Brooks Row Railway Station

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Brooks Row Railway Station
Last update 07/2021
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Brooks Row Railway Station

Lockettside [20, 85]

the Broadway Monument
Guppey Place Railway Station Boteley Square
a factory
Brooks Row Railway Station Tompsett Plaza
Peppe Park
Rodford Alley School St. John's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Train station. No trains are running.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Railway Stations:
    • "Its platforms are empty, its departure boards blank, all trains having left the city during the evacuation."
    • "…a fire-damaged white-stone building surrounded by lawns. Behind railings, you can see railway tracks disappearing into the surrounding city."
  • This building can be barricaded normally.

Brooks Row Railway Station is a former rail station in Lockettside. Formerly a noted Green Line station, it was closed down long before the outbreak and became a train graveyard, replaced by Guppey Place Railway Station to its north.

Malton Rail Green Line
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An old, run down railway station, mostly serving as a train graveyard. The stone platforms are covered in moss, as is the run-down station next to them. Most of the area is open rails, where old trains stand, slowly rusting. Grass and small bushes grow from between cracked tiles and broken concrete. Several of the carriages have been boarded up, as has the fence that surrounds the entire railway station. The storage shed has also been barricaded heavily with sandbags, wood and ripple iron sheets. It has also been secured by barbed wire.


Brooks Row Railway Station was originally built back in the early days of Malton as the first station in Lockettside, which was a wealthier and quieter part of town back then. It was built sturdy, but small, with a smooth stone platform, and a rustic, stone and wrought-iron station. A large lot around it was bought up by Malton Railway, originally intended for expanding the station at a later point. Sadly, this never came to happen, as the newer, larger Guppey Place Railway Station was constructed just north. The area around Brooks Row was fenced up, and the lot turned into a final resting place for locomotives and carriages.

When the outbreak came, the station was overrun, though damage to structure and trains was minimal. The band of friends that called themselves Lockettside Unified Suburb Theory came across the station, while searching for a home base. They swiftly made themselves at home in the abandoned, but intact storage shed. After almost a month of building and scavenging, the fences had been strongly reinforced, as had the storage shed. However, this was all destroyed in the more recent wave of zombie attacks on the southern parts of Malton. Most of the walls and barricades were destroyed, and LUST was forced to flee north. Upon their return, however, the station was slowly rebuilt, or rather the fences have once again been strengthened with ripple iron sheets, as has the storage shed.

Barricade Policy

According to the Lockettside Barricade Plan this building should be barricaded no more than VSB++, because is an entry point. Brooks Row Railway Station should always be kept at maximum strength.

Current Status

June 14th, 2013 - One survivor inside. EHB. No lights. --RoyKirk 23:55, 14 June 2013 (UTC)

The station has been EHB, while LUST members are out scavenging for supplies. Alario 18:38, April 16 2008 (GMT)