St. Luke's Cathedral

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[49,23] – [50,24] (bic) (statuses) (update)
St. Luke's Cathedral
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St. Luke's Cathedral

[[Brooke Hills and Shearbank]] [49, 23] – [50, 24]

Brent Place Fire Station
Bridle Drive
the Fifield Motel
a junkyard
Say Square
St. Luke's Cathedral St. Luke's Cathedral the Bridle Museum
Kitting Walk Railway Station
St. Luke's Cathedral St. Luke's Cathedral Slatter Crescent
Connor Park
St. Arnold's Church
the Mallows Building
Lord Road

Basic Info:

  • Cathedrals are 2x2 square buildings. Although their doors can't be closed and secured, they can still be barricaded. Cathedrals are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from.

St. Luke's Cathedral is a four-block Christian cathedral on the border between the suburbs of Brooke Hills and Shearbank.

Coordinates: [49,23], [49,24], [50,23], [50,24]

St.Lukes Church August 2004

Tagging St. Luke's Cathedral earns no XP.


St. Luke himself is one of the twelve Gospel Saints, also known as Luke the Evangelist, and is purportedly the author of two books of the New Testament- Luke and Acts. He is the patron saint of artists and physicians, and his symbols include the brush, the palette, and the winged ox.

Before the outbreak, the Order of St. Luke's was rumored to possess a piece of the true cross, which has presumably been lost forever in the looting -- if it was ever more than a rumor.

On the day of 4th May 2011 TheQ was revived from zombie state of existence not far south. Lured by holy visions he came to the Cathedral and saw great evil which resides here and the Legendary Piece of the True Cross. It was still there - hidden in the ceiling but still it was a light of good. TheQ as the new ruler of Cathedral and the first crusader of St. Luke have a mission to guard this place.

Barricade Policy

St. Luke's Cathedral is to be extremely heavily barricaded at all times.


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