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27.00 MHz

Ducimus: We Lead

Who We Are

The Regiment is a Pro-Survivor Group unlike any before it. Instead of using forums and other meta-gaming tools to coordinate, the Regiment solely use in-game communication to conduct mobile operations spanning the city. The Regiment stresses tactical organization and intimate teamwork, while not forgetting to have a grand old time during a zombie apocalypse.

Before the Regiment, no organized Survivor Group has successfully conducted major operations without tactical meta-gaming. We propose to be the first—and we want you to be a part of it. The Regiment operates with a combined-arms philosophy, combining various Regimental Corps with their own specialized mission into a cohesive fighting team.

Outside the realm of tactics and strategy, the Regiment strives to deliver a rich Urban Dead experience for our members. Our group prides itself in our immersion, and our nature easily lends itself to role playing should a Regimental so choose.

As a apart of our effort at offering a unique experience to UD players, we also welcome dual-natured players into our ranks in addition to normal survivors of all levels. Think you can't be a part of an organized pro-survivor group while playing dual-natured? Think again.

The Regiment is always looking for capable new players to join its ranks. If you think you have what it takes to become a fellow Regimental, then:

Life as a Regimental: Real Careers. Real Differences

"Well fucking bout time, I've spent 3 days and 2 deaths looking for you all"
-Daniel181, uttered upon rejoining the team.

In-game communication makes even the simplest of group tasks a feat in coordination. AP will be spent just to be able to keep others informed. You will be handicapped by the weight of radios, flares, and spray cans. In this new environment, keeping up with your team on the move will be a challenge—fighting a battle as a part of the Regiment will become an accomplishment. Your battles with the Regiment will not be mindless skirmishes, but a thinking man’s game as you attempt to compensate for limited communication, inventory and AP with foresight, strategic acumen, and teamwork.

The Regiment is made up of Regimental Corps which work together as a combined-arms team. As a rifleman in the Regimental Rifle Corps, you will be fighting as a member of an independent fire team. Or, perhaps as a member of the selective Regimental Signal Corps, you will serve as a vital node in the chain of command.

Whatever your interest, the Regiment offers you important, exciting careers that make real differences on the field.

In a Jam? Dial 27.00 MHz

A Mobile Force For Good

As a Pro-Survivor Group, the Regiment strongly believes in aiding those in need. We have no fixed home, but roam suburb from suburb to combat the infected where-ever they are found. If your group or suburb is in bad shape and you need reinforcements, the Regiment will not hesitate to help, no matter the location or severity. Find the nearest working radio set, set it to 27.00 MHz, and let us know: the Regimentals will be there.

Our Partnership with Malton Telephone

The Regiment is a proud supporter and official partner of Malton Telephone, the corporation which is responsible for maintaining mobile phone coverage throughout the city. As a Pro-Survivor group which relies on in-game communication, the Regiment glad to help MalTel help us by providing them with our resources:

  • The Regiment and Maltel share public radio frequency. We will try to answer any requests for mobile masts in our local area of operation where a Maltel technician is unavailable.
  • The Regiment's forum, previously used as an archive for our radio codebook, has been expanded to host MalTel's forum-based operations.

We hope that our contributions will aid Maltel in its expansion.

Ally with the Regiment

Whether you would like to coordinate tactical operations with the Regiment or just want to establish a relationship with a like-minded organization, the Regimentals are good friends to have.

If you wish to form an alliance with the Regiment, please post on our talk page, radio us on 27.00 MHz, or send us an email.

Ducimus: We Lead

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.