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Abbreviation Sparta
Group Numbers We're on the Stats Page
Leadership Toothdecay and Magnar
Goals To kill the Persians and defend Sparta
Recruitment Policy Post a message on this part of our Forums about joining
Contact Send us a message in game or contact us on the Forums
radio 27.98 MHz

Neutral Point of View

The Spartans are a PKing group.

-End Neutral Point of View.


When zombies attacked Malton, one man had an Epiphany. This man was named Toothdecay and he believed that the zombies may be humanity's last best hope. For to long have humans lived fake existences run by machines and greed. A zombie invasion should be the catalyst to turn humanity back in time, where courage and valor were greater than wealth. Only through great tragedy and loss, can the true spirit of mankind pull through. A new age began, an age of rebirth. At first everything was great. Survivors of the initial attack gave up their material lives and started helping their fellow man. As the years passed on things started to change. Survivors grew accustomed to the zombie presence and they soon turned back to their old ways. Large groups of survivors formed and used their power to take control of land and resources. Other groups were formed and they fought. Soon Malton was thrown into turmoil again as survivors lost touch with the past. Then a light in the darkness came forth. Brave men and women who were tired of the arrogance and stupidity of the survivors. These people would go and kill survivors to try to free their minds from the changing society. These heroes of the new world were treated as villains by the survivors who were afraid of change. These weak minded and ignorant survivors came together to form one of the largest and most corrupted groups, the DEM. The DEM's power was only equal to their arrogance as they decided to make their own laws. They called the ones who freed the minds of survivors, PKers, and issued laws against the them. They unjustly persecuted PKers, and made others hunt them down like animals. Toothdecay saw all of this and has an idea. He would give Malton a taste of the past. Toothdecay decided to bring the ancient traditions of the Spartans back.

Current Conquests and Events

-March 12 - April 12, 2010- Spartans marched to Dunell Hills to engage the DHPD. There they put the reputation of the DHPD officers to the test, engaging them directly in combat. In the midst of a zombie attack, the Spartans engaged a group that out numbered them nearly 20 to 1. Despite the disadvantage in numbers, the Spartans mangaged a average of 9 kills apiece and a kill each day, for 36 total. ZombiePalin drew distinction in battle and quickly outpaced his brothers in the slaughter. DHPD squads of note include Dixie Squad and Delta Squad the former were reported to not bearing arms and fell quickly to the Spartan attack, where their Delta comrades tried to defend them. With a change in DHPD leadership and a month of slaughter, the Spartans decide it was time to move on. No alliance changes or policy changes were made due to this conflict. ZombiePalin was promoted to the rank of Captain for his example on the field.

-November 1st, 2009- The Spartans joined PKA in attacking Dowdney Mall for Samhein Slaughter III.

-October 1st, 2009 The Spartans joined up with Creedy Guerilla Raiders, Flowers of Disease and Philosophe Knights members to slaughter survivors in Caiger Mall. Also on this date Sparta formally recognizes the former Persian state of Axes High as allies and stands by her in her independence against the DEM.

-Dec 23rd- The Spartans were seen killing mercilessly at the Silent Night Slaughter where Toothdecay, summoning God-like power, managed to kill 5 survivors himself in one night.

-Jan 2nd- Fort Creedy has fallen thanks to the 2nd Big Bash and the PKA.

-February 14- Valentines Day. There were plans for a wedding between Bounty Hunter, Melody Arachne and DEM's own Apocalypse Dan. That is until the Spartans found out about it. Here's the Iwitness account of half the battle Leonidas would be proud.

-February 25th- Boutcher Alley Police Dept in Pitneybank (82, 41) became known as Butcher Alley when the Spartans descended on it. Shots filled the air as this Persian Outpost was soaked in blood. It is said that the screams of the cowards could be heard 2 blocks away in Giddings Mall.

Kill Count- 12.

-March 1st-20th- The Spartans fought alongside the Gibsonton Nationals to fix up Gibsonton. When that task was completed, the Spartans and Nationals worked together to remove the filth in the form of the Winchester Boyz. After kicking their asses for a week, the Dead came and ruined the suburb. It is rumored that we head north, but recent reports put us much farther south.

-April - May- The Spartans fought with DORIS to avenge Charlton Heston in Lockettside. Many were killed thanks to the Spartans swift spears.

-May 5th-22nd- Hearing the cries of citizens oppressed by Persians, the Spartans quickly descended into Gibsonton to kill the intruders. The Spartans worked with The Gibsonton Nationals to save the suburb from The Dead while protecting it from Persians who wanted to take the freedom of the locals.

-June 10th-30th- The trenchcoats in Fort Creedy were drawing the attention of the Spartans. Like wolves, the Spartans descended on the fort, slaughtering those inside. Soon the petty defenders of the fort, the CDF, tried to fight back. After failing, the Spartans retaliated, killing all the CDF in the fort. Bored with the lack of skilled fighters, the Spartans moved on.

-July 1st-15th- DORIS called on us once again to defend the honor of George Carlin, son of Pluto. A legion of PKers descended on South Blythville to rid Sparta of the trenchcoat, text rapist, scumbags that make up Team Zombie Hardcore. Only suffering one casualty, the Spartans and DORIS annihilated TZH. They were last seen splitting apart and scattering throughout the city.

-August 7th- The Malton College of Medicine Massacre. The Spartans were contacted by the Columbine Kids to assist them in a group strike on a crowded hospital. The Spartans gladly agreed wishing to show the survivors that Spartans have no need for hospitals. The resulting attack was beautiful as bodies continued to fall as blood filled the hospital. A picture of some of the carnage. The king of Sparta, Toothdecay went back and finished two more in this screenshot. Between both groups, 40 lives were taken. It was a glorious night.

-August-September- The Spartans, with the help of 300 other survivor, PKers, and zombies helped make the Malton Uprising manifesto. The Malton Uprising was a controlled liberation movement and manifesto signed by over 20 groups that stood against the DEM and all of Persia. After the manifesto was brought to the DEM, mass PKing of DEM members was recorded. The Spartans killed 20+ DEM before real talks about change finally occurred. We will still continue to hunt and kill Persians, as long as there is still a Sparta and until oppression of peoples freedoms and rights is abolished.

Spartan Allies

We are allied with many notable groups throughout Malton who assist us in our fight against the Persians. This includes: -Philosophe Knights -Flowers of Disease -Columbine Kids -Legends of Darkness -Creedy Guirella Raiders

We also recognize and honor survivor groups that we consider to be amongst the best for Sparta. At this time we recognize the following allies:

-Malton College of Medicine -Axes High

Spartan Government

The Spartan government is an oligarchy. The Spartan leaders make the decisions and laws which can be voted upon by all members. Our members are divided into four sections. Here they are ranked highest to lowest.

Spartan KingThe highest ranking of Spartans. The Spartan King has the ability to command all the Spartans, make war, make alliances, and create and enforce rules. Spartan Kings are the smartest and deadliest Spartans.

Spartan Captain The Spartan Captains help the Spartan King lead troops and play a role in the making of decisions. The captains lead the Spartans in battle with vicious precision and skill.

Spartans Spartans make up the core of Sparta. The Spartans known by all as the main attacking force. Their efficiency at killing is only matched by their courage and audacity. Spartans can vote in regular meetings and suggest new actions.

Spartan Trainees The new recruits have to prove themselves in battle before becoming Spartans. Trainees are only allowed to be involved in some government roles. The trainees are eager to prove themselves in battle and become Spartans. These trainees are regarded as sons and are trained by the spartan committee.

Spartan Ways

The old ones say we Spartans are descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death in the battlefield, in service to Sparta, is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life. Spartans; The finest soldiers the world has ever know.

As Spartans it is our duty to protect Sparta from the Persians and the Persians' Slaves. We kill survivors to free them from them from their pain and suffering. We kill those who oppose Sparta. We kill the ignorant and the fools. Our mission is to free Malton and its survivors from the tyranny of their arrogance and greed.

Spartan Law

All Spartans must follow these rules set down by Lycurgus thousands of years ago. This is Spartan law.

1. Spartans never retreat and never surrender.

2. We do what we are raised to do, what we are bred to do, what we are born to do. Kill.

3. We don't kill survivors under level 10 unless it is necessary.

4. We work together, fight together, and die together.

5. We kill all Persians.

6. Do not offend or disgrace Spartans or Sparta in any way.

7. We kill those that offend or disgrace Sparta in any way.

8. We would gladly sacrifice ourselves for our fellow Spartans.

9. We obey our leaders, no exceptions.

10. We honor our elders, leaders, and fellow Spartans.

11. We kill the Persians' Slaves that come after us.

12. We believe that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory we can achieve in life.

13. No Spartan loss is forgotten.

14. No prisoners, no mercy.

Prepare for Glory


Although imitation may be considered a form of flattery, in Sparta, if you wear the crimson of a Spartan and yet you do not uphold the honor and glory of Sparta, you are a Persian and will be dealt death repeatedly. Our list of Impostors are,

1. cryptrocket also, a zerger, Crypt insults Sparta while wearing our colors. If you kill him, you will receive our thanks. Beware his other alts including cryptrocket4.

Spartan helmet.jpg Spartans
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