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Lurching Gait
Ankle Grab
This is in fact the only image of ankle grabbing I could find in my wonderful low-to-no budget collection. If you squint and look sideways it might maybe look like he's helping himself stand faster.

Ankle Grab is a zombie skill which allows the player to stand up for a reduced Action Points (AP) cost. It is the sole child skill of Lurching Gait. Like all zombie skills, Ankle Grab costs players of all character clases 100 Experience Points (XP) to purchase.

Whilst perhaps seen as 'replacing' the AP cost to stand up—10 AP as standard, 15 AP for zombies who have taken a headshot—it is perhaps easier to view Ankle Grab as reducing these costs by 9 AP. As such, standing costs 1 AP normally, or 6 AP with a headshot.

Ankle Grab is one of the few skills—along with Necrotech Employment, Body Building, Flesh Rot, Diagnosis, Scent Blood and Scent Death—that can be used by both survivors and zombies. In this case, any survivor standing up after being revived will also benefit from the reduced AP cost granted by Ankle Grab, making it a vital skill for players from all play styles—especially for death cultists, or zombies making use of ?rise.