Peppe Park

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Peppe Park

Ruddlebank [19,86]

Jerrad Park a factory Brooks Row Railway Station
wasteland Peppe Park Rodford Alley School
the Shearn Building Argent Place Frossard Place Police Dept.

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Peppe Park is located at coordinates 19,86 in the suburb of Ruddlebank, bordering Lockettside to the east.


Peppe Park's main features include a playground on the west side, a sizeable parking lot to the north, and several park benches and stationary barbecue grills scattered throughout. There is also a centrally located restroom facility with handicap access, but it has been rendered unusable as a result of the quarantine. There are several trees engraved with "Officer A.Shaw is a sexy bastard" and a large graffiti mural that reads "Long Live The 'Sards!"

Peppe Park is a locally advertised revivification point for the area bordering Ruddlebank and Lockettside, served by NecroTech-trained members of The 'Sards alongside an untold number of other dedicated volunteers. It had been decommissioned for a while during the emergence of the Sacred Ground Policy in 2006, but it has recently seen a renewal of activity.

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