Second Ruining of Fort Creedy

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First Ruining of Fort Creedy; or, the Siege of Creedy
Date July 4th, 2007 - July 9th, 2008
Place Fort Creedy
Result Zombie Victory
Unknown at the Moment Group of Zombies and Pkers
Unknown No real leaders, just the feeding groans guiding the zombies to the kill and the innocent survivors standing there attracting the pkers to kill.
Between 100 and 250 Between 100 and 200 (including PK'ers.)
Unknown Survivor Casualties but the survivors were killed or run out of the fort. Unknown Zombie Casualties

The First Ruining of Creedy

Fort Creedy's Second Ruining was finished early on July 9nd, 2008. See the talk page of this page for discussion on infomation to be added and POV entries.

The main cause of this fall of the fort was the zombies constantly banging on the barricades and after a few nights they fell and the zombies came in and started killing and making a beachhead in the gatehouse that remained open for the rest of the seige. While zombies were killing and ruining buildings, pkers were killing survivors and with these two forces combined the fort fell fast. The Armoury was first after the gatehouse fell. Then the infirmary and the NW barracks fell next. The Vehicle Depot fell 10 mins after the NW barracks and after that the W barracks fellan hour after that. Later that night the Storehouse fell and the last survivors killed and that left the entire fort ruined and in zombie and pker hands.


Main Factors in the Fort's Fall:

  1. The zombies breaking into the gatehouse and forming the beachhead.
  2. Pkers killing survivors thus weakening the buildings defences/

However, the survivors did try bravely to repeal the attack but with no tactic and little effort, the fort fell in little time