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Lurching Gait
Ankle Grab

Lurching Gait is a zombie skill which allows the player to walk as fast as the living. It is also the prerequisite skill for Ankle Grab. Like all zombie skills, Lurching Gait costs players of all character clases 100 Experience Points (XP) to purchase.

Early documentary footage of the phenomenon known as 'lurching gait'.

Newly-spawned Corpse class players, and players of any survivor class who have stood up for the first time after dying, will expend 2 Action Points (AP) at a time to traverse city blocks. This is obliquely mentioned in both the spawn text for new Corpses—Unsteadily, and on awkwardly angled limbs, you rise to your feet—and in the help text accompanying the first standing-up of newly-killed survivors—You rise unsteadily on stiff limbs, taking a moment to find your balance. The sole purpose of this skill is to halve this cost to the standard 1 AP.

Lurching Gait is an incredibly simple skill—aside from reducing the AP cost of moving from one block to another from 2 to 1, it does nothing else. This, coupled with its requirement to be purchased before the other AP-saving skill, Ankle Grab, becomes available, makes Lurching Gait a vital skill to allow zombie players to work at regular efficiency.