The 'Sards

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The 'Sards
Abbreviation: 'Sards
Group Numbers: 23, Formerly 96
Leadership: Officer A. Shaw
Goals: Building a creative community and protecting the subrurb
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: In-game text messages

The 'Sards are a diverse and loyal group of free-spirited individuals, united by an intent to provide aid, protection, and bacchanalian block parties to the local residents of their chosen neighborhood.

This close-knit band of survivors works to uphold the positive image of the Malton citizen. They act as guiding hands for lost or shell-shocked survivors, shelter their fellow brothers and sisters at arms, and attempt to preserve the history --both past and unfolding-- of their beloved Malton.

Early History


Their group name derives from the fact that they first banded together under the roof and barricades of Frossard Place Police Department, on the Lockettside-Ruddlebank border. During the early weeks and months of the outbreak, largely through these folks' efforts, Frossard Place proved to be a secure and welcoming safehouse for survivors from all walks of life. United by the rallying charisma of Officer A. Shaw, the 'Sards dedicated themselves to serving the community of Malton and promoting a spirit of camaraderie.

Party House

In time, when it became clear that Malton was under indefinite lockdown, the 'Sards began a tradition of hosting weekend block parties at their headquarters to raise morale. These parties famously attracted members of the Vengabean Family. One such party even became the Vengabean Family Reunion, which is said to have "lasted over 3 days and claimed over 20 kegs of beer. By party's end, over 25 undead, 2 survivors and 5 cattle lay dead. 'Twas radical, bro..."


In early 2006, several armed survivors with an antagonistic agenda systematically and aggressively targeted many of the 'Sards, whittling down their numbers in an attempt to evict them from the building. After weeks of valiant effort, the 'Sards finally strategically withdrew from Frossard Place Police Department. Reunited in exile, The 'Sards continued to dedicate themselves to serving the survivor community of Malton and promoting a spirit of camaraderie. Several officers and cadets had returned to Frossard Place by June, though the building suffered from an increase in break-ins and a somewhat lower quality of life than that for which it once was known.


As communities coalesced and free-run paths were established, the 'Sards found quick allies in the defenders of two local malls: the Tompson Mall Irregulars of Tompson Mall, and 4 Corners Regulators of Marven Mall. This early cooperation was seen as win-win; the malls benefited from additional security patrols, while the 'Sards were welcomed to partake in the malls' wider variety of supplies. This network of trust between groups became the basis for the (relatively short-lived) Malton Confederacy.

'Sard Members

This list was established in 2009 to contrast with the list of known impostors (in the "Impostors" section further below).

The latest major update is from September 2019.

There are two sections to the members list: Verified and Unverified.

Verified: have either been active within the past two years, or are clearly remembered by the active members.
Unverified: have not been seen within the past two years, and are not clearly remembered by active members.


As of September 2019, there are 23 members who can be said to represent The 'Sards, past or present.


These individuals may carry "The 'Sards" group tag, but we haven't seen them in a long time (they're inactive on contact lists), and we don't have any clear recollection of them.

bigwillray,Captain Jack Sparrow,Ethan Coal,Francis Hockenbury,Gareth Piper,Hulk Hogan,Jack Facial,Jadine Lacayanga,john dean,Kanelives,Lambretta Cherrytrix,Lita Chambers,Lokys the Sniper,Mongoose McCloud,Professor Zard,Sam Pontypandy,Taylor Redmond Flame


There are several persons claiming to represent the 'Sards, while in reality they are not members of the 'Sards, but are trying to give the group a bad name. Several such individuals try threatening other groups and individuals on behalf of the 'Sards, claiming that they have full support of the entire group. In reality, most of these impostors are opposed to the real 'Sards, targeting 'Sard members in everyday PKings. Their false representation of the 'Sards is aimed at undermining the image of the 'Sards, who do not wish to actively seek out conflict with other survivors, as all that messy business just gets in the way of partying.

If you encounter a person claiming to be a 'Sard, who attempts to threaten you with an attack by the 'Sards, trying to get you to comply to their demands, please disregard them. The real 'Sards will never attempt to claim malls or other buildings for themselves, and are not opposed to any other group that never attacked the 'Sards. In fact, as a result of daily PKings, many 'Sards are too dead to attempt such things as attacks on malls, to claim them for themselves.

Known impostors

Log Books by Year


May 18: Some time in the late afternoon, the Sards were accosted in their new safehouse by OMAR Vengabean and a cadre of associated murderers, sociopaths and toadies. As a result the 'Sards have scattered, and once again their location is unknown.

May 22: It has come to our attention that an impostor called Azghul has been seen lurking in Lockettside, calling himself a 'Sard. Be careful, this individual is allegedly very dangerous.

June 24: Barry Bravado returns to Frossard Place PD and announces that The 'Sards are coming back to Lockettside to reclaim their old home.

June 25: As expected, several murderers (including Ahhhhhhhhh, XoverxoverX and You deserved it) have come out of the woodwork. Despite killing Barry Bravado at least twice, their efforts are so far unsuccessful - a strong 'Sard presence still occupies Frossard Place PD.

August 1: Zombie forces have, yet again, broken into Frossard Place. Early rumours indicate that several members of Da Shamblin' Waaagh, unseen for several months, are present.

August 2: The 'Sards have been unceremoniously evicted from Frossard Place by Da Shamblin' Waaagh. Again. The school and hospital have also been emptied and ransacked.

August 5: Many members of the 'Sards are confirmed to be holed up in Brooks Row Railway Station, and are putting up a valiant defence.

August 20: A member of the 'Sards has supposedly confirmed that the 'Sards have forfeited to the mob of zombies devastating Frossard Place Police Department. However, this has been proven false, as there are many 'Sards still in the area, and is being treated simply as defamation.

September 18: The Waagh' have been repelled...for now. But the usual Pkers are stepping up their assault. All in all, The 'Sards have FULL control of Frossard P.D.

November 18: Frossard mostly deserted except for a few 'Sards, routine pk attacks occur on the Sards, mainly by AHHH, and The Nazi Hunter. It is unknown as to how many Sards are still alive total and where they reside.

November 18 Identified 'Sard impostor "The 'Sard Leader". While in Tompson Mall in Lockettside, this individual is quoted as having said, "Attention - this mall is being claimed by the 'Sards of Frossard PD - 5 blocks south of here. You now have two choices - join us bt registering at the PD and begging to become 'Sards - or getting the f*** out of here. Now, please!"

November 19 Living Justice, one of the former major PKers of the 'Sards, decided to stop killing us and sought a treaty with us to end the hate. The next day on the 20th two Sards are dead and Living Justice is gone, though it was not Living Justice who killed them. A random survivor killed one and Hey Hey My My killed the other. This may have been an attempt by others to disrupt the peace process.

November 21 Living Justice returns to his PKing ways, attacking and killing at least one 'Sard, apparently ignoring what he was told about "The 'Sard Leader".

December 16 Identified 'Sard impostor "Uptown Jimmy". This individual was sighted wearing the 'Sards group tag on this date. In actuality, he has been PKing 'Sards for months.


January 4 The 'Sards have found an ally in the group St. John's EMTs. They are glad to have some friends in the area, and are still trying disprove all of the negative rumors spread by PKers.

January 6 The Legions of Lockettside have announced an alliance with both The 'Sards and the St. John's EMTs. Details can be found on that group's page.

January 23 Bloody Tom has come bearing a message of hope.

January 24 Officer Shaw reappears, vowing "a return to old ways. Good ways. The only ways. LONG LIVE THE REAL 'SARDS!"

April 12 The 'Sards stand strong still, but the annoyance of murderers and thugs still loom over the once glorious 'Sards Headquarters. Officer A. Shaw still roams Lockettside, still awaiting the day when perhaps the thugs might start becoming friendly instead of constantly threatening the stability of an honest group of survivors.


September 6 A critical mass of 'Sards is once again present in Locketside. Meanwhile, the entire suburb is overwhelmed by the walking dead - it seems the 'Sards have (once again) appeared in the nick of time.


A message, dated November 2011: A small constituent of 'Sards still remain active in the south-western sector of the city. A few faithful deputies keep a watchful eye over Lockettside and the PD while a small band of the department's veterans patrol and provide aid to survivors in the departments of neighboring suburbs. Keeping to tradition, they're only goal is one thing: To kill zombies, PK'ers, and anyone else who gets their kicks out of making this city even more miserable than it already is. Seriously guys, cut it out.


In a pleasant turn of events, a small contingent of 'Sards has regrouped at Frossard PD. Since their reunion, they have been working to maintain barricades and generators in the surrounding suburb, which has been relatively easy due to the distinct lack of a significant zombie presence in the suburb. All are welcome to come and join the festivities, though travelers are warned that dancing shoes are mandatory.


The 'Sards remain intact and protect Lockettside, routinely helping clear Tompson Mall.


The 'Sards strongly support the use of Revive Tools.

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