The Canning Motel

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The Canning Motel
Thvortex (talk) 20:59, 19 July 2020 (UTC)
the Canning Motel

Peppardville [77,47]

a carpark the Kitchingman Monument Raikes Bank
Nositer Drive Fire Station the Canning Motel Fort Creedy Infirmary
Fennessy Place Police Department Tennear Bank Fort Creedy Barracks

Basic Info:

  • Also known as hotels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Motels can be barricaded normally.


Before the Outbreak, this used to be a popular place for soldiers from Ft. Creedy at which to spend some unscheduled R&R. The practice of a quick slip over the wall to meet up with a prostitute, a practice known as "Canning Your Sausage", was a main source of frustration for Ft. Creedy Military Police. The installation of two large searchlights on the fort wall to deter this didn't help much, as in practice the searchlights were often sabotaged, or the privates guarding them simply bribed.


Barricade Policy

Current Status

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