The Emerald Guard

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Emerald Guard
Abbreviation: EG
Group Numbers: Unknown, members are not required to post their affiliation in their profile.
Leadership: Melanie Booth
Goals: First aid, revivification for citizens and rotters alike, and heavy drinking.
Recruitment Policy: No requirements.
Contact: for inquiries. To join, send a link to your Urban Dead profile.

The Emerald Guard is a secretive, tight-knit group of Irish Malton survivors dedicated to aiding fellow residents of Malton. Current primary operations involve scanning and tracking of zombie activity via NecroNet as well as setting up field hospitals in several suburbs. After a long while where few new applicants were accepted, the group is once again re-opening public recruiting beginning in April of 2006.

Current Operations

Operation Reorganization

After the sudden disappearence of our previous leader Melanie around four months ago, we are now reorganizing the group. More info will come later.

Past Operations

Greentown Roundup!

The Guard was earlier running sweeps through Greentown in an effort to secure the suburb from a few small feral groups. There aren't any large organised hordes in the area, but there is a strong enough presence to warrant attention.

Caiger Mall

Around St. Patrick's Day of 2006, the Emerald Guard was asked to assist the Caiger Mall Survivors in the protection of various NecroTech resources in the Darvall Heights and Chudleyton areas.

First Caiger Mall Siege

A select few Guard members were around for the first siege of Caiger Mall in 2005, but there was not a large group presence.

Brain Rot Revive Clinics

A successful rot revive clinic was run for approximately three weeks in Wyke Hills, then evacuated when there didn't seem to be any more customers.

Group Information


The Emerald Guard is divided into three units.

  • The Emerald Sword's function is combat and protection of field hospitals through use of force.
  • The Emerald Cross consists of Necrotechnicians and doctors who revive and heal the dead and dying. Michael Childs is the current head of the Cross.
  • The Emerald Shield is charged with building and repairing barricades in designated areas. Braddoc2k is the current head of the Shield.


The Emerald Guard was founded in July of 2005 by Caz aka Melanie Booth, who remained the head of operations until around the end of May 2006. For four months the Guard was leaderless, but Otacon has stepped up to take the position. There will soon be leaders for the three divisions chosen.

Application Process

Unlike some groups, the Guard doesn't require a lengthy application. Simply email your UD profile URL to and, barring unforseen circumstances, you will be accepted.


Since July of 2005, the Guard has maintained a stance of strict political neutrality, choosing not to get involved with the Council of Leaders or the New Maltonian Dynasty, preferring to enjoy playing the game and stay away from all the drama.

The Guard and its members do not approve the use of bots for barricading nor do they support zerging in any way.

Requesting Aid

As the Guard is primarily an aid group, other groups of survivors are welcome to request our assistance. An email to the address is sufficient, and please include the following information:

  • Suburb where your buildings are located. (It may seem silly, but a lot of people don't include this.)
  • Building names and coordinates.
  • Group title if applicable.
  • Detailed information regarding your emergency, such as number of zombies, whether your trouble is zombies or PKers, whether you're seeking short- or long-term assistance, etc.
  • A contact email address or forum if you'd like us to contact you with anything other than a standard email reply.

You should receive a reply within one to three days. If not, contacting Caz via the Desensitised forum or IRC should suffice.