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Abbreviation PK
Group Numbers A hoarded secret
Leadership Philosophes
Goals To annihilate the ignorant and uneducated survivors
Recruitment Policy Register
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In-Character Ideology
Observation 1 – The zombie outbreak of Malton has focused minds on survival. Education is of low priority to most humans.
Observation 2 – Education is of great importance to humanity.
Conclusion 1 – It is beneficial for a society of scholars to exist in Malton, but is only possible if the society is large enough to protect itself.

Observation 3 – An educated survivor is beneficial to himself and humanity.
Observation 4 – Ignorant survivors have a negative effect on the safety of other survivors and human knowledge.
Observation 5 – Ignorant survivors are often unaware of their poor intellectual health.
Inference 2 – Uneducated survivors should be convincingly informed of their ignorance and punished for the harm they have thus far caused.
Observation 6 – In most cases words are too easily ignored.
Observation 7 – Death is no longer permanent in Malton.
Conclusion 2 – A suitable warning and punishment for ignorance is death.

Annotation 1 – The Philosophe Knights would never commit the act of murder if it were not reversible.

Observation 8 - The activities of the Knights in their efforts to encourage education contribute adversely to the survival of humanity in Malton.

Annotation 2 - The Philosophe Knights entertain a humanist philosophy, believing that human life should be protected and maintained within reasonable limits.

Observation 9 - There are those who wish to join the efforts of the Philosophe Knights but are not inclined to the use of offensive negative reinforcement -- id est "murder" -- as a method of education.

Conclusion 3 There should exist within the Order a sizable and stationary collective of Knights dedicated to aiding the survivor cause as well as to the use of non-violent methods of education.

Out-Of-Character Ideology
Observation 1 – There are only limited ways to identify uneducated survivors. Players do not know everything that their characters know and visa versa. A character could spend time getting to know a certain survivor (in-game), but players are not often given that opportunity.
Inference 1 – Players must adopt certain techniques in order to most accurately determine ignorance and at the same time preserve their role playing integrity.
Conclusion 1 – Players may judge a character's ignorance based on the profile of the individual. In most cases the profile is unhelpful (A tall man wearing a long black trench coat, various weapons dangle from various places.) or non-existent.

Annotation 1 – It is strongly suggested that a character's profile contain something about the character's personality.

Conclusion 2 – Players may judge a character's ignorance based on which group the individual is affiliated with.

Observation 2 – While ignorant survivors are criminals to a society of scholars, there are certain survivors that are not ignorant but dangerous. Certain groups may be intelligent and still pose a threat to the other educated individuals of Malton.

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"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

-- Martin Luther King Jr.

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