Philosophe Knights

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Philosophe Knights (PK)
Abbreviation PK
Group Numbers A hoarded secret.
Leadership The Philosophes.
Goals To annihilate ignorant and uneducated survivors.
Recruitment Policy Trial by jury.


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Neutral Point of View

The Philosophe Knights are a secretive group of scholars, recognized by their habit of sporting plain white masks. Their objective is to exterminate all ignorant and uneducated survivors of the Malton outbreak; they see the current chaos as a perfect time to complete their task. The Philosophe Knights are the oldest surviving group of PKers in the city.

It is reported that Philosophe Knights do not target anyone inside libraries, schools, museums, and the zoo. Survivors who fear execution can find safety in those buildings. This amnesty is not extended to enemies of the Philosophe Knights.

End of Neutral Point of View

A Beginning

You are about to explore the Philosophe Knights' group page. Perhaps you visit because they deemed you ignorant. That was probably it. Don't worry though, they have their reasons. The Philosophe Knights aren't really what you think they are like. Unless you think of them in a positive light. You could, you know. They are a cheery bunch. They wear pleasant masks and live in a mysterious mansion that is never full of nasty zombies.

You have decided to stop reading. The beginning of this page was not as promising as you would have liked. You thought that these knights were despicable killers, perhaps. Somehow they seem to have established a reasonable position right when you thought that you were going to come tell them how utterly akin to rubbish they are. Well you can't actually know that these knights are well-reasoned fellows because you stopped reading, remember?

Your mind wanders a bit. You fidget in your seat, or perhaps you reposition your yoga-ball because you are not inclined to use ordinary furniture. Wait. You thought that the Philosophe Knights were a role-playing group. Is what you're reading, were reading, in-character or out? It seemed ambiguous enough.

What would they say?

You: Are you in or out of character on this group page?
M: It depends on who you are and if you are in character.
You: But you must be in-character if you are talking.
M: True, unless I am in your mind. In that case it is quite ambiguous.

You remember that that is what you had initially thought. You are thoroughly confused but persistent.

You: Well, I have a plan.
M: Oh? And what might that be?
You: I am about to ask you a question that I can't answer. If you answer it, I know that it can't just be me thinking and your page must be in-character.
M: Ok.
You: Why do you go by 'M'?
M: Because I like short names.
You: Aha! So you must be RPing.
M: Unless you just made that up in your mind, subconsciously.
F: Perhaps you're bipolar.
SI: Or one of those Siamese twins with one body and two minds.
You: How did you all show up? I didn't think of you. I don't even know you.
N: This is oar group page...
M: N means 'our.'
SS: Perhaps you should start reading again. It will enlighten you. That is our purpose anyway.
X: Maybe not his purpose...
Karen: Or hers.
X: ...Or her purpose.
N: But regardless, it is our porpoise to teach.
WV: N means 'purpose'.

You decide that it is time to retreat to the text. You don't yet particularly care about these initialed people (except you wonder who Karen is), but they will go away if you read on. If they are in your mind or in-character or simply in fashion, you will leave them here as you recommence the reader role.

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"Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind."

-- John Tillotson

Philosophe Knight ideology and thoughts.

Policies supported by the Philosophe Knights

Member ranking and information.

Kill List
A list of all kills made in the name of knowledge.

The Sword of Damocles
The vengeful arm of the Order.

Friends, adversaries, and other remarkables.

Information on current and past operations.

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