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There is not an official forum for Urban Dead, but instead there are several forums created by UD players.

General Discussion Forums

Major Forums

UD Wiki Discord

  • Has a list of links to other Urban Dead servers.



  • One of the largest and oldest UD boards, created on November 2, 2005. Offers a wide range of public discussion areas and friendly community. Also hosts private sections for UD groups, most notably the DEM. Brainstock employs an advanced and professionally maintained software.
  • New members are welcome to sign up! Groups and communities interested in being hosted on Brainstock are welcome as well.
  • In August 2009, Brainstock transferred from InvisionFree software to ZetaBoards, which subsequently merged with the Tapatalk platform in 2018. The original board had been available at
  • As of January 2020: (the first number is from the original board)
    • Registered users: 10,151 and 1,192
    • Topics: 10,688 and 2,221, totaling 12,909
    • Posts: 529,423 and 120,875, totaling 650,298
  • Brainstock has multiple administrators and moderators.

Feral Undead Forums

  • Home of one of the oldest and largest zombie groups in the game, the Feral Undead.
  • Established, Jan 1st, 2006, by Bullgod.
  • We welcome all enemies, allies and the indifferent alike.
  • Constantly updated "Hot Spots" section to keep current on open buildings.
  • Unlike some other boards you dont have to join to see our our forum.
  • As of Dec 19th, 2008, we have...
  • 5,030 Total Topics
  • 78,140 Total Posts
  • 1,002 registered users.
  • Most users online was 138, on June 27, 2007
  • Also has (seldom used) sub boards for Shartak, Nexus War, Hell Rising, Monsters Game, Kingdom of Loathing, Jail Riot, PixelWorld, Vampires and Skyrates.



  • First went online June 1st, 2015, and has quickly grown into a large, active community.
  • As of February 2017:
    • 294 Users
    • 10,000+ Posts
  • Separate areas for survivors, zombies, PKers, and dual nature players, so they can discuss strategies without risk of someone taking a peek at something important.
  • Runs a bounty board, designed to offer an alternative to the now-defunct Rogues Gallery
  • Has a shoutbox, which is a live chat screen on the main page.
  • Offers group forum services, so groups can have their own private forum, without having to set up and run their own site.
  • Has an area dedicated to the various creations made by the community, whether its a drawing, a story, or even a good song.
  • Has a Spam Pit, where for some reason people usually just throw canned meat.
  • Enough other things that we decided not to take up any more room on this page. Instead, here is a link to NecroConnect's wiki page, where you can find anything we forgot to mention.

New Malton Colossus

  • Run by the C4NT and Malton Rangers
  • Official Home of the C4NT and the Malton Rangers
  • Frequented by both zombie and Human Players
  • Most users online was 30, Oct 16, 2006, 7:28pm
  • Great Community
  • As of February 17 2007:
    • 835 Members (averaging 2 new accounts per day)
    • 1058 Topics
    • 29,843 Posts


  • The most frequented urban dead board on reddit.
  • Home of reddit_survivors and Pirate Radio 27.50
  • Group pages can be set up on request.
  • Visited by humans and zombies alike.
  • As of 11/16/2011
    • Most unique IP hits in a month 7,200
    • Average 4,500
  • Over 200 registered members and you don't have to register to browse!
  • IRC at #urbandead

Come say hello today!

Minor Forums

Der Führer bunker

Der Bunker

  • Only place cornholioo is allowed
  • Urbandead history/conspiracy
  • Off topic


The First Unofficial Urban Dead Forum

  • The Original Forums
  • As of May 27th, 2008:
    • Max users online at one time for the 15th of Sept, 2005: 149
    • Registered Users: 639
    • Total Topics: 1159 (4255 Archived)
    • Total Posts: 31,632 (76,429 Archived) (~83 posts per day as for the last month)
  • Current Active Moderators: Grigori, Khallos, Rei
  • Current Active Admins: Rakk, Anticitizen, Tycoonius, El Scorpio
  • Has a shoutbox, which is a live chat screen on the main page.
  • Has a forum shop for customising your account with forum dollars
  • An inactivity purge system is in effect to remove Inactive members.
  • Has a recruitment area for in-game groups
  • Has a large, active RP area for both UD and Non-UD roleplaying, notably with a long-running in-boards RP continuity.
  • Currently has areas for discussion of the Nexus Wars gaming universe as well as UD discussion
  • As of May 25th 2008 the forums underwent extensive redevelopment to help streamline their use, as well as help open the board up more to other Undead related activities other than UD. Video-game discussion boards and updated RP areas are expected soon. Work is still in progress, so expect new subboards and further updates soon.

Malton - The home of Urban Dead on Reddit

Malton Reddit

  • New sub created for redditors who don't want to join the bull of group sub reddits.
  • Brand new - only 8 days old currently with 21 subscribers
  • IRC channel to chat live with other players

Group And Specific

Flowers of Decay

The Flowers of Decay

  • Official forum of Malton's premier PKing group, the Flowers of Decay (and its predecessor the Flowers of Disease)
  • As of September 25th, 2013, 18,986 posts and 151 members.
  • IRC, Achievements, Creative Corner, diabolical PKer scheming and more!
  • Currently recruiting!

St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society

  • Official forum of SFHNAS
  • Hosted on forums-free
  • Administrator: Billy Forks
  • 30 registered members as of January 16th, 2009
  • Several levels of access:
    • General Kempsterbank discussion, open to all
    • Detailed local information on restricted-acccess area for allied zombies, death cultists and PKers.
    • Private group discussion and chat channels

Soldiers of Crossman's Forum

Soldiers of Crossman's Forum

  • Going strong in late 2018
  • Active forum for members, ambassadors from other groups, and unaffiliated individuals
  • All are welcome, and ambassadors from other groups get their own board to use for discussions with us
  • Group created in April 2009 after the historical merger of the LCD and the CDF
  • Current forum has over 26,000 posts and 300 members as of late 2018
  • Currently recruiting

South Paynterton Aces Forum

South Paynterton Aces Forum

  • Paynterton's premiere revive team, plus the home of the Paynterton Pact
  • Revive requests for quicker service at Aces revive points in Paynterton & Starlingtown
  • Administrators: Diano, EzriSun
  • Open to all allies and friends of the Aces
  • Total Members: 71 and growing daily!
  • Total Posts: 3760 at present
  • Created on 20 June 2007

Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service

UBCS Forum

  • Home of the U.B.C.S.
  • Founded by Haliman and William Lanfried
  • Active Mods and Admins.
  • Very RP friendly.
  • Most users ever online was 34 on Sep 7 2009, 07:19 PM
  • As of October 22nd, 2009:
    • 294 registered members
    • 28,435 posts


Xanga Blogring

First Unofficial Xanga Blogring

  • Creating a ring for Xanga members to find other Urban Dead members since December 4, 2005.
  • Led by TheAlmightySpatula (Zacharias Cross).
  • Open to anyone wishing to join.
  • Link sometimes has a habit of not working. If it does not work for you, simply go to the search page for blogrings on and enter "Zombies in a Can: The "Urban Dead" Blogring" as the search criteria.

Livejournal Community

Livejournal urban_dead Comm

  • A place for Livejournal UD users to congregate and find each other
  • Moderated by eternal_padawan (Tarkington) and rachia (Taran Parker)
  • Open membership

News page

Malton Examnier

  • A new paper for Malton brought by Brainstock News reporter
  • New and promising
  • Covers Malton main news
  • Tells you where the action is and where its safe
  • Interviews with Groups,Survivour,pking and zombies

Dead Boards

Alliance Forums

Urban Dead Alliance Forums - The Alliance Forums

  • Forums dedicated to joining and creating teams.
  • Secure channels and lots of features add to the site's utility.
  • 472 registered users as of 11/12/05

|><| Ancients Way |><|


  • Urbandead active
    • Helpful/starting tips
    • HQ map
    • Revive Requests
    • Always recruiting
  • General Talk
    • Friendly people
    • multipule platform gaming
  • As of May 18th, 2009:
    • 9 registered members
    • 60 posts

…And Pancakes For All

…And Pancakes For All Forums

  • Increasingly central forums created partially for Red Rum members to coordinate, but mostly for Maltonites to have a relatively unbiased place to hang out. We're pretty relaxed and, despite the chaos of Misarbitration, the forums generally remain full of friendly banter for everyone.
  • Includes a Mibbit chat widget for easy access to our NexusNet-based IRC room. (Thanks, Jorm!)
The PKer Hub (Archive site) And Pancakes For All (New site)
  • As of October 24th, 2009
    • 3218 Topics
    • 57901 Posts
    • 6249 Registered Users
  • As of August 27th, 2010
    • 136 Topics
    • 1827 Posts
    • 124 Registered Users
Archive site is not currently searchable, but topics can be retrieved on request.
  • Admins/Moderhaters: See here
  • Note: Signing up for the forum does not automatically make you a member of any hosted organisation. People who wish to join a group should post in the Join Forum.

Another Urban Dead Forum

Another Urban Dead Forum

  • Forum is still online to allow people access to the posts and topics there. However, unless anyone displays particular interest in having it around, the board is officially dead.
  • UD forum, launched on the 17th September 2006, designed to give people a choice between the popular Resensitized boards, and another privately hosted one.
  • As of September 24th, 2006:
    • 14 registered users
    • Total Topics: 20
    • Total Posts: 44
  • Active Administrators: The General, V
  • Active Global Moderators: Charon, Mad Margaret, Catgirl

The Anti Mob Penguin Society Forums

You guessed it!

  • Penguin Slaying goodness!
  • Sign-ups
  • No spying.
  • Friendliness.

Anti-zombie squad

Zombies, Here Today, Gun Tomorrow

  • Adventure!
  • Camaderie!
  • Suburb-Hopping!
  • Explosive Forum-coordinated Raids on Zombie territory!
  • Pie and Tequila!
  • Miscellaneous Non-UD Related Insanity!
    • Gaming!
    • Debate!
    • Badass UD stories!
    • Etc.
  • As of June 22nd, 2010:
    • 123 registered members (spambots are deleted, so numbers are deflated)
    • 11947 posts

  • General gaming forum.
  • Official home of The Ridleybank Resistance Front, the Militant Order of Barhah, and several other groups.
  • Hosted and maintained by Jorm.
  • Forums include general Urban Dead, Nexus War discussion, pen-and-paper games, as well as specific group and faction forums.
  • Any group may ask for (and will receive) their own forums (public and private) - they need only ask.
  • Relaxed moderation and friendly atmosphere.
  • Open-door policy extended to friend and foe alike.
  • Renamed from
  • As of April 25th, 2012:
    • 4168 members
    • 13586 topics
    • 198911 posts
    • Most users ever online was 113 on Sat Aug 02, 2008 6:17 am

Beatbox Kids

Beatbox Kids Official Forum

  • Contains forums focused on:
    • sports (notably Australian and American)
    • reviews (games, movies, music, literature, etc.)
    • non-Urban Dead, such as world news, "Funny Shiz", and the famous "Ask the BBK!" forums
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Meet some great people!
  • As of May 29th 2008 there are:
    • 15 registered members
    • 142 topics
    • 1373 posts


Beerhah Forums

  • Evils Presley and RockyRoad of the Dribbling Beavers have set up a forum allowing survivors groups of all types to coordinate and a friendly and down to earth environment without any heirachy. It is based on the model and is hoping to become the survivor equivalent.
  • Current Admins - Evils Presley and RockyRoad
  • Log Onto the #Beerhah Chat Room on Nexus and Join the Fun.

Bounty Hunter Guild

BHG Forum

  • The successor to the Bounty Hunters' Lounge and War Room on Brainstock.
  • A central forum for coordination between Bounty Hunters, including individuals and groups.
  • Features:
    • A private area for Bounty Hunters and a public area where all are welcome.
    • An IRC channel built into the forum itself.
    • Resources and guides for new Bounty Hunters.

The Crimson Clan

Crimson forum

  • Official forum of the Crimson Clan, a large survivor group of the extended Havercroft area.
  • Created August 10th, 2007.
  • As of December 15th, 2007:
162 members
511 topics
10716 posts

Dulston Alliance

Dulston Alliance Forum

285 Members
1345 Topics
34489 Posts
  • Current Active Admins: Kakugori, Mobius187, Ottari, Red Hawk One, Security Bot, Yonnua Koponen
  • Each group's leaders and high command moderate their group's forum.
  • Has a secure member chatbox, which is a live chat screen on the main page.



  • Official forum of FOXHOUND, a pro-survivor group in Pitneybank.
    • Has a Chatango chat room
  • Was once the second oldest group in the Dulston Alliance.
  • Group has been alive since 2005
    • Once held the Urban Dead web comic, n00dles. Expect references..

Free Malton Online

Free Malton Online

  • UD Forum open to any and all groups and players, was set up in response to the perceived DEM bias on Brainstock.
  • Set up as part of the vision of the Malton Uprising to have UD free of DEM control of the game by a group of Uprising participants.
  • Home to no major group, includes a horde tracking forum as well as discussion area for the Alliance of Free Suburbs.
  • Run by Gus Thomas, other admins and mods are appointed based on neutrality and ability without preference for any group.
  • No group receives special treatment on Free Malton Online

Fuerza Latina

foro fuerza latina

  • Spannish UD-Discussions.
  • Spannish guides and FAQ.
  • Best Spannish forum ever!
  • Offical forum of Fuerza Latina, a pro-survivor group made only by Spannish-language players.
  • Famous players and great historyes.
  • A home to all Latins/south american and Spannish-language players.
  • Great free talk section.
  • The Best play to spend a day in your own-language.

"El mejor lugar para ti y para mi ...nuestro hogar desde 2008"

  • Tenemos 152 usuarios registrados
  • El nº máximo de usuarios conectados a la vez fue de 15 el 25 Mar 2009 06:07 am.


Urban Dead Forum

These forums were resurrected for a short while recently and a few old faces came out of the woodwork to post. The site has since been taken down without announcement and with no "Maintenance Mode" message as it was left before. In it's place there is a cryptic message and although it references Malton, it is unclear whether this is related to current Urban Dead events at all.

Imperium of Man

Imperium RP forums

  • Official forum of the Imperium of Man, a pro-survivor group based primarily in Gibsonton.
  • Group has gone through ups and downs but has members who were part of UD since the 1st Caiger Mall Siege
  • Relatively active forum, has space for RP and for non-UD chat including a 40k forum

Invisionfree UD Forum

The forum for the rest of us

Knights of the Apocalypse

Knights of the Apocalypse Forum

  • The forum for the PK group Knights of the Apocalypse
  • Hosted by Proboards
  • Created May 30, 2006
  • Moderated by Headless Gunner
  • Generally relaxed moderation. All rants a point. Open door policy.
  • No, we don't worship the devil! It's a game for Petes' sake.
  • Will be hosting frequently researched information relavent to the average PKer.
  • Still under developement but up and running.


  • UD Fan Forum, offering forums on other games and public interests in addition to UD.
  • Official home of The Common Heroes, the The Myrmidons, and a welcome place for any other group or player.
  • Hosted and maintained by Andrew, known in Urban Dead as Fire Marshall Bill
  • Forums include general Urban Dead, Nexus War discussion, Hell Rising, Music, Popular Culture, Paintball and NFL Fantasy Football.
  • Any group may ask for (and will receive) their own forums (public and private) - they need only ask.
  • Relaxed moderation and friendly atmosphere. We seek to create a very nice, all encompassing forum experience for Urban Dead players to come speak about UD and anything else on their mind. We view ourselves as "another interesting place to go", and not so much as a "replacement to what is already there". Come, check us out!
  • Open-door policy extended to friend and foe alike.
  • URL will be officially changed to by December 2007's end.
  • Current Admin Staff: Andrew / Rob / Emerson / Kherstin

Lurching Gait

Lurching Gait

  • Previously called Malton.
  • Named with the cooperation of Andrew Sloan.
  • Home of The Blackhearts and The Chili Corporation.
  • Discussion of all things Urban Dead and beyond.
  • Any other group can get a forum here - they only need to ask!

Malton City Limits

Malton City Limits

Malton Mob Forum

The Malton Mob Foum

  • It is the home board for the Malton Mob
  • You can post on our board for putting some one or a building on our hit list or protection list
  • You can post here about general stuff about the game and others stuff such as Tv,movies,games

Malton Services

Malton Services

  • A forum created by Ultimate Ninja to provide services to Urban Dead plays as well as create a community.
  • Mainly Urban Dead Discussion but with General Chat area to talk about anything Non-Urban Dead.
  • Administrators: Ultimate Ninja
  • Welcoming members.

The Malton Zookeepers Forum

TMZ forums

  • Forum for the Malton Zookeepers
  • Minecraft
  • Steam games
  • Total Members: 288
  • Total Posts: 168196
  • Total Topics: 3545
  • First post on August 4, 2006

Metal Fox

Metal Fox Forums

  • The official forum of Metal Fox
  • Fresh new group
  • 30 Topics
  • 240 Posts
  • Created April 10, 2007

Miracle Mile Marauders

Miracle Mile Marauders Forum

  • The official forum of the Miracle Mile Marauders
  • Brand new feral group fighting at Miracle Mile Mall in Monroeville
  • Created March 25, 2007

The Randoms: Official Forums

Home Page

  • Second Generation of Randoms Forums founded in July 2006
  • Open to everyone whether they be members, zombies or PKers.
  • Plenty of friendly folk to chat to.
  • Newly refurbished "Cheesebox" our award winning^ RP forum.
  • Fancy shoutbox thingy for quick chats.
  • Free Cheese.
  • Revive Request Forum for those moments where you're a bit green about the gills.
  • As of 27th January 2008 there are 322 registered members and 34,293 posts with an extensive archive dating back to the first founding of the forums.

New Invision Board

Urban Dead Forum

The PKer Alliance

The PKer Alliance Forums

  • Official forum of PKA
  • Hosted on Invisionfree
  • Administrators: Headless Gunner, Coilsnake, Dr Jock, SharkSkinMan
  • 330 registered members as of December 19th, 2008
  • All PKers welcome
  • Non-PKers may join, but will not have access to private boards

The Randoms: Official Forums

Home Page

  • Second Generation of Randoms Forums founded in July 2006
  • Open to everyone whether they be members, zombies or PKers.
  • Plenty of friendly folk to chat to.
  • Newly refurbished "Cheesebox" our award winning^ RP forum.
  • Fancy shoutbox thingy for quick chats.
  • Free Cheese.
  • Revive Request Forum for those moments where you're a bit green about the gills.
  • As of 27th January 2008 there are 322 registered members and 34,293 posts with an extensive archive dating back to the first founding of the forums.

Red Cresent Research Facility

Red Cresent Forums

  • Group Forum
  • Always Recruiting
  • Your opinon counts!

Red Resistance


  • Official home of the Red Resistance
  • Used for planning mission such as raids, assaults, and attacks and also used for getting away from the world
  • Forum led by the General of the Red Resistance
  • Recon report page
  • Private boards allowed only to group members and allies
  • Barracks for recruiting new players,
  • Can post anything in the General talk area.


Resensitized UD Forum

Resistance HQ Forums

The Resistance Forums

  • Group forums
  • Accepts everyone that joins The Resistance
  • 500 posts so far... (and rising)
  • Shoutbox
  • Friendly community
  • Come and see yourself!

SMFforfree UD Forum

SMFforFree UD Forum

  • UD forum created to run alongside Proboards. Primarily for the current proboards members to be able to speak their minds without having to act like the Proboards company would act. Bound to a TOS, but said TOS is much more loose and free than Proboard's.
  • As of July 31st, 2006
    • 14 Topics
    • 90 Posts
    • 12 Members
  • Current Admins: Absolution, Byrant Dilstar
  • Current Mods: Rakk, Thomas Mill8, Lone Soldier, Grigori

South Malton Watch

South Malton Watch's forum

  • Small Group based in West Grayside
  • Formerly known at the West Grayside Watch, you might know us by that name
  • Growing steadily, we've gone through tough times
  • Often travel to suburbs in need of aid
  • If you're around West Grayside and you've got nothing to do, join us an have a bit of fun


Tzeentch's Home Forum

  • A forum for the small, un-confirmed group of Tzeenth.

Urban Dead Discussion and RP Project (UDDRPP)


  • As of October 24th, 2008
  • New project started by Tiresias and Crunchy O's.
  • Has room for RP play, discussion of UD in general, and displaying artwork on the topic, as well as discussion on everything else.
    • Room to expand the forums, such as recruitment areas and live chat features.
  • Openings for nearly every position on the site
  • Current Admins: Tiresias, Crunchy O's

UrbanDead Dot Net

UrbanDead Dot Net

  • Urban Dead's most widely used tool, the Rogues Gallery has moved to a new and independent forum! There are plenty of discussion areas to enjoy in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Forum created Jul 16, 2009 and officially opened for business to the general public Aug 22, 2010
  • As of Sept 14th, 2010:
    • Total posts 1078
    • Total topics 93
    • Total members 156
  • The forum is moderated by the Rogues Gallery Moderation Team.
  • #RG Chat Room on Nexus

Urban Dead: Unleashed

Urban Dead: Unleashed

  • A brand-new forum made by bloodkiller, who was banned from Brainstock for many reasons. He is sorry!
  • Mostly role play-based, but has Urban Dead discussion forum.
  • Created in early April.
  • Openings for staff.

--Bloodkiller 21:01, 5 January 2008 (UTC) - Urban Dead: Unleashed has since been abandoned.


ZAF Forums

  • Mercenary Group Forum
  • Currently Recruiting
  • Lots of topics
  • Come join or give a job!

Zombie Tracker

Zombie Tracker forums

The Zone Defenders / Survivor Security Zone

Zone Defenders and SSZ Forum

  • Lots of topics
  • Many posts
  • If you want, send a representative to ask for allegiance and co-ordinate Zone Defences.
  • Started 20 Dec 2006

History of the First Unofficial Forums

Before their closure, The Unofficial UD Forums were the most popular message boards for Urban Dead. They were created by Inscryer, to provide an easy way to communicate for survivor and zombie players alike. While unofficial, and not run by Kevan, they were considered to be the main forums for UD, and were often referred to simply as the forums.

At one point, users of the forums began to complain about the moderation. In response, Inscryer resigned his head admin position and closed the boards briefly to make some changes to admin and moderation status. He left Armourmeado and Xenomrph in charge, and announced that he no longer wishes to be treated like an admin. During the initial closure, a new set of forums was launched at (Urban Dead Strikes Back Forum), in expectation of a prolonged downtime of the original boards.

The forums were deleted by Proboards on the 20th of September 2005 because of a case of mistaken identity, that was at first claimed to be a Terms of Service violation. The Urban Dead Strikes Back Forum then took center stage as the most used forum, but after fears that the Proboards TOS could cause the exact same problems a member set up a forum on his own server. UDSB then migrated to this new server, free of restrictive Terms of Service and adverts.

The original Urban Dead Forum was restored on September 28th by the Proboards staff. However the administrator, Xenomrph, locked the forums to allow people to recover any threads or posts and move them to the replacement Urban Dead Forum. A sizable group of players has chosen to permanently abandon Proboards due to its deleting forums without warning and slow time to respond to support requests. Due to technical difficulties at the Desensitised forum (now resolved), the Proboards Urban Dead Forum was reactivated. Xenomrph has implied that he intends to keep the original forum active, and Inscryer has returned to active status there.

The original Urban Dead Forum was also where most of the Ludwig Controversy took place.

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