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[84,89] - [86,91] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Perryn
Still in undead hands, 16 zeds in gatehouse.
Wager4Caiger (talk) 12:01, 16 February 2024 (UTC)

Fort Perryn

Pennville [84,89] – [86,91] Whittenside

Mesney Drive Railway Station
the Buckoke Building
the Holcombe Building
the Luff Building
Membury Crescent School
Voizey Drive Police Department
Fort Perryn Vehicle Depot Fort Perryn Exercise Yard Fort Perryn Training Ground St. Faustina's Church
Udy Boulevard
Fort Perryn Infirmary Fort Perryn Armoury Fort Perryn Storehouse a cemetery
Cowdry Cinema
Fort Perryn Storehouse Fort Perryn Gatehouse Fort Perryn Barracks wasteland
Kemmis Walk
the Leach Motel
Went Street
Seymour Bank
Petherbridge Way

Basic Info:

  • There are only two armouries on the entire Malton Map, so it is a high profile location for both zombies and survivors alike.
  • An Armoury is a Dark building.
  • Difficult to defend because it cannot be freerun into.
  • Tagging an armoury earns 2 XP.
  • Empty "Fort" blocks are open land and cannot be barricaded. However, as the military has repaired the breached walls of the fort complex and rebuilt the gatehouse, they can no longer be accessed from adjacent areas - you must enter the fort complex by way of the gatehouse.
Known groups in the fort:

Fort Perryn is one of the two military forts on the map. It is split between the suburbs of Pennville and Whittenside, located in the southeast of the city of Malton.

General information

Barricading Policy

  • Gatehouse at VSB
  • Armory and Infirmary at VSB
  • All others at EHB.

* Times are in GMT: i.e. VSB wednesday 00:00-23:59 GMT and sunday 00:00-23:59 GMT. See FPDF proposal and barricade policy for more details.

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Searchable Items


Radio Transmitters

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 25.98 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Fort Perryn Southwest Storehouse 84, 91

The dedicated radio frequency for Fort Perryn is 25.98 MHz. All local survivors equipped with radios should monitor the frequency for status updates.

To remained organised outside the fort use frequency 26.05 MHz. (South-East Malton Region)

Latest Fort Status

Number of standing zombies and current barricade levels

(When updating the status please do not forget to leave your signature below)

Vehicle Depot
Inside: ?
Outside: ?
Exercise Yard

Outside: ?

Training Ground

Outside: ?

Inside: 0
Outside: ?
Inside: ?
Outside: ?
Inside: ?
Outside: ?
Inside: 2
Outside: 0
Inside: 7
Outside: 4
Inside: ?
Outside: ?

Key to Barricade Levels:

No Barricades
LoB to QSB

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30th June 2020 - In the hands of the dead after a bitter battle. - Mafiamanz (talk) 08:54, 30 June 2020 (UTC)

FEBRUARY 26 2015 20:30 EST Three zed inside and outside gatehouse, three outside armoury. Armoury 'cades at none, doors are all that's closed. One zambie inside. Dispatched one. --Zeke_Zaccaro

Early History

Contruction began on Fort Perryn in October 1912 just after the Great Fire and served as a British military post during both World Wars. It was deactivated during the 1960s, but was reactivated during the zombie outbreak in Malton. It was named in honor of Brig. Gen. Perryn-Moore.

Battles for Fort Perryn

Early in the game, Fort Perryn was identified by survivor players as a good bastion against the zombies and as a plentiful supply of ammo. The zombie players identified it as a perfect place to prey on humans.

There have been several full-scale sieges of Fort Perryn, all of which eventually ended with the fort being stormed by the zombie attackers and the defenders being forced to withdraw or be killed with the exception of one siege.

Note to Fellow Zombies: The following articles are Heavily biased from the human perspective, and should not be taken at face value. If you wish to know the other side of the stories or about the other times the fort fell that are not listed below please contact one of your local Zombie Historians.--Bullgod 06:11, 6 October 2008 (BST)


The First Siege of Perryn

This has been collected from the memories of one Anthony Reinolds: "Well, fact be it, I wasn't at Perryn when the first siege happened. They were ill prepared, didn't know how to close the door, poor bastards. Mayday calls arrived each day, I wish I could help, damn it, I was all the way in Shuttlebank. Radio contact was lost in mid-July, and Scouts in the area reported that the area was swamped with zombies and dead bodies, with no survivors in the fort or its vicinity. A damn shame, a damn death trap."

The Second Siege of Perryn

The records of the first siege are somewhat sketchy because this took place very early in the records of the zombie infestation, before the survivors had begun to use their surroundings to barricade themselves into buildings. However, the second siege is much better documented.

On August 1st, a large horde of zombies noticed a large buildup of humans in the fort. Over 80 survivors were camped inside, using it as a safe area and a staging point for attacks. News quickly spread to the Urban Dead Radio Broadcasts, and it was a subject of much debate while both human and zombie factions, sensing a conflict brewing, began massing in the area. No specific groups were in control of either side, rather, word of mouth attracted large amounts of individual players and minor player groups.

The human players argued that it was an easy place to get experience, and that the fort, with its large number of players with the construction ability, was invincible. The zombie players argued that the fort was doomed to fall. For several days it seemed that the human players were right, as multiple attacks were repelled easily by the entrenched defenders.

Eventually, some of the human players began sneaking out of the fort, for they thought that without outside supplies they would be doomed to die of starvation. About half the garrison moved to different areas. The remaining troops, however, were not enough to hold the fort and the zombie players finally made a sizable break-in on the 8th of August. Some 60 zombies killed the 40 remaining humans in a close battle that went on for an entire day. Bodies were piled everywhere, but eventually all those bodies rose as zombies. Fort Perryn had fallen again.

Most of the horde then left the fort, with the challenge of the siege gone. The most high-profile safehouse at the time was Oram Walk Police Department in Gibsonton, which was promptly picked as the new target, and the horde headed north.

Fort Paradox

On September 14th, the survivor group Paradox, claiming to have rid its core territory of zombies, decided to raid Fort Perryn for glory and zombies to shoot. Some days before, the fort was sporadically controlled by human or zombie groups, averaging few members. The fort and its surroundings quickly fell to Paradox, which renamed the facility to Fort Paradox, tagging the area accordingly. The group claimed to have hunted down and revived dozens of zombies. The area around the fort was heavily barricaded. Soon, many of the revived humans and other wanderers gathered at the fort under the protection of Paradox.

Alleged renfields were soon killed without trial upon the discovery of an apparent plot to retake the fort. Paradox expected large hordes to attack soon, but decided to stay at the fort, as the stated point of their enterprise was to provoke an epic battle. However, days passed, and the largest breakthrough was a simultaneous attack of 5 zombies, which managed to kill only one Paradoxian.

On October 8th, after three weeks of virtually uncontested control, Paradox declared the conquest of Perryn a success and issued new orders to the garrison. Most Paradoxians are said to have left the area around Perryn, while YuriRuler90, leader of the Zulu Squad, has claimed the fort as "CoL territory." Later that day, several PK accounts believed to be zergers assaulted the Fort attempting to take down the high level humans. They succeeded, and the Fort fell.

By the 14th of October, Fort Perryn was overrun by zombies.

Fort Liberty

On the 28th of October, the Army Control Corps took control of Fort Perryn during Operation: Black Ice II. The aim of this attack was designed to draw zombies away from the Siege of Giddings Mall. 7 survivors faced a small horde of 50 zombies, which soon grew to 100 zombies. The siege was slow moving, with sweeper teams making constant attacks when the Fort was under siege, and the barricades rarely being breached. Swiper, the leader of the ACC, made grandiose statements that Perryn would hold.

On November the 7th the ACC abandoned Perryn as it was clear that Perryn would not decide the fate of Giddings Mall. The ACC suffered only around 5 casualties during the seige.

During Black Ice II, the Fort was referred to by the ACC as Fort Liberty to show their aims.


The Fifth Siege of Perryn

This has been collected from the memory of one Ninja13: "On March 9th I remember being disappointed that the last of the zeds had been cleared out and I wasn't there to see it happen. I remember I came upon Fort Perryn quite by accident while I was setting a course from Brockliss Grove Police Department in Gulonside (or Osmondville, whatever) to the besieged mall in the neighboring suburb. I saw it and searched it on the wiki and found this page. I am a member of one of the lesser player groups the "Krath", holed up inside. Sizeable break ins occur at night when the high level zombies clear a way for the newbies. I currently don't know if its random attacks by zeds in the area or planned. The first break-in (in which I was killed) occurred on March 11th at night. Others have occurred but I was too dead to know of them until the one I just survived today (March 14)."

The Sixth Siege and Fort Feral

On November 20th - shortly after the news that the forts had been rebuilt - many survivors thought that re-taking Fort Perryn from the zombies is a very neat idea. On November 21st all buildings in the fort were cleared of zombies and re-populated with survivors. However, even then many zombies remained in the fort (albeit outside the buildings) since survivors had no means to throw the bodies over the fort walls.

It appears that several zombie groups - Feral Undead in particular - decided to move to the fort too. November 22nd and 23rd saw numerous zombies breaking into the fort through the gatehouse (which survivors could not barricade over "very strongly" to allow fellow survivors to enter). As of November 24th around 250 zombies were within the fort walls - many of them belonging to Feral Undead. Members of other groups - such as Minions of the Apocalypse - have been seen in the fort too.

After first break-ins many survivors started to leave the fort thus weakening the defenses. The remaining survivors tried to mount coordinated counterattacks. The armory changed hands several times during those days. However, due to the lack of coordination among survivors and thanks to good coordination among zombies the fort buildings started to fall one by one.

By November 25th the armory and infirmary were firmly in hands of zombies. By the morning of November 26th the last buildings fell leaving their defenders dead. A short and bloody siege was over. Feral Undead renamed Fort Perryn to Fort Feral.


The 7th siege of fort perryn

Since the rebuilding and subsequent fall of Perryn, the hordes of zombies eventually left, and the surrounding area became safer and safer, with survivors near the fort sleeping in nearby buildings and entering the fort to set up rudimentary barricades and kill zombies, though this largely had no effect on the fort's status. The Fort remained, for two months, as an island of zombie control in a relatively safe suburb. Barricades were torn down, and zombies launched attacks on the buildings nearby. Single, lone survivors attempted to spend one night in the fort, usually waking up undead. However, on the night of January 24, a lone survivor cleared and slept in the infirmary, fully expecting to wake up zombified. But instead, he woke up to see a small band of survivors in the fort and pushing the zombies out of the buildings and into the streets! The fort was still far from safe, as break-ins were as frequent as seven times per day. Many survivors thought that this would only draw more zombies to the fort, but instead of zombie victory, the humans remained. Slowly, break-ins became less frequent and generators were replaced less often, until only the Armory remained as a contested building. However, this was only for a short amount of time. Soon the zombies shifted their attention to the Infirmary, and more undead breached the fort perimeter until there were over 50 outside the building. Soon the fort was overrun once again, and a rising suburb-wide zombie count finally drove the last humans out.

Fort Kevan

After the last siege, the suburb remained a home for zombies all across the south east. While other suburbs in the south east were recovering and were somewhere between safe and moderate danger, Whittenside remained blood red. The BMC tried time and time again to retake the suburb but they failed with each attempt. However, on the 14th of August everything changed as a monumental update occurred, the update made the forts defendable. The moment this update was made, survivors groups took immediate notice of them.

Fort Creedy was secured the same day that the update was made and that left only fort Perryn. On Friday the 17th, The survivors began a massive operation to secure the fort, the Cannonball Crew were the first to show up followed by other groups such as the 82nd, the Liberation of Crossmans dept, the Fortress, some guys from the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and a few guys from the Creedy Defence Force lead by Wesk. They acted quickly and were able to secure the gatehouse on the first day and the entire fort was zombie free by the 19th. At the same time the BMC attempted to use the attack on the fort as a diversion to allow them to retake the suburb, they failed and hence joined the others in the fort.

The very moment that the gatehouse was in human hands, the Feral undead began their attack on the gatehouse. After a week of banging on the barricades to no effect they moved their focus to the Necrotech buildings of Whittenside. They successfully destroyed the Malcolm NT, but when they targeted the Colglough NT they failed to destroy it due mainly to the Fortress's non-stop efforts in defending it. At one point 13 zombies made it inside the Colglough NT, but with the BMC and the Fortress teaming up they were rapidly repelled and the Colglough building was held despite the expected outcome. It was the first time that the Colglough building had survived an FU attack.

After their defeat at Colglough they moved in to attack Hurst NT, but each time they attacked it the survivors ran in and recaptured it. After this attack they made a final effort and attacked the gatehouse once more only to fail again. After this defeat, they either allowed themselves to be combat revived and stay in the fort or they joined the Feral Undead Church lurch. This siege is noteworthy because it was the first time that Fort Perryn and the Colglough NT had survived a siege. The reason for the survivor victory was that Whittenside and all the surrounding suburbs were safe and the FU were completely alone in their efforts to take down the fort. The number of survivors was simply too much for the FU.

The 9th siege of Fort Perryn

Since the defeat of the FU at the end of August 2007 the suburb of Whittenside, along with fort Perryn had experienced a state of safety that it had not experienced since before the time the FU declared Whittenside its home. Dedicated intelligent survivors were patrolling the suburb, and respectable survivor groups such as The Fortress and the Cannonball Crew were keeping fort Perryn safe and the trenchies were low in number. The BMC and the 82nd mirrored the efforts of the CC and the Fortress upon the suburb of Whittenside which also enjoyed a lack of trenchies. The rest of the south east began to follow suit.

However, at the end of September everything changed for the worse as the Militant Order of Barhah invaded the south east and destroyed all of the surrounding suburbs around Whittenside. The remnants of the survivors in the surrounding suburb called on Whittenside and the fort to help them. However, from the time that the fort was recaptured till the 1st of October, the situation within the fort had changed drastically. The armoury and the gatehouse that were once teeming with active intelligent survivors had been replaced with mindless trenchies, the survivor count in the gatehouse had dropped to half its original amount and the armoury consisted solely of good survivors risking their sanity to resupply at the armoury, trenchies doing their usual and revived Feral Undead members causing havoc inside it.

Instead of providing assistance to the surrounding suburbs, the trenchies went to the revive points and began head shooting all the zombies awaiting revival. The 82nd and the Fortress had left the area earlier, and the BMC and the CC tried hopelessly to improve the situation. During the second week of October, the situation deteriorated even further when Red Rum decided that they would visit the fort and "help" the survivor population. At the same time, the trenchies in the fort began to make groups and began taunting the zombies and PKers. Some of these groups (such as the mysterious group TRF and the Armageddon space knights) were actually hindering the survivor cause- deliberately taunting the Feral Undead into rising from their slumber.

During all of the chaos at the fort the suburb remained green despite its neighbors being red. On October the 11th all the revive points got jammed after the revive points got filled with rotters. On October 13th all hell broke loose as the Feral Undead, Red Rum and other ferals attacked the gatehouse simultaneously. With only 70 survivors inside they took the gatehouse with ease and managed to destroy it in worrying speed, with Red Rum stealing the final two survivors from the zombies at 12.12 on the 14th.

The survivor groups within Whittenside planned on retaking the gatehouse and assisting the fort, but two things made that impossible.

  1. The Feral Undead consistently blocked all revive points and destroyed the local NTs, ruining any hopes of reviving survivors.
  2. Numerous PKers continued to attack local survivors, increasing the already mounting casualties.

Unfortunately, the surrounding area was tainted by the effects of a zerger- named Juicybraindrinker, he used alts to attack safe houses within Whittenside simultaneously. Before attacking Whittenside, Juicybraindrinker attacked safehouses in surrounding suburbs which caused the group in Fryerbank and Pennville known as DK:13 to go on a strike.

With the gatehouse down, the NTs destroyed, and the revive points dysfunctional, the survivor groups could only watch powerlessly as the fort was torn to shreds. On the 15th of October, the entire fort had been leveled to the ground and on the 16th the entire suburb was ruined. The suburb and the fort are now back where they left off on the 1st of August, ruined and lifeless, thanks to the FU, Red Rum and numerous unaffiliated ferals and PKers. The Seventh siege was a clear victory for the forces of ruin. Red Rum have later stated that, whilst they undoubtedly caused wide carnage, the real workhorses in this conflict were the undead- due credit to the Feral Undead for eating everything and keeping the NTs ruined.

As quoting Sgt Forde,founder and former leader of the Fort Perryn Defence Force he described the siege in the ways as many viewed it.

"The Fort was full of trenchies,pkers and zergers,each type of Maltons worse ,each wanting to cause hassle and bring down the fort for their own reasons.The undead did not create the chaos,the survivors did."


The 10th siege of fort perryn

During the period of time between the end of the 9th seige and September 2008, humans had eventually managed to move back in and kick the zombies out. The humans had rebuilt, and swelled the fort's population to over 400 survivors.

Then during the end of September, zombies began massing at the gate house. On the 2nd of October the zombie numbers doubled, then on the 3rd doubled again. It is possible that these zombies had come from Gulsonside, which had recently been ransacked by The Militant order of Barah.

Whatever the reasons the gatehouse was breached by about 10 zombies, denying the defenders the possibility of re-barricading (Beachhead Tactic's). Although the zombies were repulsed on the 4th, they got back in the next day, ranscked and ruined the gatehouse and moved in.

The infirmary fell, then the southern storehouse, then the armoury, then the barracks.

By the 6th, all the remaining humans had run or been killed.


The Thousandth Siege of Fort Perryn

Again the fort falls. The hordes gathered in March to take back the fort which had been in human hands for a month or two. Skirmishes in areas outlying the fort were common as both humans and zombies wanted control of resource buildings and the other buildings close to the gatehouse. On March 27th the gatehouse fell and by the end of the day there were no humans to be found inside the fort. The suburb of Whittenside fell just days later.

The Thousandth and First Siege of Fort Perryn

Survivors again hold Fort Perryn but for how long? With 40 zeds knocking upon the gates those inside wonder, "Was it wise to to send the Feral Undead postcards from the forts gift shop?"

On July 10th 2009 The Fortress withdrew from the fort after holding it, along with a small coalition of other factions, under heavy siege for a week incurring only moderate losses. The subsequent power vacuum resulted in the fall of the gatehouse sometime in the early morning of July 11th 2009 with a mod of 17 zombies being observed inside the structure.

"Fort 404" era and Naked Twister Party '09

On July 31st, Colonel Bustass observed that the fort had been completely reclaimed from the zombie menace. All buildings had been repaired, lights were on in the infirmary and armoury, and everything seemed to be safe. She made what many considered to be a "big deal" about it on the wiki. Several zombies on the Feral Undead forums became angry upon seeing a quote from this individual on the wiki...

"It's ours! You hear me? You hear me you f*cking d*cks?" - Colonel Bustass, quoted shortly after the Retaking of Fort Perryn

Several FU members, as well as many rogue zombies, decided to rid the fort (which had been named Fort Feral by the undead) of the "trenchie threat." Combat revives, punk attitudes from some survivors, PKing and GKing from inside of the fort and other griefing angered those both inside and outside of the fort. By August 2, 26 standing zombies and 26 dead bodies were outside of the gatehouse and many feeding groans filled the air, attracting further zombies. 404 Barhah Not Found, Squadron111 and many lone survivors loaded their guns, struck a pose with their axes and began reading their copies of The rules of Naked Twister. They began playing on August 3.

The following days had quite a few zombie/survivor debates over whether or not the other side was zerging. The survivors said that the zombie side had created multiple level 1 zombies to break down the gatehouse, and the zombies said that several level 1 military characters had been created to make Prosser Prosse, Colonel Bustass' group, seem stronger and to provide zerger assistance to the Colonel. Both sides demanded proof, but no definitive zergs could be properly identified. The accusations were dropped. Squadron111 retreated from the fort and/or were killed at this time.

A quick "Blitzkrieg" attack organized outside of the game by the Feral Undead caused the gatehouse to fall on August 5, followed by the armoury, infirmary, storehouse, barracks and vehicle depot in that order. For all intents and purposes, the Fort had once again become Fort Feral.

This battle was the birth of the Naked Twister Party '09

Unfortunately for Zeds, the NTP09 ended when a battalion of survivors retook the fort in January.


The fort had started to gain survivors around 12 Jan then defended and rebuilt until it had been retaken in or around 21 Jan. The fort still is in Human hands as of 28 Jan. this is only a basic summary and for those with more extensive knowledge, feel free to make a better report. As of February 28 another siege is taking place. 50 survivors standing as of now with around 80 zeds outside.

Update: 14 Mar 2010 - To clarify events at Perryn in 2010 thus far, the Fort was claimed by survivors on the 19th January by several organised survivor groups, primarily The Fortress, the ACC, Fort Perryn Defence Force and Damn Yankies. The horde that had previously been in control of the Fort appeared to disperse and there was a period of quiet for two weeks. On the 7th February the offensive horde had increased again to double figures and several break in's were reported. By the 18th Feb, 23 zeds were standing outside the gatehouse while survivor number in the gatehouse had dropped to just over 40. Ten days later, it appeared that the zeds were close to breaking the gatehouse with only 34 survivors left inside. On 2nd March, the horde appeared to disperse to buildings around Perryn, allowing the survivors to regroup. Over-cading, often to EHB, became frequent as the zed offensive outside the gatehouse rose to 56 by the 3rd March. By 11th March, 60 zeds were reported outside the gatehouse, however inside survivor numbers are reported at about 70. The siege, passed 50 days now, continues on. --Jensonson 00:15, 14 March 2010 (UTC)

Careful. From the look of red suburbs, looks like the MOB is heading your way. --Wraith94 19:43, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Update: 25 Mar 2010 - The Zombies have gotten through. Survivors rush toward the rear of the fort as the slow are consumed by the relentless horde. If you're still in the fort, get out now! Its only a matter of time before Fort perryn once again is Fort Feral. --Scout 2107 00:57, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Update: 25 Mar 2010 - For accuracy's sake I will point out that a handful of foolishly brave survivors held their ground in the gatehouse untill the last was dragged down.--Nomad 01:20, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

And they were delicious . . . Maul Flanders 15:13, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Update: 26 Mar 2010 - the fort is completely devoid of life. the only thing inside are zeds. this is a perfect example of why you should not over cade buildings; defenders where unable to get inside the the barracks to resupply their weapons, they couldn't get in the infirmary to heal, and they had no place to hide because some idiot over caded all the buildings except the gatehouse. let us hope that we learn from this lesson and NEVER over cade again. --Firefox42 20:38, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Update: 28 Mar 2010 - No survivors left inside at all. At least a hundred , maybe even more, are in the fort feasting on the dead flesh of brave, foolish, and damn stupid survivors while also outside combing the nearby area for retreating survivors or those who were stationed outside during the siege. I think the reason we lost was because people were doing too many combat revives so the guys went inside the fort and overcaded. Meanwhile that was happening FPDF were losing control and miscommunication spread throughout the men there. --Yakuz

Update: 12 May 2010 - Fort's been under siege for about a week. 55 zombies were outside, 4 are now inside the gatehouse against about 25-30 wounded survivors, with others soon to follow. Fort will fall within a few days without major help. --Wraith 00:20, 13 May 2010 (BST)

Update: 24 Jul 2010 - A small reclamation band consisting of D.S. R&D, Wulves and a few independents repaired several fort buildings and held the gatehouse against the inevitable Feral Undead reaction. -- Spiderzed 16:37, 25 July 2010 (BST)

Update: 25 Jul 2010 - The reclamation lasted only briefly. Feral Undead has killed all harmanz in the compound and returned all fort buildings to their ruined state. -- Spiderzed 16:37, 25 July 2010 (BST)

Squadron1111 and allies FPDF, The Future, and many others have retaken the fort for over 4 days so far. Took 80+AP to rebuild the Armoury. FU and zombies swarm outside as the neverending war for the fort continues...--Tassajaramonk 19:30, 16 April 2011 (BST)


January, 2011 Clashes

A rain of shotgun pellets and pistol bullets fell on the heads of the advancing Zombies as they attacked. The shouting and growling turned to screams of rage and pain as the injured fell in batches, shoulders sliced open and faces mutilated. The mob wavered but was urged on by the press of other undead behind them. On the Zombies stumbled to their bloody doom, driven by fear and primal anger, always moving towards the formidable walls of the fort which had defied them for so long, lit like a living monster in the flash and flame of gunfire.

As for the Survivors, there was no stopping to save injured friends, no time to think or to worry or cry at their injuries. Each defender simply reloaded, aimed as well as possible, and fired.

--Record of an eyewitness who was present during Fort Perryn's dying hours on January 25, 2011.

In January 2011, a lone survivor made his way to the half-overgrown, blood-soaked ruins of Fort Perryn, devastated from years of battle, and found the Zombies lax. Infiltrating the crumbling remains of the compound he repaired the storehouse and barricaded it. Shortly afterwards, several members of the Fort Perryn Defense Force invaded the fort and seized the barracks. The Zombies were caught totally unawares. Attracted by the growing conflict, survivors from a number of smaller and larger groups, as well as many rogue Zombies, flocked to the fort to join in the battle.

The humans eventually emerged victorious, pushing the Zombies out, building by building, until the mob had been destroyed. All the facilities were repaired, with the gatehouse the last to be secured. Zombies trapped inside the fort when the gates were shut were promptly massacred like sheep by the Survivors at their convenience and were subject to pot-shots until the last one fell. The crowd of survivors inside the fort multiplied, with some installing generators in the infirmary, armoury, and storehouse.

Most of the survivors congregated in the gatehouse and awaited the inevitable Zombie counterattack, which took longer than usual to mobilize, allowing more Survivors to enter the fort. Fending off the Zombies from the battlements of the gatehouse, the Survivors have so far proved successful in holding and defending the base. The FPDF has been urging all defenders not to over-barricade the gatehouse, while the Zombies make isolated break-ins here and there. Due to a lack of major coordination however, these invading groups were quickly surrounded and destroyed, oftentimes in heated hand-to-hand combat with survivors on duty.

As of January 24, 34 Zombies had surrounded the gatehouse, with more pouring in from the rest of Whittenside while other Survivor groups took advantage of this and rose up to capture many of the suburb's other areas.

By January 25, the Zombies had made several determined assaults on the fort's gatehouse. The Survivors fought on bitterly, repulsing the first four before a desperate death-struggle began. The undead horde at last clawed down the last of the gatehouse's barricades and charged in. The Survivors resisted tenaciously, fighting back with knives and axes. The Zombies, however, had soon forced them back into the fort and slaughtered many, causing the floor to run red with the blood of the fallen. Overrun by sheer numbers, the remaining humans retreated in large streams for the armory, the infirmary, and the barracks.

The infirmary was quickly taken down after a few hours, causing some of the people previously taking cover within to flee into the vehicle depot and other locations. The armory was extremely heavily barricaded by the desperate defenders inside, preventing anyone from reinforcing them. The Zombie army outnumbered the bloodied garrison and the odds were stacked against the Survivors although they continued to fight on doggedly. By the end of the day, despite a spirited defense by the Survivors, the infirmary had fallen. Most of the Survivors, including the FPDF, retreated and abandoned the fort, sealing its fate. The armoury was taken by storm when the Feral Undead gathered reinforcements from outside the suburb and marched in to crush the remaining resistance. As of now, only one storehouse and the vehicle depot are still holding out, against hopeless and inevitably overwhelming numbers. The humans are only able to offer token resistance; the Feral Undead have swarmed the walls and planted their banners of victory over the compound's battered towers. With the withdrawal of the FPDF, it's become quite clear: The Zombies have won once again; Fort Perryn is Fort Feral as before.


In April, The Malton Rangers, quickly sobering and in need of a place to crash, cleared out Fort Perryn, fixed it up, and threw one rager of a kegger. The Information Minister and Marcel Swann broke open the good scotch, but it wasn't long until FU got all uppity about the level of classiness being had and shut the party down. Det Briscoe 20:29, 16 April 2013 (BST)

In June 13th, 2013 the glorius resurrection entered the Fort as Fort Perryn became one more item on the menu of the Big Bash 4 who promptly helped all its inhabitants to attain the coveted status of walking (or sometimes-lying-down-on-their-face) dead.


In July 2016 a group of survivors lead by the few remaining members of the Fort Perryn Defense Force began the long struggle to retake the fort. They found the remains of their beloved home ruined and overrun. Initial attempts found failure, single buildings would be secured but eventually the few defenders were overcome.

A call went out to recruit more people to the cause. And eventually the outlying suburb was repaired. The first major move found members securing the West Storehouse, Infirmary and Veh Depot. But eventually the barricades were overrun.

Then finally on 15 Aug 2016 the survivors secured the gatehouse. The Storehouses, barracks and infirmary were all secured. A able group of survivors defended the gatehouse.

On 16 Aug 9 zombies remain inside the armory. Survives have not yet been able to clear the building.

18 Aug: The armoury has been cleared and the fort secured. This marks the first time in years that both forts have been secured at the same time.


In June 2020 a renewed force of both FPDF veterans and new recruits (The author amongst them) stormed Fort Perryn and seized control of the fort. Over night, the zed horde counter attacked. A bitter struggle erupted around the armoury. In their haste to hold back the zed horde, some members over barricaded the armoury meaning that help could not arrive from the infirmary. Soon the armoury fell, and the zed horde turned their attention of the now vulnerable infirmary. By the morning of the 29th of June the battle was over and the zeds had full control over fort Perryn. Mafiamanz (talk) 08:54, 30 June 2020 (UTC)


The Revolution

April. Fort Perryn Defense Force had managed to retake Fort Perryn, kicking out the Ferals and barricading the stronghold. With the support of the defenders, the fort once again became the main base against the zombie activity in the region. Ferals seem to recognize this as well, restlessly continuing to attack. Despite their mounting attempts, the fort holds.

The valiant defence attracted other nearby survivors groups to concentrate on the defence of the fort. Despite the numbers of zombies increasing, with many suspected zergs among them, the fort held strong - and prospered. Despite the hordes lurking outside the gate the efforts of FPDF kept it one of the most secure locations in Malton.

But the numbers outside kept growing. The situation grows more perilous with the arrival of the new and unexpected allies of Feral Undead - the previously unknown group known as Dead Dead Revolution. The waves of the revolution slowly trickled into Whittenside. Many of the zombies were fresh bodies, unthreatening compared to the typical zombies the elite Defense Force had to regularly face. But with the combined forces of Feral Undead and Dead Dead Revolution the balance of numbers was starting to look grim for the survivors.

The survivors stood valiantly on the ramparts of Fort Perryn, facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge. The zombies swarmed at the walls, each one driven by an insatiable hunger for fresh flesh. The survivors fought heroically, using whatever weapons they had at their disposal: shotguns, pistols, axes, and even knives. They fought with all their strength, but the zombies kept coming, seemingly endless in number.

The survivors had barricaded themselves inside the fort, with the extreme barricades at the gates. Hoping to hold off the undead hordes for as long as possible, despite the occasional break-ins, which were swiftly dealt with. The garrison stockpiled food, water, ammunition and medical supplies, but the zombies kept coming. The defenders fought bravely and fiercely, taking down two zombies for each of the survivor, but the supplies were starting to dwindle.

The situation went from bad to worse, as the fort was infiltrated by death cultists. Spreading misinformation, sharing intel with the zombies and degrading morale were just the first steps of the nefarious group who betrayed the humanity. As the siege grew in force, the traitors barricaded the survivors out of the armoury cutting off the supply of ammunition for the defenders in the critical time.

Knights Templar managed to find out and eliminate the traitors among the defenders, but the damage had already been done. The bullet count was running low, and the few remaining syringes had to be reserved for reviving the defenders.

As the zombie horde broke into the fort and ruined the gate, the survivors knew there was no escape. They decided to make one final stand, hoping to take out as many zombies as possible before they succumbed to their inevitable fate. They fought bravely, using their last bullets before resorting to melee weapons to defend the fort, but the sheer number of zombies was overwhelming. The survivors were eventually overrun and overwhelmed by the zombies. Despite their valiant efforts, the survivors would not survive.

In the end, the survivors were outnumbered and outmatched. They fought bravely until the very end, but it was not enough to quell the zombie horde. The survivors were consumed by the walking dead, leaving Fort Perryn in ruins and serving as a grim reminder of the perils of a zombie outbreak. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten, and they will always be remembered as brave heroes who gave their lives to defend humanity against the onslaught of the undead.

Fort Perryn Defense Force had endured countless battles against the undead, but this time, the odds were stacked against them. The horde of zombies was larger than ever before. Fort Perryn lies in ruins, occupied by dozens of zombies. The few surviving defenders were forced to rout and hide, waiting for an opportunity to strike back. But for now, the revolution, Dead Dead Revolution, has taken over - and Fort Feral is a monument of victory to the undead.

Rinasce (talk) 07:52, 3 May 2023 (UTC)