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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Abbreviation: What the Hell is this? The Girl Scouts? We don't need an abbreviation.
Group Numbers: A goatse-load.
Leadership: WibbleBRAINS
Goals: To destroy all vestiges of life. And to unite all zombies under one common banner. To, you know... destroy all vestiges of life.
Recruitment Policy: You must be a zombie. Don't be dumb.
Contact: Join the Pwotter legion here, if you know what's good for you.

Do you like getting punched in the neck? Does being taken down like a prom bitch sound appealing to you? Have you grown sick of the headshooting zombie hunters? Then you're in the right place, young squancho.

We are the Pwotter legion, and we're sick of humans. Every last damned filthy one of them. We intend on wiping them out once and for all.


We've eaten a lot of brains while making our home in Stanbury Village, but as of April 2006, we have decided on a change of strategy: see below.

11 Jun 2006: Pwotters have decided to join the latest pan-horde rampage across Malton: The Big Bash. We've shambled our way through West Grayside, saying "Harrah zambahz!" to the zethren playing football with harmanz heads in Clapton Stadium, and are now ensconced in Buttonville.

12:45, 12 Apr 2006 (BST): Our work in central Malton is done. With no stable survivor population, and feral zombies roaming freely, human food was becoming hard to find. The Pwotters decide to become a totally mobile horde; with no home base, they become a peripatetic brain eating machine, searching out the juciest survivor safehouses and resource buildings anywhere in Malton. We're not greedy; we want the sound of survivors screaming death agonies to be heard throughout the city.

12:43, 16 Feb 2006 (GMT): With the utter razing of our neighbouring suburb Galbraith Hills complete, the Galbraith Sex Fiends have been formed to systematically urinate on each and every dead body remaining in the burnt-out husk of Galbraith. Long may they serve Zombie Mecca!

15:26, 29 Jan 2006 (EST): Ackland Mall has fallen. Relentless pounding by Pwotters over the past week softened the humans up; the arrival of a few more zombies on Mall Tour '06 expedited the inevitable zombie victory by tipping the scale as the doors were slammed open. Eyes were placed on the ends of fingers to be used as grisly puppets while zombies mocked human behavior after consuming the marrow of freshly cracked bone. A fine time was had by all.

02:10, 22 Jan 2006 (EST): Also, good job, HappyKitty & Co. The Stanbury Sex Fiends are doing an excellent job of keeping Stanbury the burning Hellhole it was always meant to be.

18:48, 21 Jan 2006 (EST): Founder Honest Abe, in pursuit of goals less political and more organ-based, has gone underground to seek out kidneys, livers, spleens, and pancreases. Fear the angry, little zombieman.

18:17, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT): I should put a link to the Stanbury Sex Fiends somewhere.

01:00, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT): Food court is delicious.

14:36, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT): No longer on strike. We got bored. And hungry.

14:40, 20 Dec 2005 (GMT): While the Pwotters are not officially On Strike, the majority of us have chosen to lay down our arms (hopefuly to be put back into their sockets later) and join our undead brothers and sisters in our home of Stanbury Village until further notice. If you feel strongly about equal play for zombies, we encourage you to change the group affiliation in your profile to On Strike and join in on the protest. Fleshies are welcome.


Follow the link in the box. Register. Post a link to your profile. Make your way to St. Maria's, per the instructions in the first post of that thread. Add Pwotters to your profile. Eat humans.

Friends of Pwotters

Ars Requiem for burling through at Ackland Mall. They made the southern end of the mall their bitches.

Zombie Inc may not be liked by a lot of people because of their tactics, but that's precisely what endears them to Pwotters. Their cover operations in Havercroft have made getting a revive more of a bitch than usual as of late.

Mall Tour '06 gets all the bitches.

The Ridleybank Resistance Front keeps the Ridleybank/Stanbury border a human wasteland. Humans who come through bitch that it's flagrantly unsafe. Just the way we like it. Also, we hear they may have sent a few to Ackland, though this has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Mockers graciously let us share their home for a while without bitching, and later helped us take Shackleville. Friendlier zombies you will not find.

Undeadites are a bitchin' and growing horde of hungry zombies feasting around the Central Malton suburbs.

Only a bitch would leave out the Feral Undead, after all the fun we had together in Whittenside.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As you may have noticed, we've become something of an entity since we rose from the dead. We're quite proud of that. Of course, we want to be even larger. What good is a zombie horde who slacks off in increasing its membership? No good; that's what.

So we want you. We want your tired, unwashed masses of shambling flesh with few teeth and sharp claws who loathe humanity. Any and all of you. We offer no pay, but we've got great hours and plenty of flesh to consume, 'cause those pesky humans are always attempting to retake Stanbury. Also, sexy innuendo. Maybe even touching. If you'd like to get in on the action, come on over and get in touch. In addition to our continuing efforts in Stanbury, plans are a'brewing for further hilarity. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a bold future in decimation, now's the chance.

Further, if you're the head of a lesser legion and want to join us to get in on some coordinated human thrashing, follow the same link as mentioned above and send a message to WibbleBRAINS, stating who you are, what legion you currently lead, and some tasty interior organs. Flesh is the only tasty exterior organ and we can get that ourselves.