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Protection of our community and allies with axes and other melee weapons
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Axes High is a human group that is dedicated to killing zombies exclusively with melee weapons.
We recruit any and all survivors who swear to relinquish firearms and take up the axe).
In Axes we trust!

Malton is damned.

Death walks our streets, our sidewalks, in our homes and shops. Our families are dead. Or worse.
We want payback, and we do it old school. With our fists, our boots, lead pipes and axes.
We are firemen, we are medics... we're your next door neighbor.
A month ago we wept over spilt milk... now we're carved out of stone.
We are ...AXES HIGH.

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Goals and Guidelines

We are firefighters. We are scientists. We are military. Axes High is dedicated to the rescue and protection of survivors, the destruction or revivificaion of zombies, and mutual defense of fellow members from both the zombie menace and PKers.

Axes High is based in the suburb of Barrville, which has been called home since our successful occupation and evacuation of Floyd Stadium in October of 2005. It wasn't until December of 2005, that we decided to make our presence in the suburb official.

Four years since and we're still kicking it in and around Barrville. But we need your help. "Saddle up and join the Axes High! It's the job for real men."

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Joining AH

Axes High is actively recruiting and is currently open to anyone who swears to trust in the Axe, thereby relinquishing the use of firearms, and does not have a record of PKing. Apply on our forum thread! Be sure to include a link to your profile and your current location please. AH members generally communicate and chill with each other in and out of game. Use of our forum, IRC channel and Sype is encouraged. Drop by and say wassup!

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Important Events

  • It is September 15, 2012 and Axes High is officially alive again! WAHOO! —Claude Garrison Talk
  • Recently, Axes High, through a 10-2 decision, voted to repeal the long-standing policy against the possession of gun skills by our members. Axes High now recruits any survivor who doesn't have a record of Player Killing, regardless of skills.
(All other information has been moved to the Axes High News page.)

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Praise for Axes High, from our fellow survivours... and a few zombies

*From the Nurses of the Malton Medical Staff:
"During the battle between St. Eth's Hospital (in Roftwood) and the RRF, I noticed a member from your group amongst the defenders. Thank you for your help in defending the hospital! The Hottest Nurses in Malton thank you and will have a signed calendar waiting for a representative of yours in better times (we're in exile right now). Thank you, again! xoxox" --Morgueasm

From... er... Rory!

Recent X:00 tatics attack by RRF zombies around 10:00 A.M. PST today against Ackland Mall. Some survivor deaths but we managed to purge the mall of the unclean and bring it back to barricaded. Axes High and /Zom/ should be commended for their efforts.

Grats :) Rorybob

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