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Lebende Tote
AKA Totes.
Group Numbers 6+.
Leadership Council of Elders.
Goals Really? Why does a zombie horde need a reason to exist other than rampaging & pillaging the city? But I guess if we have to have something....our goals are Chaos, Confusion, Distruction, Death & Mayham....oh yea, and a good time.
Lebende Tote GMT Strike Teams The Tote GMT Strike Teams have been suspended until some pissed off pissers, who hopefully are somewhat pissed, decide to stop using both hands to hold that pint, and use one or the other to click a mouse button. This ";" goes in that sentence somewhere but I'm too pissed to...Wha?

Is your poor undead cursed because you live in a time zone, which the average new worlder couldn't find on a map globe, let alone convert to EST/DST? Are you signing in to see groans that are over 4 hours old and following them to find EH caded buildings? Tired of eating the same cold leftovers? The Totes have established GMT Strike team Alpha and GMT Strike team Bravo. Join the Lebende Tote and slaughter Yank survivor types while they really are sleeping! .

A Little Bit About Us Totes

"Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other." ---Francis Bacon.

Neutral Point of View

Lebende Tote is one of the oldest and longest lasting zombie hordes in the Game of Urban Dead. Lebende Tote players are dedicated to the zombie "life-style" and have been known to PK any survivor that dares to combat revive a "Tote". We deploy highly aggressive and co-ordinated zombie attacks against any survivor prey that we come across. Opinions vary about the role of Lebende Tote within the game. Many players see us as a tough Meta-Gaming group of players while others see us as being a scourge of the game.

End Neutral Point of View

Die lebenden Toten

(German for The Living Dead One) is a zombie horde dedicated to total chaos and the complete distruction of the survivor community. Lebende Tote works to achieve this goal by helping young undead gain experience as fast and painless as possible and aiding other un-dead hordes with the clearing out of the 'breathers'. Thanks to OrangUtanKlaus for being a Spelling Nazi. We will eat you first, Klaus!

Recruitment Policy

Yep, you betcha! We're looking for a few good zombies and if you think you can cut the mustard then shamble, shimmy or schlep on over to Grh!ggzzz and follow the groans. Our recruitment policy is really fairly simple. The Lebende Tote are in the market for young, newly spawned undead and former human types. Any un-dead can join. Oh yea, it doesn't hurt to crave BRA!NZZZ! If you meet those rather simple qualifications, Contact us at our forum. Put Lebende Tote as your group tag and post on the Lebende Tote message board your intentions to join us.

Nominations & Acknowledgments
JEJ.jpg JEJ Nomination
Lebende Tote has been nominated to win the Best Zombie Group Award.
  • Ah Viel Dank Totes! It was a lot of fun fighting against you guys when we first arrived in Griggs, that was one of the most exciting weeks I have spent in UD ~ Jake Weber of The (not quite so) Invisibles
  • Get your sorry ass over to Grigg Heights, if you are man enough, for a real challenge. ~ Dread Nose
  • I definitely like the look of your horde. ~ Papa Petrosjko (former Papa of the RRF)
  • Hi there. Very much enjoying fighting you guys for Reganbank. If nothing else, I think we've learned to spread out more so we don't get half a dozen de-brained at the same time! It's nice to have a point to playing the game. Before, mostly we were just helping defend malls and we were gettng bored. This is much more fun! ~ Lucas Black of the Redneck 'lil Boys
Dawn dead.gif Salt The Land
Lebende Tote supports the Salt the Land policy.