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Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.

The Real Me

In the real world my name is Kelly. I am a follower of The Way, a mother of four, a book lover, and a total nerd.

Since I made my first UD character in March 2006, I have had many alts in Urban Dead. Here's some information about my main ones.

My Survivor Alts


SweetIrony was my first account, and has a personality closest to my own. Initially she was a member of the group Oblivion Folder. They were a bit boring and trenchcoaty, and when the Lebende Tote burst into Blaxall Way PD one day, taunted OF in Zamgrh, and ate everyone's brains, SweetIrony realized there was a lot more fun to be had in Malton, left OF, and never looked back.

She became one of the first survivors in the Blackmore building during the Battle of Blackmore, and held the line with Jarper during the graveyard shift when many of the other players were asleep. When other survivor groups started to send help to us in the Blackmore, I got the idea to try to get as many groups represented there as possible, and went around to the other groups' forums asking if they could send at least one representative.

After the Blackmore fell, SweetIrony joined the Quartly Study Group. She became Guest Speaker Liaison during the group's Zombie Lecture Series, inviting many of the speakers who came to give speeches in the library. When the library fell to the Mall Tour just after Xyu's lecture, SweetIrony was the last to die, and proceeded to stand up and ransack the library herself.

Currently SweetIrony has appointed herself Urban Dead Reunion Coordinator. She is making a place for OG UD players to reconnect, starting with her old friends from the NMC.

Librarianbadge.jpg Literate
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Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
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much rather be a Bastard

than have 3 papas.

8/18/06 - 10/13/06
11/5/06 - ??/??/??

Qsg-on-tour-route.jpg On Tour
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And traveling is fun.


Artaxerxes began as just a name for an account, and was never intended to be roleplayed as a character. When Padre Romero came through Dowdney Mall and preached a sermon, somehow the character of Art was born in that moment. I wrote a story for the Malton Chronicles about this. The story is, in essence, true. I made the promise to Santlerville, but Art kept it. The real name of the woman Art talks to in the story is "The Urban Dead Wiki".

About two months after the events of that story, Art went to Caiger Mall and found Padre Romero, said something about how many flares he had brought for the Extravaganza, and was immediately invited to join Malton's Angels.

Art is a poet and wrote a number of poems during his time in and out of Malton. Ever the idealist, he never took a single zombie skill. I have long since forgotten the password for Art, but it's okay. He was too pure for Malton anyway.

Angels Logo.JPG Orbes mei gloriam viderunt!
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My alt Cesia was a member of G.I.F.D.. My French was a lot better back then!

Equipement00.jpg G.I.F.D.
Cesia is member of the G.I.F.D..

My Zambah Alts

Dr Ransom

Dr Ransom is my undead linguist. He has his own wiki account, so you can read more about him here.


Avenir was once the Königin der Toten/Queen of the Lebende Tote horde. She was friends with Wolfgang Puck, and for a while was a member of his group RGang.