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The term "No Kill Zone" is used to describe a location where a group (or groups) of players have decreed that there will be no attacking or killing. Some No Kill Zones only forbid PKing, while others ask that zombies and survivors refrain from harming each other as well. No Kill Zones will usually be advertised with spray tags, and detailed information on the specific policies can often be found on the relevant group or location wiki pages.

No Kill Zones have no official status: they exist solely because of player agreement and consensus. Violating a well-known and well-respected No Kill Zone, however, may incur the wrath of many players, who have chosen to uphold and defend the policy.

There are a number of "permanent" No Kill Zones in Malton which are maintained by specific groups. Among the most well known are the Quartly Study Group's no kill policy in the Quartly Library, and the Malton College of Medicine's similar policy inside their facility at St. George's Hospital (Greentown). Additionally, groups like the Philosophe Knights support policies deeming all Malton's libraries are to be No Kill Zones. (This sort of No Kill Policy, however, tends to be hard to enforce than more limited and unique-location zones.) Finally, many groups will set up temporary No Kill Zones for special events.

Revive Points are also widely considered to be No Kill Zones; however, most zombie players have no qualms about killing survivors at such locations; and many survivors, especially death cultists, actively disrupt them by killing zombies waiting for revives.