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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Eastonwood Ferals

Agenda · Leadership · Announcements · Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah · Raids and Raiders · Recent Operations · The EF Taskforce · Missions · Dedication and Acknowledgment

Eastonwood Ferals
EF Logo.jpg
Abbreviation EF
Group Numbers 30-50
Leadership "The Great Leader Fysh" is the official head of the group, but due to his schizophrenia EF handles matters by means of a Revolutionary Council consisting of the five founding-corpses which decides the group's actions via vote.
Goals Cry havoc in Eastonwood and its surrounding suburbs. Aid our allies.
Recruitment Policy The easiest way to join is: Be a Zombie, destroy Eastonwood. For further involvement with the group try contact
Contact Zombie-Command@hotmail.com
Allies and Subgroups Unknown Armies10k Society

All good things have to come to an end After two and a half year intense group activity and many accomplishments, the RC of ZRO! (Revolutionary Council of the Republic of !zanbah) has decided to step back. After much discussion the majority of the members of EF and the ZRO! Republican Guard voted for the disbanding of the Republic. The reasons are multitude. Many members think that they and the EF have accomplished all things that can be accomplished in the game of UD. The majority of the EF zombies have visited all suburbs of the city, assisted at least in one successful siege on every Mall there is and accompanied many funny and rewarding events. The EF fought beside and against the greatest groups in the history of the game, made many friends and foes and dominated the suburb of Eastonwood for a very long time. Among the EF force there are a few of the most experienced zombies in Malton with 10k to 50k XP and an average level of 40! with over 50 zombies in the group. UD was and is a fun game, despite all its many flaws. Recently UD becomes a little uninspiring and flat. There are not as many cool and entertaining events as it used to be. The demography of the players shifted from casual and funny to professional and dogged. A bad sign was that there was no Mall Tour `08.

In conclusion or tl;dr The official activity of the EF and the Council ends on the 17th of September 2008.

It is official – the Eastonwood Ferals will disband on the 1st of October 2008. The Unknown Armies contract with the EF will be cancelled and the support for the Republican Guard and allies of the ZRO! will be discontinued.

The Revolutionary Council of the Eastonwood Ferals is disbanding on the 10/01/08. What happens after this date will be decided by the Collective Congress. If you are an EF party member: Get involved - Cast your vote.

The Eastonwood Ferals are a horde of Zombies who have dedicated their unlives to the utter and complete destruction of Eastonwood. The group was founded when a few former Feral Zmobbies from the mighty Mall Tour '06 arrived in the suburb to prevent Syringe manufacturing in the many resident NecroTech laboratories and to cut supplies to Caiger Mall

Seeing the sadness of the suburb with its many survivor groups and NT buildings, the Attack Crew decided to stay, set up a new home and aid the small feral population the suburb fostered. Their leaders claim that the group is supposed to support all feral activity and make unlife more fun for the hunted corpses in the area.

EFzombie.png Agenda

!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

The EF is devoted to make the living uneasy in their safe houses and to add to the swelling numbers of dead bodies in the suburb by celebrating daily, coordinated break-ins, groaning all ferals who happen to be nearby to dinner. After trashing the suburb and securing its borders best as they could, the EF are now widely known to conduct raids into nearby suburbs, mostly ransacking vital resource buildings and free-running-junctions to push the human forces further away from their borders and reduce the risk of people, that escaped the hellhole they’ve converted Eastonwood into, regrouping.

On a greater basis the founding-corpses of the group still value all the ideals and dreams of the Mall Tour and wish for Caiger (hereafter referred to as Ga!gar Marrh) to fall. Therefore the group will keep attacking the NT buildings and personnel to prevent supplement to Darvall Heights even though the actual Tour is over. There maybe a revaluation of priorities in their mission, but the task remains the same.

The EF considers the centre of Eastonwood their holy motherland and usually keep it clean of harman presence. Pooll Crescent Police Department once a nexus of breatherist activity has become their Headquarters after they rid the area of survivors. EF forces will go to great length to keep zombies inside at all times.

ZNN-logo-small.png This is ZNN!
This user or group is a supporter of The Zombie News Network.

Grave.png Improve Urban Dead
Katthew's Zombie Improvements should be incorporated into Urban Dead.

EFzombie.png Leadership

As for our Great Leader, the "Subcomandante Fysh", well he is schizophrenic, so we normally don't listen to what he says, but however he does most of the talking. (Not for us but he talks anyhow) All trivial decisions are being made by the "Revolutionary Council" consisting of the oldest members steering the group through the seas of breatherism. More vital decisions are being discussed in form of a question to all members and the final decision is based on the council’s interpretation of the member’s opinion. This form of leadership proved itself to be highly efficient, especially in times of crisis where it still remained operable despite all odds. Even more now that those times have past, all members get to cast a vote sometimes, with most grave questions concerning the group well-being. This manner of decision-making, until now, only got used twice.

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Membership and Joining

The EF is in a state of reorganization - The Recruiting Bureau is closed

If you like to join a good organised zombie group, please try The Ridleybank Resistance Front at BARHAH.com

If you’re now thinking: "well that’s great sign me up!", you have to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Am I a Zombie?
  • Am I willing to bring death to the living, to destroy safe houses and feast on braanz?
  • Am I a lonely Feral and need a hug?

If at least three answers are "yes" then welcome friend, you are now an Eastonwood Feral! Contact us, if you wish to be involved with the coordinated attacks.

fine print

  • Only ONE character per player can be a member of the Eastonwood Ferals!
  • If you already have one character in the following groups: Death's Embrace, The Cancer That Is Killing /b/, Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah, Unknown Armies or any other group that operates out of Eastonwood and/or the directly adjoining Suburbs (Gatcombeton, Shuttlebank, Yagoton, Darvall Heights, Brooke Hills, East Becktown, Richmond Hills and Ketchelbank) you CANNOT have a character in the Eastonwood Ferals.
  • If you have a character in the Eastonwood Ferals you are not allowed to have another character operating in Eastonwood or the suburbs mentioned above.
  • Please be fair! Do not insult other groups or players! Do not edit others wiki pages, use their talk pages and sign your posts! Do not speak for the Eastonwood Ferals unless you are authorized to do so! If you have characters in other groups don’t tell us their secrets and vice versa don’t tell anyone restricted information of the Eastonwood Ferals. Any and all bot-scripts that automatically do anything in-game for the player are NOT allowed.

Have Fun, be BARHAH!

Organization Structure

The great leader Fysh

Commander of all EF activity and shining example of zombie heroism.

Revolutionary Council

Active administrators of the groups affairs and public relations.

The Crimson Seagulls

Group mostly only referred to as fighters, named in memory of the Shambling Seagulls

The Second Wave

More fighters, if you are being eaten in one building and hear a groan from another, that's them.

The Recon-Team

Go figure, what those devoted shambling lonely corpses have in mind if they knock on doors checking if someone is home.
Includes representatives of the Unknown Armies and military advisors from and in other suburbs.

The Honours Guard

A small group of zmabbah warriors, who guard the entrance to Pooll Crescent Police Department. Usually the ones that take breaks from raids for one reason or another. Young recruits are often asked to support them on a part time basis.
Also includes the secret police which answers to the guard commander.

The Republican Guard

A vast army of volunteers that joined the glorious forces of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah to protect the motherland against the clutch of the marauding survivor-imperialists.

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Pages associated with the Group

The wiki page of the group itself.
The archive of the combat diary that documents EF history.
wiki page of the groups Headquarters
wiki page of suburb no. 24.
We have decided to keep track of all the insults we endure.
They are massing themselves again lately but mind you, we had worse.
Stuff the Eastonwood Ferals keep track of
The exclusive club, founded for experienced and active Zombies.
The Underground Intelligence Network
The Mainpage of the ZRO! shall it stand forever
Collected propaganda of the unified zombie front.
Barhah lasts forevermore.

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EFzombie.png We Speak Zmabah


Don't forget that our roots lie in the feral uniting power of MT'06. So expect singing, joking (sometimes dancing, but that was when Fish was drunk) and the deathrattle based slang associated with Zmobiedom. And naturally we cheer every victory our fellow undead achieve in their strive to clear Malton from the living.

2.'06 Additional: Fish got lost! If you find him please give him directions to Eastonwood, we miss him (´_`)

5.'06 After long weeks of growing used to it the EF have adapted !zanbah Barhah as official battle-cry. Harman, if you hear it beware, we will get you!

5. '06 The RRF is about to enter Shuttlebank and naturally we are to give every support we are able to. The Recon-Team shambled across the borders yesterday ripping and clawing to aid our brothers and sisters. We greet you great Moloch of destruction, we greet you "RRF group 0"

7. '06 Well well well, seems like leader Fysh is a little confused at the moment and the EF Council issued an order to disregard every action performed by him till he gets better. (This guy, is an impostor/ mocking character! If however he realises the error of his ways and wants to genuinely join we happily welcome him, until then however be a harman, be killed)

Fysh is not crazy! The man currently fighting against our beloved EF brothers and sisters is not the real Fysh. It's an impostor. he wears a cheap great-leader-Fysh mask that doesn't even fit! Don't tell me you honestly believed him.

10. '06 We thank The GMT Breakfast Club for making an appearance in the following buildings of !zanbah. The Coutts Building [37, 20], the Cheeke Building [37, 22], Hayes Place Railway Station [39, 22], Luellin Lane Fire Station [39, 23], the Dukes Hotel [38, 25], Pooll Crescent Police Dept [35, 25], the Harold Building [35, 26], Timewell Drive Police Dept [39, 26], the Gunson Building [38, 28], Patriarch General Hospital [37, 29], the Mahagan Building [35, 29], Back Bank [34, 28], a factory [32, 26] and Felix General Hospital [30, 26]. We hope you did get a taste for Eastonwood brains and that you did find adequate accommodations as an exchange for the great treat you gave us in Whatmore. !zanbah Barhah.--Brainzombie 22:18, 20 October 2006 (BST)

All EF (except for one) can proudly say for themselves:

Tombstone.jpg Third Siege of Caiger Mall
This user helped take down Caiger Mall!

Exactly one year ago the EF started to record their attacks on Malton, in essence became a full fletched zombie horde for real and for good. Happy Birthday from your wiki-team EF continue to be barhah for the sake of zombiedom all over the city. --Foxfire 18:25, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

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!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah

!zanbah Barhah

The heart of Eastonwood, once, month ago, a vital centre of the harman cause, with hundreds of people seeking shelter, working there, now has been firmly in zombie hands for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, there still are harmanz present, sometimes, but never many and never for long, The EF claims the heart and it shall be as the heart of Malton itself. Yes breatherist, you can come and headshot the zmobbies inside those buildings. You can come and raise the barricades anew, but it will remain ours. For it is there were the wave no longer was repelled by the coast and swept far into the land and devoured everything. There was our !zanbah Barhah.

  • The Republic is the embodiment of the EF liberation and shelter for many ferals. It consists of the entire suburb of Eastonwood and several exterritorial locations and the EF as its guardians fight constantly for it's well being.
  • Formal leadership lies with the current "Grand Protector" Great Leader Fysh and government is conducted by the Revolutionary Council of !zanbahs main party, the Eastonwood Ferals.
  • Every verified zombie group may claim status as political party and join goverment.
  • The 10th of November, the day Caiger Mall fell to zombie hands, is national holiday.
  • The Republic has fought a major war with the Eastonwood Confederation and all affiliated breatherist groupings. Their fighting force ranged from 30 to 70 active members. Even though they're officially founded on Sep 11. as organization they declared war on the Republic as early as Sep 09. Some of the most central groups of the confederation of course are in conflict with the EF, the custodians of !zanbahs freedom, even longer than that. All DEM groups and WarSeers for instance since Feb 18. (founding of the EF) and the Sun Organization since May 04. (first hostilities, EF initiated). The war lasted 69 Days and ended as the EF's Honours Guard drove the last living insurgents out of the suburb and claimed Victory.
However the probability of new conflict remains, but for the moment Eastonwood is pacified.
Status of Eastonwood [Zombie Control]

Become a member of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah

!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

To show your pride as an citizen of the ZRO!, simply add {{ZRO!}} to the page you'd like it placed on.

Raids and Raiders

The Multi-Kill. The Eastonwood Ferals Finishing-Power-Move! Survivors beware!
The Double-Kill-Drag another breathtaking finishing-move by the Eastonwood Ferals.
Veteran fighter "Experiment211" Example of dedication and bravery.

These very special Polaroid moments have been sent in by our raiders for all to see what the EF is truly about. It is just a selected few examples of what is regular business in the Eastonwood Ferals Horde. If you are considering to join up let the pictures convince you and if you consider to pick a fight with the EF let the pictures be a friendly reminder what will happen to you, your friends and everybody in the same safe house.

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Stance on Zombie Spies

The Eastonwood Ferals are a medium, but highly organized and trained group. One of our tactics is to know where the enemy is and what he's up to (fairly simple since most of us can read). Therefore, we are willing to employ the services of certain allies to gather the information we need and to fight an underground war against a much stronger enemy. Usually one or two of us are combat revivees (sic) at any given moment, which makes it easy when no Harman mercenary can be found and negotiated into betraying his own. Many despise the use of so-called Zombie Spies we on the other hand use them as a regular tactic. As Sun Tzu, says:

(...)Therefore, enlightened rulers and good generals who are able to obtain intelligent agents as spies are certain for great achievements. Sun Tzu the Art of War

We thank our ally the "Unknown Armies" for their continuing service and loyalty on this matter.

  • Propaganda disclaimer: The UAG agents are against spray painting slogans of sexist, racist or abusive content. Some slogans can be taunting, some annoying but never insulting. Slogans that attack a group directly with such low content are definitely not from an UAG agent.
  • Script disclaimer: "Scouting tools" (Scripts that automatically register where certain players are, what the barricade status of buildings are, what the status of buildings are etc.) have been used till early of 2007, but are now abolished by the Revolutionary Council and are forbidden to use by all members of the Eastonwood Ferals and the Unknown Armies. Other scripts (Bot-scripts) were never be used by members of the Eastonwood Ferals or the Unknown Armies; using such scipts will be considered as cheating.

Unknown armies.gif Contact the spy-network directly under unknownarmies@mail.ru

EFzombie.png Recent Operations

Every revolution starts with a message. Ours is, BARHAH!

EF com.jpg

New Tactic to defend our Homeland: The Revolutionary Council had passed a new resultion to defend our beloved homeland of Eastonwood. Please familiarize yourself with the new tactic called Cade_and_ruin. Please DO NOT remove barricades from ruined buildings. --Experiment211 03:21, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

This comes from Zmobie command:The second anniversary of our glorious horde is at hand my dear brothers and sisters, we have made it. We fought long and hard and killed a couple of dozen decent groups, survived a few hundred worthy opponents and all but quelled those constatnt pains in our sides. You are looking at a success story that began two years ago when only a couple of us considered it a newsworthy event when we held the radio station for more than half a day ^^. Nowadays we don't deal in anything less than big sieges and ruined suburbs but it have been these small steps that made us big and powerful and respected. We are now as then in the game. We are !zanbah, we are birthday zmobbles.


Intilligence Report: Eastonwood is in ruins and trashed and regularly sees combat gallore, S Shuttlebank is still ours all boarders to Eastonnwood are secured --CannibalX 15:21, 12 June 2008 (BST)

Please everybody welcome the new inspector of Eastonwood Dracolich. You have to assemble the pieces of the suburb if you want to be as good as your predecessors, currently it is counted as lost for survivors.

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The EF Taskforce

  • September the 17th The official activity of the EF and the ZRO! ends.
  • September the 10th The Revolutionary Council announced the end of the Eastonwood Ferals as a Horde. The EF will be disbanding on the 1st of October 2008.
  • August the 20th A big coordinated attack headed by the EF on The Style Building rendered it useless for the survivors. 1 Month has past and The Whatmore Building is still in the firm hands of the horde as is the south of Yagoton. All borders of the great republic are secured – the south of Shuttlebank, north of Richmond Hills, West of Brooke Hills and the east of Darvall Heights is under zombie control, many NT’s are occupied by the undead. Eastonwood remains broken and abandoned of life - silently decaying. HARRAH AN HAZZAR
  • August '08 The EF and their allies securing the borders of the ZRO!, mainly fighting in Yagoton, Shuttlebank and Darvall Heights. The "average level" of the Eastonwood Ferals (about 50 members) reaches 40 and is thereby the group with the highest average level in Malton.
  • July 5th '08 "Experiment211" one of the finest fighter of the Ferals finally breaks the 50.000XP boundary. Congratulations soldier the Revolutionary Council salutes you for your dedication and bravery.
  • July 3rd '08 To honor and celebrate the day of the Outbreak the ZRO! Republican Guard spilled goods as sacrifice into the litter of the streets.
  • June '08 Destroying Shuttlebank - Eastonwood Ferals declares victory over the defender of Shuttlebank.
  • May/June '08 Members of the EF are on summer vacation in sunny Ridleybank. Punch Was Served.
  • Feb 21. '08 2 Year Anniversary.

Raids older than a few days can be found here

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The Big Bash.png

The Eastonwood Ferals support the Big Bash VIVA LA BARHAH!


Eastonwood Ferals! Bringing down GA!GAR MARR.


The Eastonwood Ferals. The Mall Tour '07. !ZANBAH BARHAH in every Mall!


The Eastonwood Ferals and the Big Bash Part II - BARHAH'S SECOND COMMING!


The Eastonwood Ferals and the siege of Jerusalem

EFzombie.png Dedication and Acknowledgment

First, we wish to thank "Our Big Brother in Ridleybank" for support and inspiration. The Ridleybank Resistance Front let us use their secret training camps and aid us with experts in guerrilla warfare. They even gave us a cookie for our excellent work together with their Breakfast Club.


Respect and Love goes out to all of the Mall Tour '06 Members especially to Mighty Warlord Xyu and the other tour guides for the breathtaking guided city tour. Ga!gar has fallen, and we have been there on your behalf brothers and sisters. All Ga!gar kills of the EF are dedicated to you!

Mall Tour '07 of course is a must, if we roam with the tour or keep home clear for the main host not to worry, we all cheer and kill in Xyu's name.

In addition we want to greet the other zombie groups, which fight daily for a better and more beautiful city.

The Minions of the Apocalypse, The Feral Undead, The soft parade, Da Shamblin' WAAAGH, Drunken Dead, Dead Air, the CRF, Extinction, LUE and many others.

The all-devouring horde resulting out of the MT'06, named The Shining Ones, have been declared veteran heroes of the second Ga!gar siege and will obtain every honour we have to give when visiting our beloved homelands.

Of course we have deepest love and respect for our friends at the Big Bash. The stationary character of the EF prevented us from comming down there often enough but in the end we all got our fun.

Furthermore we like to say good bye to our brothers and sisters of Shacknews who after all this time we've been conquering for barhah gave us the chance to show it to everybody, the Shambling Seagulls, The Undying Scourge, the Bela Lugosi Fan Klub, Ars Requiem, The Dead Parrots, Zombie Inc, The Pwotters and The Gray You leaving us was a shock to all and saddened our zombie hearts. Know that you’ll always have a place to come back to. We will remember....

We salute you and your efforts! Lets remind ourselves that unlike the Harmanz, we can win.

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