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The Undead of LUE
Abbreviation: LUE
Group Numbers: 402 (give or take)
Leadership: None
Goals: Brainz!
Recruitment Policy: Are you from LUE? No? Then piss off!
Contact: Hit up the talk page. One of us updating the wiki will get back to you.


Life, the Universe, and Everything. It's where we're from. It's also what's on the menu. We're the Many, the Hungry, the LUEsers. And we're here to eat you alive.

Formed in June 2007, LUE quickly grew to over 300 members, eventually reaching #1 in the group rankings. For months the horde cruised around Malton, laying waste to everything in its path. In February 2008, LUE announced its retirement. It would not be long, however, for the horde to return to its destructive ways.

Such success has caused many embittered survivors to cry foul - particularly accusations of zerging. These charges are, of course, complete slander, and LUE, as it always has, invites anyone who thinks otherwise to petition Kevan to investigate. Yes, there's really this fucking many of us. Frankly, you're lucky we weren't able to get 2,000 or so - and one day maybe we will just to make the point.


We have arisen. Despite weird accusations of zerging, accompanied by weird talk about dicks for some reason, we claim Luellin Towers as our own.


LollapaLUEza can be described as "Ackland to Ackland", a time when LUE had a over three hundred members active at a time, sometimes approaching four hundred, and steamrolled every mall it came across in a time measured in hours, not days. With the exception of the first Ackland battle when LUE was primarily composed of level one zombies, LUE was never once repelled from a quadrant once it got inside a mall.

LUE first set foot into Malton on June 19, 2007. Then-leader Vito Mortis was disgusted by a survivor-to-zombie ratio hardly befitting any kind of a zombie apocalypse and called upon the LUE forum of GameFAQs to form a zombie horde.

Within one week, LUE had already ransacked its first target. As new members joined, LUE's killing speed rapidly increased; in the following week, Nichols Mall fell after a 28 hour siege, and Tynte Mall in only 11 hours. LUE continued moving from mall to mall, ransacking every building it came upon.

Throughout July, LUE continued to grow stronger. On July 10, LUE quickly leveled Fort Creedy, its first fort conquest. On July 24, LUE split up and ransacked two malls simultaneously: Hildebrand Mall and Nichols Mall, the first zombie group to do so. By the end of the month LUE rose to #3 on the group rankings and had ransacked half of Malton's malls, including Woodroffe, Giddings, Mitchem, Blesley, Pole, and Dowdney malls.

In August LUE's numbers grew to over 300 zombies with 100-200 participating in each night's raid. Stickling Mall, Bale Mall, and the surrounding suburbs quickly fell in the first two weeks. On August 15, LUE set its sights on Caiger Mall. With the help of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, Extinction, and other zombie groups, LUE succeeded in the first ruin of Caiger in only two days. At the same time, LUE passed the RRF as the top-ranked group in Malton. After Caiger, the horde completed the LollapaLUEza by returning to Ackland Mall, the site of its first ransack.

The Rest of 2007

After the LollapaLUEza, participation in LUE slowly waned. Regardless, the horde pushed on through more and more targets. In August and September, LUE added Treweeke Mall, Buckley Mall, Joachim Mall, and Lumber Mall to its list; in October, Pole Mall fell to LUE for the third time and Marven Mall was ruined for the first. LUE joined with the Second Big Bash to ruin Thompson Mall twice and Marven again, along with Pole for the fourth time. Fort Perryn was destroyed in December with the three Southeast malls again. Finally, in January, LUE participated in the month-long destruction of Pitneybank, its final major conquest, though LUE continued to roam with the Big Bash for another month.

On February 25, LUE officially disbanded. In its nearly 8 months of destruction, LUE destroyed both forts and nineteen of Malton's twenty malls, including the Survivor Security Zone and Ackland Mall twice, Tynte Mall and Woodroffe Mall thrice, and Pole Mall quadrice!

The Return

On June 2, the zombies of LUE emerged in force throughout Malton. In short order, LUE was back in the top five ranked groups in the game. After annihilating its first target, Calvert Mall, LUE had ransacked or ruined every single mall in Malton.

LUE journeyed to Caiger Mall for a second time and ruined the "Symbol of Human Resistance" for a straight-to-DVD sequel before saying "Hullo" to Ackland Mall and their rent-a-cops for a third oh-so-charming time. Taru remained uneaten.

LUE then traveled to Nichols Mall in time to help put an end to the Battle of Barhapolis, joining our friends the Ridleybank Resistance Front, along with various other groups. LUE then visited Hildebrand, Woodroffe, and Mitchem malls, ruining all in short order. After that, we made a sharp turn and found ourselves at Stickling Mall, where the Undeadites joined us in a quick ruin of the place. With the conquest of Stickling Mall, LUE had ruined and ransacked every mall in the game. LUE then made a double-time march to Ackland, but found it was too late to join in on the destruction of their favorite mall, so instead made do with the humans in the surrounding suburbs for the next few nights.

With interest in the game once again waning because there were no worthy goals left to pursue, the decision was made to end the summer with a party at Giddings Mall. LUE proceeded on a marathon march eastwards, which included ruining the Brennand Building in Shore Hills on one night while marching to and ruining Hildebrand Mall, which had been in the process of rebuilding, the very next night. Once LUE arrived at Giddings Mall, the RRF, Feral Undead, and Sanitarium joined in the festivities, and barhah was had and felt by all. The party would last for approximately 5 days before the supply of fresh food ran out.

LUE retired July 19, 2008, one year and one month after it lurched into Malton. The horde now sleeps in a strange building with a fading ASCII banner of Mario riding Yoshi draped over the front door. And if one listens closely, one can hear a faint fapping sound coming from within.

The Return.. 2

HalLUEween 2009

LUE briefly returned to Urban Dead when a small group of thirty rowdy LUE zombies descended upon Buckley Mall late Friday night on October 30th in search of Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, we had forgotten that zombies aren't allowed to have nice things like pretty fairy outfits, so when we realized our error it was inevitable what happened next; the mall had to pay for its discriminatory policies. The costume store and all other stores surrounding it in the southwestern portion of the mall were quickly torn into teeny little bits, followed shortly by the rest of the southern parts of the mall. The northern end of the mall would fall slowly, however, as many of our zombahs were sick from eating too many humans that had binged on unhealthy candies. All of Buckley mall did eventually fall to zombie claws, but it did not stay that way for very long, as many zombies had gotten so sick by Sunday that they had to be rushed to nearby Julie General Hospital for treatment.

After staying in the hospital over night for observation, with access to far healthier fare in the form of doctors, nurses, and medics, most LUE zombies had recovered, shambling back to our adopted homeland in Scarletwood to hibernate once more. Unfortunately for the local populace in Buttonville and Wyke Hills, some LUE zombies still too sick to move on continue to search for a remedy for their illness, seeking purer, preservative- and toxin-free meals.

The Return.. 3

LUE made yet another return to the game in September 2010. Approximately 20 LUEsers have rejoined the zombie effort. In their opening campaign, they have helped Big Bash 3 ruin Buckley Mall, the surrounding Wyke Hills area, and their home turf, Scarletwood.

Their next trip led them to Stickling Mall to help their PKing brethen LUEshi's Rangers, that also had made a recent return from the place that doesn't exist. Spearheading the zombie effort, LUE managed to destroy the Whippey Building, then breached the mall and ruined the NE corner. After a couple days, they managed to hold the doors long enough for enough ferals to stream in to meatshield and hold the ruin while LUE and the Rangers picked off remaining humans. These actions undoubtedly scared off quite a bit of the remaining humans, earning a disappointingly easy ruin.

On October 8th, LUE arrived at Caiger Mall and, again with the help of the Rangers, breached the NE corner. They were kicked out overnight, but made another attempt the next night and held out over a 3 day siege to eventually take the mall on October 12th with the help of 15 LUEsers and another 20 ferals. While LUE is no longer the force it once was, they are more than happy to prove they can still take down a mall in short order, acting as catalysts for ferals to take up the cause in the region to drive survivors out. However, LUE is once again disappointed in the lack of fight put up by over 100 humans, and encourage survivors to put up resistance in the spirit of competition!

On October 13th, LUE arrived at Calvert Mall and broke in. They were repelled the first night, but on the second night breached and held the NE corner while spreading to the others. After about 24 hours, LUE had ruined all four corners. They barely needed help, much to the disappointment of their breathing comrades in the Rangers. However, they will undoubtedly need them in their next target, who are sure to put up heavy resistance.

On October 16th, LUE arrived at Bale Mall and broke in several times, being repelled each night. However, the MOB and several other groups descended upon the area and assisted in breaking in for good.

On October 23rd, LUE made a visit to their birthplace, Ackland Mall. There was already a sizable zombie presence there, and LUE made a co-ordinated push to get them inside the mall. It fell within the day.

Paths of LUE campaigns

News & Updates

LUEsers on the move.

All news from 2007 has been moved here.

May 6, 2023
A group of approximately 15-20 LUEsers, in a fit of boredom, have returned to the game and are currently clashing with survivors in the area bordering Scarletwood and Danversbank near LUEllin Towers. We are disappointed to see how entitled and whiny survivors have become because every single one - all of them about a year old, so understanding nothing of this game or its history and probably not being aware this wiki even EXISTS - all crying about zerging. As always: Call Kevan. Sic him on us. Have him investigate. We double-dog-dare you, you sawft, pampered crybabies.

It's really too bad the board we come from has shrunken as it has; the horde we used to be could wipe out every current survivor in a month. Still, those of us that have decided to show up love to party, so we may be here for a while, for Barhah.
--Vito Mortis

September 10, 2019
LUE has settled into the area around Ackland Mall, rooting out survivors and putting out excessively bright lights. Still deciding which way to shamble, really, but, you'll know shortly after we do ...

September 9, 2019
Told ya we'd take the mall. ;) (Yes, we did have help, <3 you guys)

September 8, 2019
In Malton's dark corners, shadowed alleys, and overgrown ruins, LUE has slumbered. Lacking a spark, the horde has rested.

Our brother, Bryan Cook, aka Syxx676, was a lover of life and the Cleveland Browns, and a friend to all. A stalwart LUEser, Bryan was an ardent participant in LUE's inception and the early months of the horde's rampage. As his health waned he would periodically reappear on our home board and update us on his life, which he lived recklessly and always to the fullest, knowing well that the candle that burns brightest will inevitably burn shortest. He enjoyed a rare degree of popularity. In a board that fosters no shortage of beefs, Bryan was liked by all. On Monday, 2 September of 2019, Bryan laid down his burdens. LUE grieves, and LUE reminisces. And some of LUE has decided to celebrate our brother in a way we feel he would appreciate. In recent days, the shadows have stirred. LUE has returned. Its numbers are greatly diminished, but those that have heeded the call are driven by memory and animated in a way Malton has not seen from the horde. And, as we respect the Old Ways, only one place would do to stage a return. In honor of our brother, on 8 September, 2019, with the aid of a rambunctious and frankly delightful population of ferals, LUE has pierced the northwest corner of Ackland Mall. As LUE has always done, it will take the mall.

And then we shall see what comes next. We have returned, and we are doing it for the Syxx.

Bryan Cook, aka Syxx676 (4/13/1985 - 9/2/2019) - Rest easy, brother. You will be missed.

October 15, 2014
We eat rats. It really doesn't matter how tactical they are, we eat them as fast as they pop up. Osmondville, Gulsonside, Scarletwood and Danversbank have all been added to LUE's territory. Incursions are frequent but are dealt with in hours if not minutes. Keep on coming, we'll keep killing you. --Vito Mortis 21:45 15 October 2014 (UTC)
October 2nd, 2014
The Humble Stumble has become a long game. The suburbs of Miltown, Whittenside, Fryerbank and Pennville are currently completely under LUE control. No buildings are un-ruined as of this writing. A few foolhardy survivors (and the zerger scum Save the yeti) continue to make incursions but are mostly rooted out of their ruined rat-holes and sent packing. Penny Heights is teetering on the brink and will soon be added to LUE's new homeland.

In the name of LUEbensraum.

September 26th, 2014
Don't judge us because we're quiet. Nobody ever plots murder out loud. --Vito Mortis 4:55 27 Sept 2014 (UTC)

August 31st, 2014
LUE continues to harass the area of Marven Mall and Tompson Mall while our smaller auxiliary unit continues to roam through Santlerville with the occasional foray into surrounding suburbs to squash NecroTech buildings.

In addition I'd like to take a moment and discuss the sorry-ass state of survivorship in Malton. On June 19, 2007, I went to a forum with a couple thousand active accounts and suggested we create a zombie horde in Urban Dead. In response we got about 500 accounts created. On a good night we could have 400 people working as a team. We lagged the game's servers to a crawl, at times. Most nights, though, we were around 300 strong when we moved. People cried zerg constantly, and humans inability to cope was a source of great amusement to us. None of those accusations were ever substantiated, because none of them were ever valid.

Nowadays, we're lucky to get 25 zombies a night. We might have 40 people, total. In '07 the game had 20,000 active players. Now there are about 6,400. While Urban Dead isn't as popular as it once was, our group is exponentially weaker than it once was especially when compared to the total number of players. We ought to be far less successful than we once were. And yet the outcomes remain the same, and so does the whining. We still break into buildings at will (though feral zombies are a much bigger contributor to our successes than they were in the "Gory Days"). Survivors still can't do anything to stop us, and they still can't handle having their strange little game of Animal Crossing disguised as Zombie Apocalypse disrupted by actual zombies. And of course, they still mewl like little bitches about how it MUST be cheating when they're dragged out of their EHB police station by the goolies and killed.

As we have said in the past, ask Kevan to investigate. He'll surely appreciate you wasting his time. We're not cheating. You're just bad. You're disorganized, inefficient, and you're dreadfully sore losers. Get your shit together, humanity. You whinging twats are WHY the game has lost about 70% of its playerbase over the last several years. Eventually we'll probably get bored again and leave, and you can resume playing Urban Life and enjoy illuminated EHB malls and a 75/25 survivor/zombie ratio as far as the eye can see. It's clearly what you want.

But for now, we're still enjoying pissing you wankers off.

We now resume our regularly scheduled habbing of gud tiems. --Vito Mortis 16:22 31 August 2014 (UTC)

August 28th, 2014
The Humble Stumble turned into a bit of a bumble as Pole Mall was already a smoking ruin when we arrived, so we meandered over to the Lockettside / South Blythville area. LUE rapidly dehumanized and ruined Tompson Mall, though survivors quickly came out of the woodwork to rebuild. Currently LUE is in the area of Marven Mall enjoying a delicious sampling of a wide range of ethnic brains in their rather impressively multicultural food-court. LUE's secondary strike-force continues to harass the area of Dowdney Mall and a few of the Home Guard continue to patrol the area around Luellin Towers. --Vito Mortis 15:45 28 August 2014 (UTC)

August 23rd, 2014
LUE continues to drift in no particular direction, scouting out safehouses and cracking them open. Today The Wolfendall Arms was kind enough to lay out a brain buffet for us; LUE will probably settle in for a day or two to tamp down all the noise in the area. But you never know ...

August 18th, 2014
As the Humble Stumble rumbles on, LUE has depopulated, ransacked, and ruined: the Kersley Mansion, Nichols Mall, and numerous NecroTech buildings and hospital buildings throughout the midsection of LUE. At the same time, LUE's secondary strike force has laid waste to Dowdney Mall and the surrounding area, with lots of help from the fine folks of the RRF and some great unaffiliated types. We continue to shamble about and are discussing which way to head next ...

August 13th, 2014
LUE spent the last couple of days opening doors to various resource buildings around Ackland Mall and attempting to get the survivors inside to play charades. As LUE is mostly comprised of terrible guessers, virtually all the games ended in frustration and bloodshed (we are also notoriously poor losers). For a historical group we seem to be growing at a decent clip, surprising even ourselves. In fact, rumors have spread of LUEsers sighted well removed from Ackland ... and not heading towards it. --Vito Mortis

August 11th, 2014 - The Humble Stumble
You know how summer always brings that one pop song that the radio stations play to death? Well, this year it was this one. Understandably annoyed at the approximately 100,000 plays the song received over Malton airwaves by mid-August, several dozen LUEsers roused themselves from the storm sewers, dumpsters, and otaku shops they had been using as hibernation spots. After understandably devouring every white person affecting a phony reggae accent they could find (after all, who wouldn't?), they were confused to discover the noise continuing. Unsure of what to do about that, LUE resorted to type and did what it always does when it first awakens: they destroyed Ackland Mall. While certainly a modest detachment of LUEsers in the historical context, they appear to be here to party. Just not to that song. Kill your radio, is what we're saying. - Vito Mortis

July 26th, 2008
After considering our options over the last few weeks, LUE has decided to go back into retirement once more, and this time it is probably permanent. LUE has ransacked and ruined both forts along with every mall in the game, a task we completed with this most recent summer tour. There are no more new malls to feast upon, no survivor stronghold we haven't had the pleasure of besieging (and eventually overrunning), and no more unique sights to see or accomplishments to record. We've passed through places from Arms to the Zoo, and every kind of building, large or small, in-between. In short, LUE as a whole is content with the things we've done in the game. Sure, there'll always be some new inventive scheme to try, like attempting to spell something in a string of ruined buildings, or conduct a zambah scavenger hunt. But while those things would be nice, there is no pressing desire to fulfill them. There is simply no hunger, no driving motivation left, as evidenced by the waning participation during this summer.

So LUE will once again retire, and will probably not return again for some time, if at all. However, forever is a long, long time. There may yet be some new game-play mechanic implemented that fundamentally changes the game, or some other thing which rekindles the spirit of barhah in the hearts of LUEsers again. We may even return just for nostalgia's sake. Whatever happens, we've fought against many honorable survivor groups, and have fought alongside many zombie groups over the many months we've actively roamed the streets of Malton, which has made this quite the entertaining experience. We tip our hats, or in some cases our skull fragments, to you all. Have a nice zombie apocalypse. - Brona 20:10, 26 July 2008 (BST)

July 19, 2008
Some half a thousand survivors watched Giddings Mall fall at the claws of LUE, the RRF, Sanitarium, Feral Undead, and many unaffiliated zombies. Morrish NT had been under siege since zombie forces arrived and even managed to outlast the mall, but its final 92 defenders were defeated at the expense of only five zombie casualties. While our zombies munched on brains to celebrate the end of summer, our PKers socialized with some of the most refined killers in Malton, even finding time to watch various chick flicks in the local theater. It is rumored that tearful goodbyes were had as the PKers parted company, but these are wholly unsubstantiated... *sniff* --Zombie in Pajamas 20:59, 19 July 2008 (BST)

July 12, 2008
After a 40 block walk from the ruins of Havercroft LUE arrived and broke into the weakly defended Hildebrand Mall, spoiling the rebuilding efforts. We just couldn't resist trying to get a ransack with only 8 AP per zombie. The NW quad is currently ruined. - Brona 03:15, 13 July 2008 (BST)

Update: We got all the quads. Barhah.--Insomniac By Choice 09:57, 13 July 2008 (BST)

July 11, 2008
The slim pickings of Havercroft meant we had to head to Shore Hills to take out the Brennand Building. This is only important to keep in mind where we were the night before hitting our next target.--Insomniac By Choice 09:57, 13 July 2008 (BST)

July 5, 2008
LUE arrives at Stickling Mall and ruins the SW quad. Um yeah, I don't have anything witty or arrogant to say. I'm just updating the wiki since no one else did. --Mr Qwert 02:52, 6 July 2008 (BST)

A day or two later, and the mall was completely ruined. It turns out the Undeadites were in the area, so there was quite a party: we break in the mall to eat, and the Undeadites immediately swarm in behind us to swell the zombie ranks and add to the body count. Good times, good times. LUE then spent the next few days with the Undeadites and the ferals in the area trashing Shearbank, before we moved on to Havercroft to find Ackland Mall already ruined. AMS, oh AMS, where art thou? - Brona 04:49, 11 July 2008 (BST)

June 28, 2008
LUE wishes all zombies and zombettes to come down and groan with them at the Holy St. John's Cathedral, now redubbed St. Barhah's Cathedral. Attending parishoners will be welcomed to sit among the ruins and of course, help themselves to any remaining brains. There will be plenty of barricade deconstruction of the nearby buildings area in the following days, to benefit our young and homeless zombies with the brains of fresh trenchcoaters and classy harmanz alike. --HeavyDead 05:14, 29 June 2008 (BST)

June 25, 2008
LUE finally picks a mall and claws the NE quad of Mitchem Mall open in the standard 20 minutes. Our apologies to Blesley Mall for causing any undue panic about an approaching zombie horde. --Mr Qwert 02:26, 26 June 2008 (BST)

The last harmanz in the NE quad were delicious, but very filling. To work off some of that fat, we trashed the NW quad too. --StupidGenius 11 07:26 26 June 2008 (BST)

June 19, 2008
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the LUE horde, we ate a very large cake. Found out afterwards there was a stripper inside. Woops. So we ate Woodroffe Mall to cleanse our pallets. --Vito Mortis / McTrout 01:19, 20 June 2008 (BST)

June 17, 2008
The NW quad met the same fate as the SW did in the early hours of the morning. --StupidGenius 11 09:35 (MST)

And Hildebrand Mall falls into ruins earlier today. So long harmanz, and thanks for all the brainz!--HeavyDead 23:33, 17 June 2008 (BST)

June 16, 2008
In a 30 minute blitzkrieg, the SW quad of Hildebrand Mall has been cleared and ruined. --StupidGenius 11 18:38, 16 June 2008 (MST)

June 14, 2008
11 hours after the arrival of LUE, the NW quad of Nichols Mall falls to ruins. --StupidGenius 11 06:29, 14 June 2008 (MST)

And for anyone who doesn't mind tl;dr, here's an article about the Battle of Barhapolis that we helped end. --Mr Qwert 19:34, 14 June 2008 (BST)

June 13, 2008
After lurching around the neighborhood cleaning out smaller safehouses, LUE joined your regularly scheduled siege on Nichols Mall already in progress. With the help of the RRF, Feral Undead, and Minions of the Apocalypse, the NW quad was cracked open to reach the brainy nougat center. No ransack yet, but dead bodies are piling up all over the place. --Mr Qwert 05:36, 14 June 2008 (BST)

June 10, 2008
Ackland fell to LUE forces in the early afternoon for the third charming time. JoJoTrue 20:22, 10 June 2008 (BST)

June 9, 2008
Ackland Mall, a place LUE considers their homeland of sorts, had its NW corner breached and ruined in around twelve minutes. Two hours later, the NE followed. LUE would like to thank the trenchcoaters of Ackland Mall for not listening to Commander Taru, and providing our young zambahs with fresh brains.--HeavyDead 03:41, 10 June 2008 (BST)

June 7, 2008
LUE has officially ruined Caiger Mall a second time. LUE wishes to thank the bastion of human brains and will continue to dine on the all they can eat buffet in the upcomming days. --HeavyDead 01:45, 8 June 2008 (BST)

June 6, 2008
LUE pays a visit to Caiger Mall and ruins the NE quad in 20 minutes. Honestly, we expected more fighting from the so-called "Symbol of Human Resistance". Nonetheless, the buffet of brainz was quite tasty and we will happily have another serving tomorrow. --Mr Qwert 04:40, 7 June 2008 (BST)

June 2, 2008
After a long vacation, the LUE Horde has awoken. Various members continued to wreak havok across Malton during our absence, but now the horde has been reborn... and we hunger. With the recent ruining of Calvert Mall, we can finally say that we have tasted the brains of harmanz near and far, and we plan to feast again somewhere near you. --HeavyDead 00:43, 6 June 2008 (BST)

Noteworthy Conquests

Acknowledgments received

Ams.jpg Acknowledged For Courageous Efforts
This user or group is acknowledged by Ackland Mall Security staff to be adversaries worthy of the highest recognition. We at AMS salute their efforts.

SaLUEtes given

Fire flower.jpg SaLUEted
For its stalwart efforts to repel the Horde, their courage, and their honorable behavior under fire, the LUE horde affirms that the AMS is a foe worthy of the highest respect.
Fire flower.jpg SaLUEted
For their stalwart efforts to repel the Horde, their courage, and their honorable behavior under fire, the LUE horde affirms that the numerous defenders of Santlerville and The Dribbling Beavers in particular are a foe worthy of the highest respect. They made The Battle of SantLUEville worth fighting.

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