN: I give you free reign to trample all over my hard work by blanking it and replacing it with "J00 SUX LOL!" Any edits that aren't considered to be serious will be reverted.

What To Do If You Catch Me Breaking My Own Editing Policy

Drop me a line on my User Talk Page and ask me what the hell I'm doing. Be elaborate and provide links to things that prove that I'm acting like an ass, and you'll get better results. Expect prolific apologies for prior idiocy.

This also applies if you find me leaning on human/zombie bias issues- I'm well aware that I tend to have a pro-survivor bent, so if you catch me being an idiot drop me a line about my idiocy. You can probably expect profuse apologies here, too.


Whatever they're called, they can now be found here!