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Abbreviation PK
Group Numbers A hoarded secret
Leadership Philosophes
Goals To annihilate the ignorant and uneducated survivors
Recruitment Policy Register
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Decidedly Amiable

One glance at the QSG and you will understand why we are good allies. Together we are why Malton is worth saving.
When one, in Malton, compares the intellect of potential allies, the dead mind is often more appealing than a survivor's.
Though the Philosophe Knights like to consider themselves as a survivor group rather than a Pker group, the PKA have proven good friends and valuable help on numerous occasions.
Once upon a time there was a war over a grave and horrible matter. Then there was a friendship that is upheld to this day. A religious man might say, “God works in mysterious ways.” We are not religious men, we are educated men. This friendship came about because of one man, SI. My only answer to a religious man would be, “perhaps SI is god, it would not be a surprise.”
This friendship is so illogical that citing a famous work is one of our only recourses. Durkheim, in his Division of Labor in Society, says, “dissimilarity, just like resemblance, can be a cause of mutual attraction.” There is no better way to explain why the Philosophe Knights are tied to the Flat Earth Society.
Toothdecay is a most honorable fellow, and our groups have grown to like each other because of it.

Decidedly Villainous

Just as 'villainous' implies, the DEM are vile to an unspeakable degree. If you are unaware of this fact enquire on the talk page and we will help to enlighten you on the matter. Better yet, ask them about us, but believe the opposite. That is, ask one of their literate members (I would suggest a member, but I have been unable find one myself).

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"Reason is the pace; increase of science, the way; and the benefit of man-kind, the end."

-- Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

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