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Dead Air
Dead Air
Abbreviation: Dead Air
Group Numbers: There are 100 suburbs...we need 1000 zombies! The headache must end!
Leadership: Bigger Daddy (allegedly)
Goals: Disabling all mobile phone masts.
Recruitment Policy: See "To Join" below
Contact: See "Strategies- Profiles" below

One cool Malton evening, a lone zombie seeking the scent of the living and its next meal lurched across the suburb of Buttonville. Nearing a nondescript warehouse, the meager attention of its rotten brain was grabbed by an unusual sight: On the roof of the building, the lights of a mobile phone mast blinked against the sky.

At that moment, its head began to throb, and a vague but unshakeable urge overcame that rotten brain. It had to destroy the horrible lights that blinked as if alive.

The zombie immediately began a solitary siege of the warehouse, perpetually attacking the warehouse's barricades except when fending off living passers-by, having been killed, or swaying slightly as it stood, its clouded brain numbed by the exertions of the day. Days and weeks and many Headshots later, one fateful day the overconfidence of Buttonville's survivors and the incidental aid of some random zombies that happened to pass through brought the warehouse's barricades low, and the zombie stood up. It resumed its daily routine, attacking the hated barricade until it fell, and only the secured door stood between it and its goal: the dull hum that floated out of the lighted warehouse windows as the horrible lights blinked.

It remembered. It lurched through the opened door, and there across the room from a group of sleeping survivors, it found it: the rumbling generator that had haunted its rotted brain for so long, so long...

It thrashed at the generator and quickly destroyed it, bringing silence to the room and darkness to the entire building. Once outside, the zombie's brain found a brief sense of relief. The phone mast that had stained the night Malton sky with its tortuous blinking now stood dark as if dead.

Staring off, high above the rooftops to the west, the meager attention of the zombie's rotten brain was then grabbed by an unusual sight: nine blocks away, the Williamsville mobile phone mast blinked against the sky...


None. Rumors persist that the lone zombie went by the name of Bigger Daddy in its days as a member of the living. The veracity of this is unknowable. Some survivors who have claimed to have seen this zombie describe it in similar ways: difficult to DNA scan, moves at the speed of the living, powerful hands that shatter barricades and open doors with ease.

Zombies whose rotted brains are adversely affected by the blinking of the phone mast lights and/or mobile phone signals strive to darken the blinking lights of any phone masts they encounter. Small hordes of such zombies have been known to gather and combine their energies at particular sites and concentrate their efforts to darken masts and deaden that suburb's air.

When one encounters a zombie attacking a mobile phone mast site, it's possible the zombie could be the one known as Bigger Daddy, though some survivors believe that it returns again and again to the original warehouse in Buttonville, moving on again when the warehouse falls dark.

  • Zamgrh
The zamgrh translation of Dead Air is Gahg Ahrh.

Sworn Enemies

If a Dead Air "member" had any awareness, its most hated rival would be any member of Malton Telephone (aka "MalTel"). Because these zombies have no particular awareness, they can't distinguish one survivor from another though. These zombies will attack survivors that are nearby, attack, or are found within entered sites, especially to gain skills to better darken phone masts. Dead Air "members" are known to attack survivors purely out of hunger or spite as well.

To Join

Add Dead Air to one's group affiliation, and add one's Name and Profile URL to the list below, in the "Alleged Members" section. (Also see "Strategies- Profiles" below.) Dead Air "members" are devoted to one goal: Disabling all mobile phone masts.

"Membership" Suggestions


  • Brain Rot- A rotted brain is generally believed to be a prerequisite for a zombie to attain hypersensitivity to blinking mast lights and/or mobile phone frequencies.
  • Lurching Gait- The faster a zombie moves, the more masts it can darken.
  • Ankle Grab- A zombie who lays siege to mast sites tends to fixate on its target, being killed by survivors many times before completing its goal. Effort spent standing up is effort not utilized against barricades, generators, or survivors.
  • Memories of Life- Mobile phone masts are powered by generators that lie behind secured doors.
  • Vigour Mortis- Necessary for survivors who are killed but then find they prefer experiencing the existence of the undead.


  • Profiles - Add any and all profiles found below to a zombie's "Contacts" list to facilitate the forming of hordes. Make sure to occasionally check the profiles of members listed on this page.
  • Rumors - Dead Air "Rumors" can now be found at the Dead Air/Sightings page. Newly rotted and hypersensitive zombies can check this page for the latest rumors of alleged Dead Air activity. Check the profiles of any alleged members for any hint as to where they may strike next.
  • Infectious Attitude - Once in a building, the main priority is to destroy the generator. After the deafening beacon subsides, the zombie has a few moments of relative clarity. First, GRRRAAARRRGGGHHHHH! Second, they tend to bite everyone in the building, infecting them. Last, leave like the wind and close the door behind you, leaving behind no trace except for the darkened tower and infected souls. Once outside, a nearby tower usually calls to the wandering, lost soul of the zombie, beckoning, asking for death.

Alleged "Members"

The list is presumably in chronological order of date joined. For convenience there is also an alphabetically sorted alleged "members" list.


Dead Air "Rumors" can now be found at the Dead Air Sightings page.