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This book has seen better days. Its cover is dirty and torn, and looks like it was smeared with blood. Luckily, the text is still legible. The MalTel logo is on the front.

Service and Security!

MalTel Mission Statement

MalTel is dedicated to keeping Malton's communications network up and running under any circumstance. MalTel is also dedicated to community service and the security of Malton's citizens.

Job description and responsibilities

As a MalTel Technician, you will have several responsibilities.

  1. Keep the Network Running
    This is your first and foremost responsibility. Using Portable Generators and Fuel Cans, we keep the mobile phone towers powered on and install radios.
  2. Report Network Status
    MalTel employees must keep headquarters updated on the status of the network. All employees have access to the centralized Network Status Report Interface
  3. Secure and Protect MalTel equipment
    Our expensive equipment makes a tempting target for vandals and thieves. Any MalTel employees who are able to should barricade buildings with MalTel equipment.
  4. Educate the Public
    Be sure to post Maltel Pamphlets on all mast buildings by tagging with the phrase: "a MalTel leaflet:"
  5. Community Service
    A MalTel employee's first responsibility is to the community. We primarily serve the community by providing mobile telephone and radio services. But MalTel equipment can be used for other purposes. If a hospital needs fuel or a generator, and a MalTel employee has extra equipment, he should help keep the hospital running. Likewise, MalTel employees are encouraged to keep the buildings they pass through secured and barricaded.
  6. Identification
    Don't forget to keep your Employee ID with you at all times. Put "Malton Telephone" as your group in your profile.

The Network

The network details can be found in the mast map. The city's stats page gives the current percentage of network coverage in Malton.


There are several Items that a MalTel employee may need to perform his or her duties. A Technician can only hold so much equipment, so be ware of each Item's encumbrance.

Durable items

  • Mobile Phone: Encumbrance 2%
    Related skills: none
    MalTel employees are expected to keep in contact with their managers and report in on their progress and the status of the network. A Mobile Phone also lets you check for signal with out actually seeing the mast lit up.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Mobile Phones from these Locations: Mall Tech Stores (9%/16%), Clubs (4%), Bars (1%), Junkyards (1%?)
  • Radio Encumbrance 4%
    Related skills: none
    Every employee should keep a radio with him at all times set to the official MalTel broadcast frequency of 27.00.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Radio receivers from these Locations: Mall Tech Store (2%), Police Departments (2%), Fire Departments (3%)
  • Fire Axe: Encumbrance 6%
    Related skills: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Axe Proficiency
    The Fire Axe is a good all purpose tool. It is as good as a crowbar in ripping down barricades (less you have the Hand to Hand Combat skill, but not Axe Proficiency. So get both!), and is the best Melee weapon around, dealing 3 points of damage with 40% accuracy. Since it doesn't need ammunition, a Technician doesn't need to waste AP to find ammo or encumbrance to store it.
    Remember, do not cause more damage to barricades than you absolutely need to!
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Fire Axes from these Locations: Fire Stations (6%), Mall Hardware Stores (4%/7%), Warehouses (4%/5%), Factories (2.9%/4.6%), Auto Repair Shops (2%), Junkyards (1%?), Vehicle Depots (?%); Power Stations (2.1%/4.8%)
  • Toolbox: Encumbrance 16%
    Related skills: Construction
    The toolbox is a heavy item, but it is required for repairing generators, radio transmitters, and ruined buildings. Damaged generators and radios are relatively rare, since vandals usually finish the job, but the toolbox and the construction skill are the only combination that can repair a ruined mast building. Repairing buildings (or equipment??) will earn a Technician 1XP.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Toolboxes at these Locations: Mall Hardware Stores, Auto Repair Shops, Factories, Fort Vehicle Depot, Fort Storehouse, Power Station; although at this time there is little recorded information as to availability.

Expendable items

  • Generators: Encumbrance 20%
    Related skills: none
    Mobile Phone Masts can not work unless their building has power. Portable Generators are necessary to keep the network running in case the electrical grid goes down. No one can carry more than 5 portable generators at a time, even assuming that nothing else is being carried, simply due to the sheer bulk of the generators themselves.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase portable generators from these Locations: Factories (3.8%/5.2%), Power Stations (?0%), Mall Hardware Stores(1%/2%), Fort Storehouses (?%)
  • Fuel Cans: Encumbrance 10%
    Related skills: none
    MalTel employees must make sure the Generators have a steady supply of fuel to keep the network running. A Generator will run for exactly 5 days on a single fuel can, so keep this in mind when you establish a service route. It is impossible for a single person to carry more than 10 fuel cans at a time, due to the unwieldy nature of the canisters.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Fuel Cans from these Locations: Auto Repair shops (7.5%), Factories (2.4%/4.7%), Warehouses (4%/5%), carparks (2%?), Power Stations (2.1%/4.5%), Junkyards (1%?), Storehouses (?%), Vehicle Depots (?%), Streets (?%)
  • Radio Transmitter: Encumbrance 20%
    Related skills: Radio Operation
    It is advised that a short wave Radio Transmitter be set up in each Malton Telephone location to assist in additional communications throughout Malton. The official MalTel broadcast frequency is 27.00. Only a skilled Radio Operator will be able to broadcast on this frequency.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Radio transmitters from these Locations: Mall Tech Store (8%), Fire Departments (?%), Fort Storehouses (?%)
  • Spray Can: Encumbrance 2%
    Related skills: Tagging
    The Spray can is MalTel's method of fulfilling our fourth responsibility: Educate the Public. Spray cans should be used to tag Mast buildings with the phrase "a MalTel leaflet:". The Tagging skill isn't needed to use Spray Cans, but they will last longer if you have it.
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase Spray Cans from these Locations: Mall Hardware stores; Schools; Junkyards; Auto Repair shops (L 7.1%); Storehouses; Vehicle Depots
  • First Aid Kit: Encumbrance 2%
    Be sure to carry a First Aid Kit with you at all times. Malton can be a dangerous place. If you get an infection, be sure to treat it immediately. Waiting until after you're infected to find a First Aid Kit can have deadly results!
    MalTel employees are authorized to purchase First Aid Kits from these Locations: Mall Drugstores (20%/34%), Hospitals (14%), Churches (5%), Infirmaries (?%)

Current Consumer Reports data suggests that the best place for a MalTel Technician to shop is at a factory for his generators, and an auto repair shop for fuel cans. Even with Bargain Hunting, you are at least as likely to find a generator at a factory then at a Mall Hardware Store. The major benefit of a factory is that Fuel, Generators, Toolboxes AND Fire Axes can all be found at a factory with fewer extraneous items. Who said "Factory Direct" was just a marketing ploy?

If you are looking for a mobile phone, your best bet is a Mall Tech Store, if you have Shopping and Bargain Hunting skills. If you have neither, Clubs appear more likely to have cell phones then Bars.


A MalTel employee may find some skills will help them perform their duties a little easier.

  • Free Running
    Mast Buildings are kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded, leaving Free Running as the only option to get in. This skill is an absolute must for any MalTel Technician.
  • Construction
    MalTel employee is able to barricade buildings and use Toolboxes to repair ruined buildings and damaged equipment. MalTel equipment is expensive, and should be secured. Mast Buildings should be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded to help keep the zombies out.
  • Radio Operation
    The official MalTel shortwave frequency is 27.00 MHz, and only a skilled radio operator can use this frequency.
  • Tagging
    This skill makes spray cans last longer. All employees are advised to leave a note inside mast buildings to inform anyone passing through that it is a mast building, promote Malton Telephone and inform them of 27.00, Malton Telephone's radio frequency.
  • Hand to Hand Combat and Axe Proficiency
    These skills give a MalTel Technician the ability to wield a Fire Axe most effectively against barricades and vandals.
  • Shopping
    MalTel employee may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall. This can help MalTel employees find radios, radio transmitters, phones, and other useful items. Most of our time searching is spent in Factories, so this is a low priority skill.
  • Bargain Hunting
    A MalTel employee is 25% more likely to find something when searching a mall. Any MalTel employee who can find a good deal for the company will have MalTel's appreciation. Most of our time searching is spent in Factories, so this is a low priority skill.

Job Opportunities

To apply for a job as a MalTel Technician, just stop by your local MalTel office for details.