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Abbreviation None
Group Numbers 50 to 60 and on the rise!
Leadership (current) surfincow, El Coo Cooi, Zombie McAllen
Leadership (historic) Creeping Crud, Labatte, Alurakan, Weaner, Orangutang
Goals Make more zombies, Smash stuff, Eat brains, Have fun, Chaos
Recruitment Policy Open door policy for all Zombies
Contact Undeadites Forum

Formed in January 2006, the Undeadites are one of the most feared and longest standing zombie groups in Malton, and they have an inexhaustible lust for destruction and carnage.

The Undeadites have slaughtered over 16,400 survivors in the time that they've been lurching throughout the city, and this number is growing by the minute. At their peak, their monthly kill record was 535, and they're currently back on an upward trend.

They are a mobile horde, and as such they don't call any one suburb home. But you will always know when they are near by the piles of survivor corpses, the empty shells of ruined buildings, and the bone rattling war-cry of "RNRARRRH!!!"

While our rampage is unstoppable, the Undeadites can always use more teeth and claws. Why not join and help the horde sow the seeds of destruction throughout Malton?

Why Join?

The Undeadites are actively recruiting zombies NOW! We have an open door policy, anyone (who's dead or wants to be dead) can join.

How do you join? Next time you're logged in, edit your profile and change your group to Undeadites.

If you want to actually feel involved, you should then register on our forum and post your profile in our roll call. This will let us know to give you access to our Hitlist, and add you to our contacts lists. Once you have joined, you're free to do whatever you want, but if you want to lead your own mob of Undeadites someday we will expect you to follow our Hitlist sometimes.

Why should you join? Because we are totally dedicated to the eradication of all survivors and to causing as much mayhem, chaos and destruction as possible.

How do you contact us? We have our own forum so feel free to drop by and introduce yourself.

If you want to contact us but dont want to register at the forum, use the forum's shoutbox, or our wiki talk page.

Undeadites War Cry: RNRARRRH!!!!!

Survivors meet their fate at Undeadite claws.

The Rampage

The Undeadites are currently engaged in The Undeadites Pickin' Fights-n-Makin' Friends March, making pit stops around Malton to make friends (or enemies) of everyone who will have us.

Current Location

We're located in the Old Arkham area.


2012 February

February Kills: 91 (so far...)

February Ruins: 19 (so far...)

2012 January

Total January Kills: 66

Total January Ruins: 18

Friends, Enemies, Accomplishments

Friends of the Undeadites

  • Minions of the Apocalypse - An alliance to start the fall off right!
  • RRF - A surprise meeting and a rampage through a mall to the ultimate march of death during Mall Tour '09, The Front is one of the oldest and most trusted allies of our horde. The RRF and Undeadites are permanently linked in zombie terror.
  • All zombies and zombie hordes are friends to the Undeadites, unless they say otherwise!

Historic Undeadite Allies

  • Pwotters - They were always willing to lend a helping hand in our rampages.
  • /b/ - The Whatmore Building was quite a unifying force.
  • LUE - Wonderful allies at some severe Massacres including those at Fort Creedy and Treweeke Mall.

Enemies and Rivals of the Undeadites

  • Lockettside Valkyries: because hippie bra!nz need zambah lovin' too. We always lick our lips at the chance to gnaw on these new age Malton "pacifists."
  • Mad Craskers: The Undeadites have a long standing tradition of decimating this group. We've burned their strongholds to the ground more times than we can remember.
  • THEM: for stopping our horde for an extended period of time, and then being douchebags about it. They've given us a run for our money, and we always look forward to a good fight.
  • St Luke's Cathedral: The blood stains on this church tell the bloody past of the massacres we committed here.

Undeadite Of The Month Winners

uuuuuuhhhhhhh, grueinthedark, Necropolis123, Bob McDaniels, Regina Rotten, Eddy The Head, Schuldiner, Timbad, Colonel Link, onefiveoneone, Benlianne, Nekrofeelya, LIVING DEAD, Numitor, Neeed BRAIN, Billy Bolger, cartlidge, Johnny Bass, Mouseki, kanipan, Gorfang Red Plague, Uuggh, MarvelZombie, Crowbait, AmalBrain, Charles Hawtrey, Nafees


  • The fastest rising player in Urban Dead history and potential greatest player of all time, uuuuuuhhhhhhh, calls the Undeadites home. Don't believe us? This should clear things up.
  • The Steamroller of Death, an annihilation technique never rivaled.
  • Founded the annual Undeadite Make a Wish Tour. Every last patient in the hospitals of Rhodenbank and Earletown saw our one wish...bra!nz!
  • Crashed the C4NT Valentine's Day wedding, consuming the bra!nz of the bride, groom, and best man.
  • Return to Crasker Territory: Revisited almost a year to the day to consume them once more in entirety. Our destructive wave would prove to be the beginning of the end for Heytown and the Craskers for a few months.
  • Massacre of The Mad Craskers 3: Same tasty harmanz, new era of utter destruction while rolling with Mall Tour '09. The slaughter of the Craskers has now become an annual Undeadite tradition.
  • Aided in the annihilation of Yagoton.
  • Led the assault on Pegton, resulting in its destruction.
  • More than 16,400 harmanz devoured!
  • Roaming Malton and devouring brainz since '05.

Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Group
This group has ratified the Coalition for Fair Tactics group pledge.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.05 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Malton

Rnrarrrhdio 28.05

Rnrarrrhdio 28.05

Undeadite Group Portrait

By surfincow