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This page refers to the original Council of Leaders. For information regarding the newly-created group bearing the same name, please see Council of Leaders (new).

Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Council of Leaders has now disbanded.

Council of Leaders
Abbreviation: CoL
Group Numbers: Council is disbanded
Leadership: The Council makes joint decisions
Goals: Help and assistance for all citizens of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Affiliated military units can be joined, seats on the Council must be challenged.
Contact: pm Council members on UD forums or here on the Wiki

Historical Significance Section

The Council of Leaders (CoL), is one of the oldest of Malton's many meta-gaming survivor groups. Their stated goals are twofold: to provide advice and assistance to the citizens of Malton, and to organize military units against zombies and player killers. In their fight against PKers, the Council employed the services of various Bounty Hunters.

The Council of Leaders is an umbrella organisation, under which many of Malton's oldest groups were affiliated. Although formally composed of 9 councillors, the membership numbers of the various affiliated groups made the CoL one of the larger groups in Malton.

Please note that the CoL does not consider the "new" council to bear any legitimacy whatsoever, noting especially the history of their members in the community and game (see DARIS).


The council's leadership is presently limited to 9 seats, currently occupied by the following members:

These seats can be challenged, according to the Council's policies, and the challenger must have the backing of a majority of the Council. Former members of the Council included Daxx, Jack Denton, Sam Vimes, Vincent Montgomery, Karen Sanger, YuriRuler90, Ludwig, Officer Angela Locke and Bobmcfartsens.

Affiliated Groups

The council's military units can be joined by contacting their various leaders, or members of the Council itself.

Many human groups are at least loosely affiliated with the CoL, as one of the CoL's main functions is to co-ordinate intelligence and strategy among disparate groups of survivors. Notable exceptions to this include DARIS (now defunct) and avowed PKer groups. Most of the original groups, such as The Cannonball Crew, were quick to ally with the Council. Groups such as the Roftwood Assault Force, S.T.A.R.S., the Galbraith Hills Defence Union, The Stanbury Renegades, The League of Extraordinary Mordheimers, Zombie Squad, Zulu Squad, 9th Air Force, The Guild of Hunters, The Emerald Guard, The PMS Clan, Magnificent three, The Head Hunters and many others who do not or choose not to have wiki pages have been associated with the Council.

The Council has been linked to The Gingerbread Men.

Barricade Squads

The CoL also runs "barricade squads" around the city, with the aim of providing mobile support in the form of fortifying buildings and healing/reviving those who need it.


The Policies of the Council of Leaders

The goal of the CoL is simple: To protect the Citizens of Malton. The CoL is here for the majority of citizens who need a little help with the zombie threat, be it with healing, revivification, military assistance and general protection. We are a democratic and consultative organisation, we aim to be as approachable as possible.

We will achieve this by:

Setting up safehouses. Setting up healing and revive points for survivors. Maintaining order within the city. Creating a working military network in order to eliminate the zombie threat. Doing our best to help and advise survivors. Listening to all survivor suggestions and questions.

Safehouses: Whilst the CoL will try to maintain safehouses of its own as much as possible, we will encourage survivors to form their own.

Suggestions for Establishing a Safehouse:

1:Choose a high-level player that everyone in your safehouse respects to be a leader.

2:Barricade your safehouse! Encourage all members of the safehouse to learn and use construction. Of course, you may not want to barricade to the highest level, remember allowing other survivors access to your safehouse may be key to your survival.

3:Try to get a wide variety of character types, the more different skills, the better. Medics and Necrotech employees are just as important as military types.

4:Try to let lower level characters finish kills, to help them gain experience, the stronger your team, the better your chances.

5:Arrange shifts if you can, so a certain number of people in your safehouse are online at all times.

5:Register your Safehouse with the CoL for updates and assistance.

No safe house supported by the CoL should go un-protected or un-barricaded. If assistance is required, we will do all we can to help.

Healing and Revive Points

The CoL will create and maintain a group of mobile heal/revive points, manned by small teams of medics and NT employees. These are for use by anyone without exception or reservation (though expect to see access denied by the medics in question if you have a bounty) and will be free of any kind of charge, including political services. If you want to create one of these yourself, please contact the CoL as we would be very willing to help.

Maintaining Order

The CoL will liase with the Bounty Hunter Guild in order to try to keep the general population of Malton safe from the deranged few who actively attack other survivors. This will involve the placement of bounties on the heads of publicly known murderers, and the ability of anyone to take up a bounty in order to become a member of the Bounty Hunter guild, and enter the rankings thereof.

A Working Military We aim to create a network of strike teams, in the form of two types of group:

Strike Teams - Carry out missions to clear infected presence, turn back massed attacks, and provide an escape for survivor groups that are under seige.

Support Teams - operate to provide medical aid, revivification, and barricade work. These mobile teams can assist our strike teams in protracted fights (or aid other survivors in the aftermath), and can provide aid to survivors who aren't in range of a good safehouse. These teams will be vital to our work in assisting the survivors of Malton.

Help, Advice and Contacting the CoL

The CoL will be available for contact on all open frequencies, and there will be secure frequencies for direct communication also (e.g. PMs, email etc.) We will provide advice to survivors, which will be in the best interests of all concerned. If you ignore the advice you are free to do so, but it will generally be in your best interests.

If you wish to contact the CoL we will not ignore contructive or questionary messages, and we will be approachable at all times. The CoL members will be busy, but we will do our best.

Challenging a seat on the Council

A challenge to a seat must follow certain protocols, the following details are requirements for all challengers:

A:Have the support of at least 8 well known human members of the community, all of which must provide evidence and reasoned opinion as to why the challenger should be elected to the Council.

B:The Challenger should have sufficient reasoning behind his or her want to be on the Council, such as new policies and new ideas.(Any "rofl dat guy n0 g00d i want 2 bee a councilperson lol" will be instantly ignored) He or she must also provide reasons why he or she thinks the Council member he or she is challenging should be expelled.

C:The Challenger should have the support of the majority of the current CoL.


The Council was formed very early in the game (well before the advent of the forums) after calls for some organised resistance against the zombies in the city. Officer Daxx proposed that the most active safehouse leaders of the time be candidates for a newly forming umbrella group. The original members were elected at this time by those who frequented the Yahoo! lists. These safehouse leaders and group leaders became the Council of Leaders.

The Council worked with several other groups in attempts to map the city of Malton. Their efforts were combined with those of others to create the current Map of Malton. On the back of this success, the Council contributed to much of the effort to get some solid data on which items could be found in which locations, and some very rudimentary work on search percentages. The Council also contributed to the understanding of new game features as they were added.

The Council then worked closely with the Bounty Hunters' Guild to place a system of bounties on PKers, with the intention of eliminating PKing in Malton entirely. The effects of this at the time were not entirely clear, but it is thought that this lowered the attractiveness of PKing, and so helped to curb the perceived threat. This Bounty List was used as the de-facto list of PKers for those using the forums until its removal (see more in the history of Bounty Hunting).

After frequent interactions with large zombie groups, several other military wings were added to the Council, along with the growing The Cannonball Crew. These included Zulu Squad, S.T.A.R.S., Zombie Squad and The Black Cats. Many other human groups became affiliates of the Council, though there were many who chose to stay outside the Council's jurisdiction.

Many safehouses and the newly envisioned revivification points were created during this period, and various Public Service Broadcasts were posted that warned and advised survivors. Many of these were maintained by specific affiliated groups, some by Councillors themselves, and some by disparate groups of survivors simply following Council protocol.

The north-eastern quadrant of the suburb Dulston was taken, held and fortified by the Council for a period before plans were leaked into the public domain. The suburb as a whole was regularly patrolled by Council units before a PKer Group, PKer Team Scourge, devoted themselves to hunting down and killing Council group members.

The Council also took out an advert in the Malton Messenger, the newly created newspaper.

In response to a few problems with tied votes, Bobmcfartsons was added as the 11th council member. This adding of a new Councillor lead to the Council reviewing its membership, and subsequently calling for an election. The leading candidates included The Sham of DARIS and Timmothy of The Kindergarten Cult (both disqualified due to their parent groups, which the Council considered to be PKing groups) Melanie Booth of the Emerald Guard (offered a seat, but declined), Saromu of The Stanbury Renegades, Von Luthious of The League of Extraordinary Mordheimers, and Olhado of Clan L2K (these last three taking positions as Councillors). Several other Councillors stepped down due to inactivity.

Conflict with DARIS

Shortly after the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs declared its independence, the CoL became engaged in a conflict with them. Following DARIS's attack on all non-members in Shearbank (which some have called PKing, but is defended by DARIS as "legal executions"), hostilities between the two groups rapidly escalated into a declared war. This "war", however, does not seem to have claimed many high-profile casualties. None of the Council members or affiliated group leaders have been killed by DARIS operatives; equally, the only deaths of DARIS members were caused by members of the SLA.

The bulk of the dispute took place on the Unofficial UD Forums, events including: a public pledge of support for the Shearbank Liberation Army from the CoL; attempted diplomacy towards both parties (which was rebuffed by DARIS, who demanded the total revocation of CoL support for any groups involved in Shearbank, the execution of all CoL members and an official apology); and a series of controversial (and very possibly unsanctioned) statements by Sam Vimes, who threatened a zerging attack on Shearbank to destabilise DARIS.

As of the 16th September, an uneasy peace was held between the two groups. The disbanding of DARIS and the subsequent lowering of public activity of the CoL effectively ended hostilities.

Recent Activity

After a spell out of the public eye, it has been reported that the Council has at least one military unit helping the Caiger Mall Survivors in the siege of Caiger Mall, with confirmed sightings of several Councilors. Reports of Council units reviving and healing have been received on the forums, also. It was rumoured that Council units were retaking their old stronghold of Dulston, but this has yet to be independently confirmed. The Council is currenly in operations with several survivor groups to help combat the big bash.


Critics of the organisation fault it for its secrecy (e.g. withholding information on the whereabouts of The Many), its claim to "leadership" and the dubious tactics of its members (see Vimes Controversy).

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