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Clock.png Historical Event
This historical event is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the event's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

Open the windows

Open air.jpg

On the 24th February 2007, the Quartly Librarians decided to cease barricading the homestead. The benefits were plentiful.

  1. As a zombie/human alliance, this allowed the undead literates entry to their home.
  2. An open museum for all Maltonians.
  3. Use of the Library as an indoor revive point.
  4. Energy could be used to heal and learn rather than to nail doors shut.
  5. The freedom of information for all.

Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Multiplied

During the undead and living debates the Librarians gained many an undead friend. To protect their friends, both living and dead, the Librarians began the no kill zone. This simple idea began out of respect for zombies who had been invited as lecturers.

The first lecture given by a zombie to a human audience, courtesy of Wolfgang Puck, simultaneously set the precedent and demonstrated the need for this policy of tolerance.

Trouble in Paradise

It was through a tragic over-enthusiastic enforcement of this policy that the literates made their first real enemy. Bounty hunters had decided that no peaceful organization should ever suffer a known murderer to hide in their midst. And many, many revived zombies were hunted in the library. They were killed as either zombie spies, or for the precious bounty. The Librarians have always claimed the right to headshot the violators of the no kill zone. Being their homestead, it was their will that it be a safe place for all. Unfortunately, one of these bounty hunters decided that this was not in the public interest.

The End of the Peace

After the most recent incarnation of the Mall Tour smashed Nichols Mall and the nearby Greenhow Necrotech, the aforementioned bounty hunter used a zombie alternate to draw the horde near the Quartly. Using feeding groan, the feral zombies following the horde were called to the open doors in northern Roftwood.


This event was the inspiration of the free-information campaign.
The campaign is a tour of Malton to show zambah and harman that barricades are a prison for both the body and the mind. The Librarians still function as an pro-survivor and pro-literacy group, but you will know you've found their safehouse when you find the graffiti:
QSG - no kills, no cades. try it you might like it. or THIS IS NOT A SAFEHOUSE. ALL WELCOME ~QSG

Librarian small.jpg Free Information
Libraries are for everyone and should remain barricade free.

Open air.jpg Open Air: Feb 24th to Mar 19th
This user/group celebrated the
Quartly Library's no barricades policy
until an undead horde came to town.