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Malton Telephone
Abbreviation: MALTEL
Group Numbers: 2-3 roaming techs
Leadership: Benaldo51
Goals: Keeping the cellular/radio network up and running in the city of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Always Hiring
Contact: 27.00 by radio, ask for MalTel! Text Us!
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.00 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Malton Telephone phone mast buildings

Our Mandate

Rugged good looks, unwavering bravery and unyielding dedication to keeping your mobile phone and radio working. This is what it means to be a Roaming Technician for Malton Telephone. And with the DSS Satphone service down for the count, our infrastructure is more important now than ever before! We are the people that keep the towers blinking in the night, we are the people that keep Malton talking, we are the people that give all the Zed's brain cancer!

Customer Support (That's 27.00 on your radio!)

If the mobile tower in your neighborhood has been damaged, please contact us. Due to technical difficulties, our regular support number is currently unavailable, but we have set up an emergency radio receiver. Simply send your request on frequency 27.00 (Or text Us!) and one of our heroic roaming techs will attend to your mast. Please be sure to give the name of your suburb in your message.

MalTel also offers radio installation and maintenence services so call for those too!

WARNING: Due to low employee numbers, response times may be slow. If you want to help alleviate this, perhaps consider joining us! Or at least servicing your local mast...

MalTel Regional HQ

NW is our current quadrant of focus. Regional HQ is at Adney Auto Repair (25, 29) in Darvall Heights. As this is the center of the quadrant (and the NW-1 district for that matter) and an auto repair with two adjacent factories is a fantastic place for MalTel to set up shop!

Coffee and sandwiches are availible but if you prefer something stronger the nearby preston arms in East Becktown is a fantastic place for a drink and good company!

Hiring Policy

Communication is what will keep Malton from collapsing, if you're ready to dedicate yourself to keeping these lines of communication open, keep your employee ID card in your group affiliation, "Malton Telephone", quickly read through the MalTel Technician Handbook and consider yourself hired.

Points of Contact for New Employees

Maltel has a forum, found at this address This setup has been graciously provided to us by our friends at The Regiment

You are also free to text Benaldo51 via mobile phone.

Company Partners

A place where we recognize our friends and allies throughout malton.

The Regiment

The Regiment are a pro-survivor group dedicated to in-game communication. Their mentality goes hand in hand with our goals as a group and we've formed a firm alliance from it.

MalTel and The Regiment share our radio frequency (27.00), and if the regiment is working in an area they're always quick to bring the local mobile network back into repair in their wake.

They've also been gracious enough to set us up with a forum to call our own! Forums here

The Friendly Face Of MalTel

MalTel is a people company. We're here to make the zombie apocalypse a little more enjoyable by ensuring that communities can come together. Technology is not what makes this happen, it's the people. Take a moment to meet the men, women and non-determinates that keep the towers blinking in the sky.

Active Roaming Technicians

Archived Technician Assignments can be found here.


If you love action, adventure and the open road? this is the job for you. We need RT's to supply fuel, generators and clear zombies when required. If you think you've got what it takes, grab the nearest generator and head for the nearest downed tower, we'd love to have you!

Northwestern Districts

  • NW-1: Position Available
  • NW-2: Position Available
  • NW-3: Benaldo51
  • NW-4: Position Available
  • NW-5: Position Available

Northeastern Districts

  • NE-1: Position Available
  • NE-2: Position Available
  • NE-3: Tobeon verified active account as of 1/1/2018
  • NE-4: Position Available
  • NE-5: Position Available

Southwestern Districts

  • SW-1: Position Available
  • SW-2: Position Available
  • SW-3: Osuse <- idle
  • SW-4: MR2Di4
  • SW-5: Position Available

Southeastern Districts

  • SE-1: Position Available
  • SE-2: Position Available
  • SE-3: Position Available
  • SE-4: Position Available
  • SE-5: Position Available

MalTel Technical Guide

The MalTel Technician Handbook remains the definitive procedural guide for all MalTel employees. Every field tech is required to read it, memorise it and to keep a copy next to their heart. For your convenience, some of the more important guidelines are repeated here.

  1. Remember our mandate!
    Your primary task is to keep the network running. Deterred by neither Zed nor marauding PKer. Not even death should prevent you from your duty!
  2. Check in regularly!
    All employees are expected to report on the status of the network on a regular basis. The
    Network Status Report Interface
    is there for our benefit, use it!
  3. Protect MalTel Assets!
    Our expensive equipment makes a tempting target for vandals and thieves. Keep all buildings with a mobile mast Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times!
  4. Educate The Public!
    Always clearly label the inside of a mobile mast building as such. The use of the following tag is recommended:
    a MalTel leaflet:
  5. Friendly Smile!
    As a roaming technician, you are the public face of MalTel, Always wear your name tag and act in a courteous and professional manner when driving back the ungodly hordes of undead. Put "Malton Telephone" as your group in your profile.

MalTel Outreach Program

Live in a suburb that has a special place in your heart? We need managers to ensure that the cell service in their neighborhood is kept up and running; and report or spring to action when it's down, needs fuel, or some fire-power! Some suburbs have private management or contractors (Read: Local Groups) which can be listed on the Mobile Phone Mast page.

MalTel Contract Service

Need a mule to carry your gennies, fuel, and radios? Drop us a line at 27.00 or Text Us! We'll see if there's a brave tech in the company looking for a life of adventure. We'll do what we do best and carry the heavy things; While you do what you do best and bash in some zed skulls, all with the help of coordination powered by MalTel!

Company Store

Visit our store for MalTel branded goods at cost for employees! Mugs, Pins, Magnets and more to come!

MalTel 001 0.jpg

MalTel Company Store

Remember, MalTel makes no profit on these goods.

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