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Forts in Malton.

Survivors at Fort Creedy repair some damage to the gatehouse.
Survivors at Fort Creedy repair some damage to the gatehouse.
Fort Perryn's formidable gatehouse.
Fort Perryn's formidable gatehouse.

Forts are former military bases in Malton. They are made up of a complex of nine blocks, seven of them buildings. They are important to survivors, and high profile targets for zombies.


Forts in Malton are large military compounds and one of the most useful tactical resource points. The buildings that make up the complex provide many useful items. Each fort consists on nine blocks:

Uniquely, they are the only building in Malton to have been improved upon by forces from outside the quarantine, namely the external military. They started out as 3 by 3 grids with an armoury in the middle however, on the 20th November 2006, the layout of the forts changed to its present form. Another update on the 14th August 2007 saw changes allowing survivors to dump bodies outside the gatehouse.

Forts are almost totally self-sufficient with the only diminishable useful item that cannot be found being revivification syringes whilst the numerous other goods can be found with high rates of success. A survivor can stay supplied indefinitely within a fort, provided revivification does not become necessary.

There are many special rules regarding movement around, into and within forts. They are described in detail below, in short however the walls prevent movement in and out on all sides except for the gatehouse. The gatehouse itself cannot be free run into and is the only point of entry. This makes forts survivor havens in theory, being easy to defend and providing many resources. However this in itself attracts large zombie hordes with intent of attacking the many survivors inside, and large sieges often result. PKers often frequent forts, they provide ideal hunting grounds and several trenchcoaters to kill. Overbarricading is also a common problem. In general, forts tend to be the least safe areas in Malton for survivors, despite appearing the opposite.

It should also be noted that the infirmary building located inside acts in the same way as a hospital. If it is powered it allows the use of the surgery skill.

Fort Movement Rules

Forts posses several unique and complex rules regarding movement.

  • Special fort movement rules:
    • Body dumping: dead bodies can be dumped outside of the Gatehouse at the cost of 5 AP. This also moves you into the Gatehouse.
    • The Gatehouse: both forts have a Gatehouse, which is the only entry point.
      • To enter the fort, you must move to the Gatehouse square from the outside, then enter the Gatehouse building. Because of this, the Gatehouse is the most important building in a Fort under any circumstances and especially so in a siege.
      • From the Gatehouse you may move to other squares within the fort (but will always end up outside the target building, whether or not you have Free Running).
      • Clicking on the Gatehouse while located inside the fort moves you inside the Gatehouse, even if you were outside. (Therefore, zombies are able to exit a fort, even through a "very strongly" barricaded (or less) Gatehouse.)
      • You can free run from the Gatehouse to any building outside the fort, as long as the barricades are not higher than "very strongly".
    • The Armoury:
      • It is possible to free run from the Armoury to another building within the Fort, but not the other way around.
      • You cannot free run into the Armoury; attempting to do so places you outside the Armoury and gives the message "The defensive design of the armoury bunker prevents you from free running into it."
    • Illegal movement messages: several illegal moves use 0 AP, do not move your character and provide a feedback message:
      • Free run into the Gatehouse from outside the fort: "The gatehouse only has a single, low entrance - you cannot free run into it."
      • Free run into any fort square (other than the Gatehouse) from outside the fort: "The fort complex has been designed to be inaccessible from nearby buildings."
      • Move to a fort square (other than the Gatehouse) when standing outside the fort (or vice versa): "The heavy walls of the fort complex are impassable, from here."
      • Free run out of the fort (other than from the Gatehouse): "The fort has no accessible exits or windows overlooking its exterior wall."
      • Whilst outside the Gatehouse, attempting to move to another fort square: "You must enter the gatehouse to reach the rest of the military compound."
      • Free Run or otherwise move out of the Gatehouse to outside the fort walls if the Gatehouse is heavily barricaded or greater: "There is only one way through the walls of the military base, and it's been heavily barricaded."

Current Status

The status of Malton's forts are often reported to the wiki. Individual danger reports can be found at the Building Information Center along with access to other reports. A graphical representation of these can be seen on the Strategic Buildings Status Map which also includes malls and NecroTech buildings, or alone on the Fort Danger Levels category page. These reports are not guaranteed to be accurate.


Found in Armoury
flak jackets
flare guns
pistol clips
shotgun shells
Found in Barracks
Found in Exercise Yard
Found in Gatehouse
pistol clips
Found in Infirmary
first aid kits
Found in Storehouse
flare guns
fuel cans
lengths of pipe
portable generators
radio transmitters
spray cans
Found in Training Ground
Found in Vehicle Depot
fire axes
fuel cans
spray cans



a <colour> medical facemask1
a doctor's headband mirror
a white nurse's cap
a <colour> short-sleeved shirt2
a nurse's gown
a <colour> jacket3
a straitjacket
a white doctor's coat
a hospital gown
a pale green surgical gown
a <colour> dressing gown4
a pair of <colour> trousers5
a pair of <colour> shoes6
a pair of <colour> leather shoes7
a pair of pale green surgical shoe covers
a pair of <colour> slippers8
a pair of tartan slippers
a toe tag


  1. limited to white and pale green.
  2. limited to grey, white and pale blue.
  3. limited to black, grey and dark blue.
  4. limited to white, green and blue.
  5. limited to black, dark blue and white.
  6. limited to dark red, tan, brown, dark brown, black, grey, white
  7. leather clothes are limited to black, brown and red.
  8. limited to red, blue and green.

Storehouse & Barracks

a <colour> balaclava1
a gas mask
a broken pair of night-vision goggles
a <colour> beret2
a set of Fort <Creedy/Perryn> dog-tags
a <colour> short-sleeved shirt3
a khaki short-sleeved shirt
a <colour> long-sleeved shirt3
a khaki long-sleeved shirt
a <colour> jacket3
a khaki jacket
a camouflage jacket
a pair of <colour> trousers3
a pair of khaki trousers
a pair of camouflage trousers
a pair of <colour> boots4


  1. limited to black, dark blue and dark green.
  2. limited to red, green, black and blue.
  3. limited to tan, mustard yellow, green and dark green.
  4. limited to black and dark green.

Vehicle Depot

a pair of safety goggles
a <colour> overalls1
a pair of <colour> jeans2
a pair of <colour> boots3
a pair of steel toe-capped boots


  1. limited to blue, dark blue, red, dark red, dark green, brown, dark brown and grey.
  2. limited to pale blue, blue and grey
  3. limited to black and brown


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