Frossard Place Police Department

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Frossard Place Police Department
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Frossard Place Police Department

Frossard Place Police Department

Lockettside [20,87]

Peppe Park
Rodford Alley School St. John's Hospital
Argent Place
Frossard Place Police Department a carpark
Haslam Crescent
Quarles Grove Brent Bank

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Frossard Place PD (Malton archives)

Frossard Place Police Department is a four-storey red-brick building with a collapsed roof. The photo was taken before the addition of the top floor and shows the view from Haslam Crescent, with Rodford Alley School visible on the left. Photo from Malton's city archives; date unknown.

Barricade Policy

  • As this is a landmark safehouse, generally this building stays as highly barricaded as possible. Visitors are highly advised to invest in Free Running should they wish to enter.
  • According to the Lockettside Barricade Plan this building should be barricaded at EHB.

Resident Groups

Reclamation History

Officer Alexander Shaw appropriated the building during the first weeks of the outbreak. After it was cleaned up and converted for extended residency, it was considered the nicest, cleanest, and fanciest safehouse in Lockettside, if not in all of Malton. Even the graffiti was nice, clean and fancy, often featuring an unsigned yet "tasteful picture of" any of the building's fairer residents. A steady supply of spray cans from neighboring Rodford Alley School encouraged artistic expression.

Frossard Place PD, post-conversion, featured a spacious recreation room, a large communal kitchen, a modest yet diverse library, and a separate clean and stocked room for each of its residents. The building's armory remained unlocked to satisfy the firearm needs of its residents and guests. In time, new residents, finding that they were welcome, added even more amenities, such as a deep freeze (by converting the now-unusable morgue), a hydroponic herb and vegetable garden on the roof, and, perhaps most impressively, an artificial beach.

Event History

November 2006

  • November 18th : Frossard almost deserted except for a few Sards and other survivors, pk attacks frequent.
  • November 19th/20th: well known pker vists the PD in attempt to make peace, this however ends in bloodshed with the death of two Sards by other malicious pkers who are probably not wanting the peace to happen.

September 2006

  • September 10th : Once again, the suburb of Lockettside appears to be free of Undead, and Frossard Place is, again, in the hands of The 'Sards. Minimal resistance, less the regular PK attacks by Omar Vengabean' Zergs

August 2006

  • August 1st: Zombies are once again making breaches in the Frossard Place defences. Rumours of a return by Da Shamblin' Waaagh are spreading.
  • August 2nd: Frossard Place is firmly in zombie hands, with Da Shamblin' Waaagh being the main perpetrators.
  • August 9th:The last remains of the Da Shamblin' Waaagh are removed form the building, after being attacked by zombified 'Sard members. Not expected to be held long.
  • August 10th: Da Shamblin' WAAAGH has regained their foothold, but have been a little disappointed by the lack of entertainment provided by the 'Sards.
  • August 16th: Da Shamblin' WAAAGH still has a firm grasp on Frossard Place PD, with little resistance being met. The most resistance encountered was spraypaint on the building that reads 'Da Shamblin' WAAAGH are pu****s.' Again proving the point that the dead are truly much more fun than the living.
  • August 20th:No official Sard announcement was made.

July 2006

  • July 1st: 31 zombies breach Frossard Place, killing everyone inside.
  • July 6th: A strong zombie presence is still controlling Frossard and the surronding area of Lockettside, making habitation impossible.
  • July 20th: The zombie seige appears to be over. Many 'Sards are revived, and then did their part to rebuild and revive. Frossard P.D. is back in the hands of The 'Sards.

June 2006

  • June 23rd: The 'Sards stage a brave operation to reclaim Frossard Place Police Department.
  • June 24th-25th: Frossard has been reclaimed by 'Sard forces.

May 2006

  • May 1st-10th: The 'Sards completely clear the building of themselves. The group has now relocated over 2 times due to several serial killers stalking their every move.
  • May 11th-28th: No more news is coming from the police department, and as of now it's status is unknown. Most likely, though, it is inhabited by normal survivors, unknowing of the building's history.

March 2006

  • March 18-24: An altogether different survivor group assumed control of Frossard Place PD, identifying themselves as "The New 'Sards". Survivor residency in the building reportedly dropped to between 10-15 people, likely as a consequence of this new group's policy of PKing anyone not affiliated with them.
  • March 25-31: Watchful survivors indicated that the building had become largely inhospitable to travelers, due to regularly-occurring breaches and an entrenchment of resident PKers.

February 2006

  • February 6: Fireman T of The Sons of Anarchy visited to promote his organization.
  • February 8: There was an increase in guerilla PKer activity, targeting The 'Sards.
  • February 16: Individuals purporting to be from a group called "the E.S.A." visited to promote their organization.
  • February 28: Frossard Place was again overrun by zombies.

January 2006

  • January 8: After unrelenting assaults by zombie forces, Frossard Place PD fell under new management for the first time.
  • January 9: Zombies were seen shambling around and inside the police department wearing the uniforms, riot gear, and flak jackets from the station's armoury.
  • January 10: Loud music shattered the eerie quiet that had fallen over the neighborhood. The occupying zombies were seen wearing Hawaiian-style shirts and grass skirts, and generally making a mess of the artificial beach. Survivors not wanting to enjoy in the zombie spirit of luaus actively barricaded the windows of the building to drown out the noise.
  • January 12: Survivors watching the premises from a safe distance reported a severe dropoff in the number of active visible zombies.
  • January 13: On Friday the 13th things took an ill turn for the zombies that still occupied Frossard Place PD. Taking the policy of Distributed Defense since the PD first fell, hiding in low-threat buildings and making guerilla strikes, the last zombie was cleansed from the PD. A high percentage of survivor residents seemed to have survived the whole business, evident by their quick return.

December 2005

  • December 24-31: Parties were held in celebration of the holiday season. This was almost overlooked as "news" due to the regular frequency of partying normally held on the premises anyway, but it should be noted that the late December parties involved the unusual addition of eggnog.

November 2005

  • November 5: Renovations to the morgue were completed, transforming it into a deep freeze for perishable food items.
  • November 7: The Vengabean Family Reunion was held here. It had been postponed from the 4th. This was an exceptionally large and successful party, open to all, in the spirit of brotherhood.
  • November 11: Jeff Foxworthy performed a routine to a standing-room-only crowd.
  • November 12: Biff Webster, late of DARIS, stayed as a guest for several days.

October 2005

  • October 4: The artificial beach, featuring sunlamps and fake palm trees, was formally opened to all guests during a small "open house" party.

September 2005

  • September 25-30: Several sofas were "liberated" from a nearby club (possibly Club Bousfield?) and brought to the roof of the building, where they joined a flourishing hydroponic garden and a barbecue grill. Parties were held to celebrate the improvements.

(Unknown Dates)

Current Status

June 14th, 2013 - Two survivors inside. EHB. Genny running. --RoyKirk 00:10, 15 June 2013 (UTC)