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As per the July 9th 2005 update:

  • Players who are tired of life are now able to jump from the windows of tall buildings.

In order to jump from a window, you must be inside a tall building, in which case, the following button appears:

Jump from a window

Clicking this button produces the following message, to guard against accidental suicides.

Are you sure you want to jump out of a window? This will kill you.

The original button is replaced by the following button:

Really Jump from a window

Clicking the button again causes your character to plummet to the street below.

You fall heavily onto the pavement, a few storeys below.

A survivor jumping from a building will immediately encounter death, turning into a dead body, and can stand up as a zombie at normal cost. (1AP with ankle grab, 10AP without.) This is the most efficient way for a combat revived zombie to return to undeath, as it does not require his zetheren to waste AP attacking him.

A zombie jumping from a building suffers no damage and remains standing. It is therefore useful only as a means of exiting a heavily barricaded building without first moving to an adjacent block.