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[78,47] - [80,49] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Creedy
26.02 MHz: "Fort Creedy is in shambles.. Completely overrun with zombies"
--VVV RPMBG 06:20, 11 May 2024 (UTC)
Fort Creedy

Peppardville [78,47] – [80,49] Pitneybank

the Kitchingman Monument
Raikes Bank
Sebright Drive Railway Station
Gumm Alley
Norgan Library
the Canning Motel
Fort Creedy Infirmary Fort Creedy Storehouse Fort Creedy Barracks a junkyard
Tennear Bank
Fort Creedy Barracks Fort Creedy Armoury Fort Creedy Gatehouse Ebdon Drive
St. Benedict's Hospital
Fort Creedy Exercise Yard Fort Creedy Training Ground Fort Creedy Vehicle Depot the Hunter Building
a junkyard
Club Noake
a warehouse
Hamlen Auto Repair
Promel Towers

Basic Info:

  • There are only two armouries on the entire Malton Map, so it is a high profile location for both zombies and survivors alike.
  • An Armoury is a Dark building.
  • Difficult to defend because it cannot be freerun into.
  • Tagging an armoury earns 2 XP.
  • Empty "Fort" blocks are open land and cannot be barricaded. However, as the military has repaired the breached walls of the fort complex and rebuilt the gatehouse, they can no longer be accessed from adjacent areas - you must enter the fort complex by way of the gatehouse.
Known groups of the fort:
Survivor Groups of Fort Creedy

Zombie Groups of Fort Creedy

Hostile Groups of Fort Creedy

Fort Creedy is a fort split between the suburbs of Peppardville and Pitneybank, located in the eastern region of Malton.

  1. Ebdon Drive [81, 48] (east of the Gatehouse)
  2. A cemetery [81, 45] is run by the CDF.
  3. A cemetery [82, 51]

General information

Barricade Policy

  • Gatehouse: EHB when under attack unless agreed otherwise at the time to allow entrance. Survivors wishing to enter should remain in a local building until a zombie incursion lowers the barricades
  • Armory: VSB at all times
  • Infirmary, Barracks, Storehouse and Vehicle Depot: EHB at all times

Fort Movement Rules

CreedyFR.jpg CreedyOM.jpg

Radio Transmitters

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.70 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Fort Creedy Storehouse 79,47

26.70 MHz has continuously been in use since 2005 for Fort Creedy and the surrounding area. Please do not arbitrarily change this frequency without consulting players who are actually active in the area. --Spider (talk) 22:41, 17 February 2021 (UTC)


Latest Fort Status

Number of standing zombies and current barricade levels

(When updating the status please do not forget to leave your signature below)

Inside: ?
Outside: 2
Inside: 0
Outside: 0
Inside: 0
Outside: 0
Inside: 0
Outside: 0
Inside: 2
Outside: 0
Inside: 3
Outside: 0
Exercise Yard

Outside: 0

Training Ground

Outside: 0

Vehicle Depot
Inside: 0
Outside: 0

Key to Barricade Levels:

No Barricades
LoB to QSB

This Map | Edit This Map

Last updated by: Clayton Carmine (talk) 23:57, 29 September 2021 (UTC)

Fort Area Status

Barricade Level Armoury: VSB, Gatehouse: VSB, Storehouse: EHB, Infirmary: VSB, W Barracks: VHB, NE Barracks: EHB, Vehicle depot: EHB
Outside Graffiti ?
Humans Outside 2~
Zombies Outside Armoury: 0, Gatehouse: 4, Storehouse: 0, Infirmary: 0, W Barracks: 0, NE Barracks: 0, Vehicle depot:0 (numbers approximates only)
Bodies Outside 8
Inside Graffiti Gatehouse: welcome to the home of the CDF! Armoury: Keep VSB+2 at all times NO EXCEPTIONS Vehicle Depot: Unknown Storehouse: Keep EHB, armoury is entry point NE barracks: None W barracks: None Infirmary: [Pumpkin Emoji]
Humans Inside Armoury: 18, Gatehouse: 11, Storehouse: 2, Infirmary: 5, W Barracks: 0, NE Barracks: 0, Vehicle depot: 0? (numbers approximate only)
Zombies Inside Armoury: 0, Gatehouse: 0, Storehouse: 0, Infirmary: 0, W Barracks: 0, NE Barracks: 0, Vehicle depot: 0 (numbers approximate only)
Bodies Inside 0
Comments Fort Creedy has been reclaimed by the CDF!

--SinisterPig (talk) 12:12, 12 May 2020 (GMT-5)


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1st February

I have just arrived at Fort Creedy. There is a mass of around 10 zombies outside the gatehouse, and a similar number of humans inside defending, The fort is in good state overall. I will remain for a while N e c r o D e a d (talk) 14:13, 1 February 2022 (UTC)


14st August

Fort Creedy is ruined, fully occupied by zombies except for the infirmary. --Spacexplorer145 (talk) 00:52, 16 August 2021 (UTC)

21st March

Zombies are currently trying to breach the gatehouse, along with a small Pker presence. Survivors of the fort are doing as much as they can to prevent a breach.User: Admiral 05:17 UTC, 21 March 2021


25th July

Zombies have almost completely ransacked the fort, still a considerable amount of zombies at the fort. user:boiscout 9:30, 25 June 2020 (AST)

30th June

After weeks of fighting and after a late-night break in the defences, a large zed incursion has been repelled. For the first time in a long while, the gates of Creedy are clear. Mafiamanz (talk) 08:51, 30 June 2020 (UTC)

14th May

"The Creedy Defense Force is moving to liberate Fort Perryn so the remaining survivors are going to remain here. My hope is that we can hold the fort for at least another month, though I am uncertain how important the CDF was for holding the fort." --SinisterPig (talk) 11:11 14 May 2020 (GMT-5)

12th May

"Survivors aided by the CDF have reclaimed the fort and are holding up, Though zombie numbers are accumulating we should be able to hold the fort for quite a while." --SinisterPig (talk) 12:19, 12 May 2020 (GMT-5)


11th November

"Survivors are living in the fort with the Creedy Defence Force running the place. Zombie break-ins are still common in the gatehouse and it's not certain whether the fort will stay in survivor hands for long." --Desert Roamer (talk) 23:19, 7 November 2019 (UTC)

14th September

"Survivors had reclaimed the fort at the beginning of September. As we were trying to fix the fort up, constant break-ins have occurred. We are fighting hard to keep the fort alive. As of the 14, the armory is still overrun, while the gatehouse is still okay. Survivors are urged to come to the fort to aid in the restoration effort" --KingJabbaDaButt (talk) 17:47, 14 September 2019 (UTC)

26th August

"Crypt Creepy is slowly being restocked. All able-bodied zombies are urged to congregate for a smörgåsbord." --hajen (talk) 21:09, 26 August 2019 (UTC)

14th August

"Fort Creedy Has Fallen. All able-bodied individuals are urged to evacuate to the surrounding areas to aid in the reclaiming of Creedy." --KingJabbaDaButt (talk) 00:34, 15 August 2019 (UTC)

23rd July

"Operation: Reclaim Fort Creedy has had major success. The Fort is nearly completely reclaimed" --KingJabbaDaButt (talk) 03:11, 24 July 2019 (UTC)

21st July

"We are attemptine to reclaim Creedy. But, we need reinforcements" --KingJabbaDaButt (talk) 22:59, 21 July 2019 (UTC)

19th July

"The way is shut, it was made by those who are dead; and the dead keep it" --Godzman (talk) 02:47, 19 July 2019 (UTC)


24th April

I just went inside to check on things and... well there are a few zombies inside the Armoury and Gatehouse... there also seem to be dozens of clones of the same guy inside each build, all going by the name FukAlpha., and are just a few examples. Honestly I don't know if it's someone trying to retake the fort, killing anyone trying to retake the fort or just Trolling. At this point, I really just don't know. I'll keep an eye out and see what happens. --JarethBee (talk) 19:30, 24 April 2018 (UTC)

23rd March

Fort Creedy has fallen to zombie hands.--Yaboidanielkim (talk) 07:57, 23 March 2018 (UTC)

12th February

S.T.A.R.S. member Quinn arrives in time to see the Forts front gates go down....Only time will tell if the survive. --QuinnChan489 (talk) 11:51, 12 February 2018 (UTC)


31st July

The fort is ruined and taken over by a horde. Immediate assistance required.

Ingrine McCuddin (talk) 20:34, 31 July 2017 (UTC)

2nd June

Fort is once again in survivor hands, though the future of the fort is uncertain, as there are reports of several hordes roaming Pitneybank, with one such horde besieging the Giddings Mall.

--Apple Manfred (talk) 16:38, 2 June 2017 (UTC)

31st May

Zombies have once again taken over Fort Creedy. Final reports from survivors in the area say that a well organized horde of more than 30 zombies have stormed inside after a week-long siege, laying waste to the buildings and devouring survivors. The survivor groups stationed within were not able to withstand the large attack and were defeated. Remaining survivors have fled the Fort for other nearby buildings. All fort buildings have been de-barricaded and ruined.

--Apple Manfred (talk) 02:00, 31 May 2017 (UTC)

Hey, this was us again! Once we figured out how to walk around the different buildings the whole thing became a lot easier. This also marked the horde's second sacking of a Fort. PB&J 11:00, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

25th May

Zombie activity is slowly increasing again outside of the fort gatehouse, with counts of 10-15 zombies at any time. Creedy is still barricaded and secure, with at least 40 survivors inside the gatehouse alone.

--Apple Manfred (talk) 20:02, 25 May 2017 (UTC)

23rd May

The Fort is now in the hands of survivor forces, including members of the Sons of Chester and the CDF, as well as other survivors. They have been under repeated attack by a large zombie horde, numbering up to 30 zombies at times. That horde has repeatedly attempted to retake the fort over the past few weeks, with no success. All buildings are barricaded and secured.

--Apple Manfred (talk) 15:41, 23 May 2017 (UTC)

7th April

The Scourge visits the Fort for the first time. The lay-out confuses everyone, the headshotting survivors who pop out once every couple hours aren't helping and the constant random revives just add to the chaotic nature of the whole thing. It's a mess, and so is the Fort by the time they leave.

3rd March

After a short siege lasting from the 27th of Febuary and stretching into the 3rd of March Fort Creedy defenders were finally overrun by a large scale coordinated assault by the undead. All Survivors throughout the Fort were torn to shreds once the undead seized the gatehouse. The final reports from survivors within the fort indicated about 30 zombies were inside the fort walls

19th January

Scattered groups of survivors were able to reclaim and rebuild Fort Creedy over the course of several weeks during the Christmas-New Years celebrations. All buildings have been barricaded according to the barricade plans and the gatehouse is currently manned by nearly every survivor inside the fort who are in the process of holding off multiple waves of undead attacks on the gatehouse, which appear to be increasing in numbers and ferocity every day. --BlazingBacon (talk) 16:48, 19 January 2017 (UTC) .


19th August

The last stand of the ACC has begun, and groups from all over Malton have joined in for our final send off. Currently the fort and all buildings inside are repaired and barricaded according to the barricade plans. Survivor groups involved include the CDF, MFD, the Fortress, DHPD, and Malton Rangers. The booze has been broken out of storage, and it's an open bar folks, head this way for a party of epic proportions. clanc43 (talk) 19:06 19 August 2015

28th March

Despite valiant efforts by survivors the fort is once more in zombie hands. Survivors led by CDF reclaimed the interior buildings and held them for a number of days, but were unable to wrest control of the gatehouse from the zombies.--Futuyama (talk) 13:06, 28 March 2015 (UTC)

26th March

Survivor efforts to reclaim the fort continue, with priority being given to capturing the gatehouse. Zombie numbers are increasing and the infirmary and storehouse are currently being contested. Survivors are organising their reclamation efforts on reddit. --Futuyama (talk) 13:00, 26 March 2015 (UTC)

24th March

Creedy_Defense_Force have in the past few days begun efforts to reclaim Fort Creedy. A number of key fort buildings including the infirmary and armoury are currently held by the CDF and their supporters, although the gatehouse remains in zombie hands.[1] --Futuyama (talk) 00:10, 25 March 2015 (UTC)


Old news is archived here (2006 - 2008) and here (2009 - 2013).


First Ruining of Fort Creedy

The siege of Creedy started on December 23rd, 2007, when PKers and feral zombies arrived at the fortress. Several PK'er groups (like the Philosophe Knights, Flowers of Disease and Red Rum had united under the banner of the Silent Night Slaughter, and together they were able to kill 126 survivors in the Fort's gatehouse in a single night.

The zombie hordes had also united and groups like the Ridleybank Resistance Front, LUE and the Eastonwood Ferals all arrived with the Second Big Bash, which raised the number of zombies outside the Fort's gates to 300-400.

When they breached the gatehouse, they killed the 105 survivors who were left there, and proceeded to kill the nearly 400 survivors left in the rest of the Fort. Among the defenders were members of the Creedy Defense Force, Alliance of Fort Creedy, Black Brigade and the Army Control Corps. The last of them fell on January 2nd, 2008.

In retrospect, the fall of Creedy can be attributed to a lack of coordination and communication among the survivors, who weren't able to withstand the well-coordinated strikes of the SNS or the persistent masses of the Second Big Bash.

Second Ruining of Fort Creedy

The Second Ruining of Creedy went quite in a similar fashion to the first one, in that the Fort fell to a combination of zombie hordes and PK'er activity and that there was a significant lack of coordination among the survivor population. The siege began on July 4th, 2009, and only five days later, on July 9th, the last survivor had been killed and the last part of the Fort had been ruined.

To this day, reports of the event are quite unclear and incomplete.


A month after the Second Ruining of Fort Creedy, the Creedystock Music and Art Fair was organized on the Exercise Yard inside the Fort Walls. The festival celebrated the counterculture of the late 1960s – early 1970s and the "hippie era". During the event, several people took the opportunity to protest against the military presence in Malton.

Subsequent Ruinings

In more recent years, particularly following the introduction of zombie interference and beachhead tactics, Fort Creedy, as with other major structures in the game, has had a more difficult time standing up to zombie assaults, and regularly goes through a cycle of ruin and repair. Generally, no more than a few dozen survivors are in the Fort at any given time, making their job of defending the gatehouse and the fort as a whole more perilous than it was in times past, but due to the Fort's historical status and the close proximity of Giddings Mall for staging and reinforcement, the Fort has remained a popular location for survivors, so it is frequently reclaimed in short order.

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