Da Shamblin' WAAAGH

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Da Shamblin' WAAAGH
Abbreviation: WAAAGH
Group Numbers: We're not telling you panzies ass survivors! And quit editing our wiki! -Grimek
Leadership: Our fearless and festering leader is Krum the Merciless, although he really just points and grunts.
Goals: World domination, of course.
Recruitment Policy: If we like your flavor, and you're a 'proppa' shade of green, we'll be in touch.

Being wargamers, the members of Da Shamblin' WAAAGH were all geeks and underdogs. Killed by a particularly lethal dose of gamer's funk, we have embraced undeath as an opportunity to even the score. We delight in well-orchestrated assaults on so-called 'safe' houses, where we like to infect as many hapless Survivors as possible before feasting on their brains with our steel-tipped gnashers and playing party games with their entrails. Our favorite victims are scummy zombie hunters who pick on lone zombies, and those foolish enough to possess the headshot skill can expect no mercy.

Da Shamblin' WAAAGH is a close-knit horde, and Krum demands both loyalty and obedience (enforced by wacking miscreants with the wet end of a severed arm). Senior Waaaghers ('Nobs') are expected to look after weedier members ('zomblings') and help them find easy prey, so that they can grow into fully-fledged zombies and join in the carnage. Da Shamblin' WAAAGH has attracted a large number of freebooting zombies, who follow in our wake and join in our assaults on the Living. We welcome their company (provided they do not mistake Waaaghers for food!) and will always try to leave the door open so any friendly, non-aligned zombies can enjoy a free snack.

We began our rampage in the south-west suburbs, and we're making our way across Malton like a putrid green tide. Barricade all you want, it won't help you - da Shamblin' WAAAGH is coming.

A Brief History of the WAAAGH:

The WAAAGH was formed in early December 2005, the first coordinated attack occurring on Dec 3 2005. At this stage, over 90% of the Horde was composed of fresh corpses.

On Dec 11, the WAAAGH migrated to New Orkham, or New Arkham as the locals insisted on calling it. This lower population suburb proved an ideal training ground for the young group. The WAAAGH rampaged throughout the suburb, devastating many safehouses throughout the coming weeks, and continued on into Old Orkham.

On Jan 3, 2006, a loose alliance with the Undying Scourge, Shambling Seagulls, and the Minions of the Apocalypse was arranged. The Shamblin' WAAAGH would attack Frossard Place Police Department in Lockettside, while the other hordes struck further targets. Though a smaller group consisting of relatively low level zombies, the Shamblin' WAAAGH prevailed through closely coordinated attacks and persistence. On Jan 8, all the survivors were finally cleared from Frossard Place. The Tompson Mall fell a few days later under a combined assault of all the hordes involved.

Recently, the horde has become somewhat nomadic. Numerous suburbs have felt the claws of Da Shamblin' WAAAGH! since the fall of Tompson Mall, but they don't seem to stay in one place for very long. What they could be up to, no one knows...

The intent of the horde was discovered a few months after the fall of Tompson. The Waaagh had returned to Frossard PD. Unfortunately its long-time occupants had been weakened by a campaign of PKing against them and after a few quick strikes on the PD and surrounding area, the Waaagh moved on.

Kempsterbank was next to feel the wrath of the Shamblin' Waaagh. The horde held a corner of the suburb in an iron grip for weeks until the arrival of the Devivification Experts of Malton and both hordes shattered the KNWs grip on Kemptsterbank. Many members of the Waaagh took part in the fall of Pole Mall around this time.

Word soon came of the possible location of Frossard PD's former occupants. Bored of sacking Kempsterbank, the horde relocated to the far east of Malton. The plan was to attack the group known as the Club Frossard Pilgrims. A number of strikes were launched on nearby necrotech buildings in Fryrebank with the intent to disrupt revival services. Unfortunately before a strike could be launched on Club Frossard itself a horde of zombies descended on Lumber Mall and its surrounding area. The Waaagh's intended prey were either killed, or fled from the ensuing carnage.

In the weeks that followed the members of the Shamblin' Waaagh moved about, attacking targets in the Fryrebank/Penny Heights area on their own. Scheduled attacks became less common and eventually it was decided that the Shamblin' Waaagh would hang up their fangs.

However, towards the end of July and at the start of August the remnants of the Shamblin' Waaagh began to awaken and descend on Frossard Place, once again inhabited by their former nemeses and ripe for a good krumpin'...

Survivors who have felt the sharp end the da Shamblin' WAAAGH so far: Hundreds.

Funniest moments in survivor history:

  • will Lewis said "Your leaders haven't foresaken you, most of them are dead outside" (01-08 03:37 GMT)

  • agent card said "SH-- GUYS WEVE GOT ANOTHER ATTACK ALREADY" (01-07 16:03 GMT)

  • ScOpE said "OMG IM INFECTED" (02-01 20:28 GMT)