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A character becomes a dead body upon death or Mk. II revivification. Dead bodies should not be confused with undead zombies. For a zombie character, the information box below the map says that the zombie character is "dead", but this does not necessarily mean that the character lost all HP, fallen over, and become a dead body.

Survivors can dump one dead body out of any building at the cost of 1 Action Points (AP). (They used to be able to dump all present bodies outside for 1 AP). Dumping bodies earns 1 XP. Zombie players can buy the Scent Death skill, which indicates whether a body has been revived or not, regardless of whether the user is a zombie, survivor, or dead body.

From inside a fort, bodies can be dumped to outside the gatehouse at the cost of 5 AP.

Dead bodies can be feed upon by zombies with the Digestion skill. Normally, this gives the zombie 4 Hit Points (HP), but it will fail if the body is reviving or if the body has been fed upon ten times already. The descriptive text for the latter case is:

 The body has already been picked over, and has grown cold and indigestible. 

The number of dead bodies in Malton at any time is shown in the urban dead stats.

Standing Up

Main article: Stand up

Dead bodies can stand up for 10 AP and turn from a dead body into a zombie, if the body resulted from death, or survivor, if the body resulted from revivification. Standing up is the only action available to a dead body.

If a character has the Ankle Grab skill, it only costs 1 AP for that character to stand up.

Zombies who are killed by a Headshot must spend 5 AP extra to stand up.