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Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters are a generally well-received variant of PKers that endeavor to only attack other PKers. Unlike those players who might PK directly revenge against someone who killed them, Bounty Hunters will often attack players with whom they have had no previous interaction, based on well-documented proof that the individual PKed someone else. Many argue that while bounty hunters are either loved or hated, they provide a much-needed service in that anyone can report being PKed and have it punished.

Centralized Bounty Hunting

Some advocate having a centralized bounty hunter system, and believe that having dozens of lists running on varying standards would cause anarchy akin to a mass gang war in Malton and that other lists should be invalidated to prevent this perceived threat.

Others believe that people should be free to find/advocate the standards they believe in, as forcing a single artificial metagaming standard is not conducive to roleplaying in an uncertain post-apocalyptic setting. Their contention is that the method of verifying accuracy is the most important aspect to prevent 'he-said-she-said' inconsistencies. Also ,Malton is large, and localized lists would do well to discourage players of PKers from playing in a specific area, not from playing the game at all.

Whatever your view, the community in general has settled on a well-maintained public PK list, which holds to very high standards on the information required for a PKing incident to be reported. It is Rogues Gallery.

History of Bounty Hunting in Malton

The original formal Bounty Hunting in Malton was undertaken by the Bounty Hunter's Guild, under the Council of Leaders. This list required a screenshot of the attack and the profiles of everyone involved for verification of the report, which was agreed at the time to be sufficient as proof. The list was updated and ran on the Yahoo! groups by Daxx, and then when the first forums opened the list was moved there. After the subsequent move to the new forums, responsibility for the Bounty List was given to Blue Emu, who maintained the list and the system up until he stepped down due at least in part to being too busy to continue. The next in line to monitor the list was Katthew from the new Council of Leaders.

Around the time Katthew took over maintenance, the long-standing list Blue Emu had been maintaining was deleted, with many months of records being lost, apparently irrevocably. The new list which replaced it was titled as 'The Official CoL PKer List'. These events caused a lot of friction over maintenance of the list, and many individuals and groups ceased using the CoL list. Many groups started maintaining their own PKer lists, whether public or private, such as on the Brainstock forum moderated initially by the Department of Emergency Management, and the Danversbank Armed Militia's PK Reporting Page

Contacting Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters can be contacted at Rogues Gallery forum.

PK Reporting

If you witness PKing, you may report it at Rogues Gallery. A screenshot of the incident is required, as well as other information (such as the Pker's UD ID number in the profile).

Alternativly, NecroConnect offers a similar service, as the Rogue's Gallery has been offline for some time. Reports can be filed at NecroConnect's Hunter's Hub, as long as you have a screenshot of the incident.


Bounty lists are only as good as the accuracy of the information they host, the integrity of the person moderating the list, and the standards they use. Some lists will enact different punishments, add non-PKers (see: zombie spy) or discount reports made by certain people or groups. Please read the bounty list's rules/standards, ask whatever questions you may have, evaluate moderator's integrity, how they confirm accuracy and decide whether you agree with the list's standards before using a bounty hunter list.


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