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This page is considered humorous. Trenchcoater is a derogatory term for a player with an "action hero" mindset, who bases their actions in game around those seen in an action movie. It's a common insult in Urban Dead, and is especially popular among zombie players.

For the more informative and neutral article, see Trenchcoater/definition

What does a Trenchcoater look like and why is he called a Trenchcoater?

Typical Trenchcoaters. Trenchcoaters coming from a revive point. (Assault weapons and katanas not visible)

The term stems from the trenchcoat, which is featured in almost all trenchcoater descriptions; if a color is given, the trenchcoat is almost uniformly black. Other things usually mentioned in trenchcoater descriptions are scars and bandaged wounds (which are somehow immediately visible, but not severe enough to hinder activity at all), notches on a belt or gun barrel counting all the zombies they've killed, "crazed looks" in their eye(s), shades/sunglasses, combat boots, swords (especially katanas, or other oriental styled sword, despite swords not being in the game save the fencing foil), being tall/pale/dark, automatic weapons like AK-47s and Uzis (again, despite not being in the game), rusty/gleaming/blood-stained melee weapons, references to being a Marine/Navy SEAL/special forces soldier, and outright statements that the character is "badass" or otherwise intimidates everyone they meet.

What Trenchcoaters do

Trenchcoater with Shotgun. Even without the trenchcoat they're easy to recognize.
  • He goes outside the building during a siege, pumping his AP and ammo into some random zombies (often hitting dead survivors waiting for a syringe). (It should be noted that low-level newbie firing at zombies outside is not necessarily a Trenchcoater. He or she has to get first experience points somehow, even if no real harm is done to the zombies.) Afterwards, he gives an exact status report inside the building about how many zombies are outside, how many he has heroically killed and how many Trenchcoaters are needed to kill all the zombies.
  • Status reports are the key element in the life of a Trenchcoater (except for senseless pumping of ammo into some random zombies). If a break-in occurs, the Trenchcoater has to announce it, preferably in CAPS. He tells everybody inside the attacked building how many zombies are participating in the break-in, despite the fact that everybody can see the number for themselves. If the barricade level is getting lower, if somebody has just demolished the generator, or if someone killed another survivor, a Trenchcoater tells everybody inside; again, preferably in CAPS.
  • If a Trenchcoater witnesses a break-in in progress he will usually make a witty remark about how fucked all those present are, i.e., OH FUCK 20 ZOMBIES INSIDE!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKED! GOOD LUCK!
  • Most likely he will pump some ammo into the zombies while insulting them.
  • When killing random zombies the Trenchcoater is prone to insult the zombies with vaguely witty remarks and downright abusive slurs. A Trenchcoater makes sure everybody knows he is an alpha jerk and a class A asshole.
  • A Trenchcoater will often talk about the total victory over the zombies and how it could be achieved by senselessly pumping ammo into random zombies outside (being seemingly unaware that zombies simply get back up when "killed").
  • He likes to create grandiose and incredibly inefficient plans, as well as giving the operations catchy names like Operation Black Death Revival and Operation Windmill Scrotum.
  • A Trenchcoater loves to barricade. It makes him feel protected and he becomes king of his own castle. He seldom barricades safe houses that are inhabited by other survivors, but if he is alone or in a small group he begins to build an EHB Fortress of doom. Afterwards he claims the entire building for himself and gives it a clever name like "Bealey Towers, the last line of defense," or "Pasker Library, home of the brave."
  • If the Trenchoclorian count in the bloodstream of a Trenchcoater is high enough he founds a group and gives it a name in good Trenchcoat tradition. Names usually use, but are not limited to, variations of names such as * Defense Force, * Corporation, Black *, * Militia, * Brigade, * Republic, Army *, and * Departmant [sic]. This group often has a totally hardcore agenda like dominating the entirety Malton/the whole World and/or achieving victory over all zombies (somehow). The group usually consists of the sole Trenchcoat creator.
  • Healing is very seldom practiced by a Trenchcoater, but he loves to complain if others do not heal him fast enough.
  • If the Trenchcoater is targeted by a Pker, he never changes the safe-house he sleeps in (making him an easy target), but never misses complaining about that fucking griefer that killed him over and over again and how he must be cheating because he always seems to find him. He will vehemently announce that said PKer is now KOS and will be hunted down in all eternity, accompanied by heavy swearing and unfunny insults.
  • If killed by a zombie the enraged Trenchcoater immediately begins to attack the zombie who killed him. Or a random zombie; they aren't too discriminating.
  • If the Trenchcoater becomes a PKer, he most likely did it because someone spray painted over his marvelous graffiti, ignored his special house rules, or said something about his Trenchcoater group or his ridiculous profile.
  • A Trenchcoater rejects all attempts to teach him something useful, and will never learn from his own mistakes.
  • The trenchcoater is the guy who barricades a building all the way up to EHB X a million because one lone zombie brought down the barricades ONCE (ie. EH-bitches
  • Usually reluctant to buy any zombie skills, for fear of being mistaken for a death cultist. Instead, he prefers to lose 9AP every time he is killed. Often he only makes this decision after he's already bought Lurching Gait, keeping that as his sole zombie skill.

Famous Trenchcoat Quotes

On a mission. Trenchcoater roaming the streets of Malton searching for zombies.
  • The generator in Puckard Bank (Ruddlebank ) is running again, courtesy of Operation Black Storm Rises! (announced in a safe-house in Brooksville)
  • I was just outside the mall and killed some of the fucking bastards. One has only 43HP left. If everybody goes outside we can clear the menace in just one hour.
  • Don’t waste your AP on chatting! There are 20 zombies outside which needing a new headshot.
  • Hey that is Iron Mamba territory, don’t fuck with us.
  • YOU N00B!
  • SHOOP DA WOOP! (Has the cancer spread to UD too?)
  • FUCK YOU PKer! (said 50 times, using all AP)
  • listen people, anyone available come with me and get rid of zeds. Headshot users are more required. Healers stay and search for FAKs. Cader keep going on, overcade if possible!!

Other Forms of Trenchcoating

Trenchcoater in military outfit. Shown here with the very basic equipment


A Labcoater is the Trenchcoat of science, a geek version of the common Trenchcoater. He changes the trenchcoat with a labcoat, often ragged and smeared with blood, and carries dozens of syringes and technical equipment. In many cases they claim that they were responsible for the outbreak in Malton.


Armycoaters are military Trenchcoaters. Most trade the infamous coat with military outfit. Common accessories include Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Infrared Goggles, Frag Grenades and other stuff used by the military. Many claim to be a U.S. Army soldier (despite the fact that Malton is more or less officially in the UK), Navy Seal, or some sort of Black Ops guy. The most extreme specimens carry Rocket Launchers and/or Gatling Guns.


No one can see them. They are hidden in the shadow...

Ninjacoater exchange the classic Uzi and Assault Rifles for Shuriken and Kunai. Most wear a ninja outfit. They are the most silent and "mysterious" of all Trenchcoater. Unlike the other type, they almost never talk...or they talk like the Ninja from "Ask a Ninja"!

Typical attitude of a trenchcoater towards others. Despite the help some compassionate survivors give to trenchcoaters, they do not appreciate or even respect those who mean well to them.

Zombie "Trenchcoating"

In the general sense of the word, some zombies may also be guilty of "trenchcoating," although this is less apparent than the survivor phenomenon due to the fact that a zombie's profile is only visible when it speaks, attacks, or otherwise performs an action. Zombie "trenchie" descriptions may include bloodstained t-shirts (the most prevalent; perhaps zombie trenchies should be dubbed "t-shirters"?), missing limbs or parts of the face (particularly the lower jawbone), exposed internal organs, and extreme states of tissue decay. It is not known, however, whether this extends to behavior as well as appearance. Zombie trenchcoaters do have an excuse however. Killing humans actually increases the zombie population.

Trenchcoat Related Articles and Pages

Trenchcoater and social life. The truth is never pretty
"Trenchspotters" are those who make an effort to spot, track and classify Trenchcoaters.

Trenchcoater and social life

Some zombie groups, such as the Hambargar Halparz, and PKer groups such as The Malton Bounty Emo Killers, deliberately target trenchcoaters due to their un-originality. Trenchcoaters are also routinely mocked by other players for "trying too hard" - especially since many trenchcoaters are low-level characters. Of course, it is not very accommodating to make fun of trenchcoaters if they are inexperienced players.

Trenchcoater Wall of Shame

To ensure that Malton's Trenchcoater population is protected and conserved, please tag any notable examples you may come across by adding their profile here so we can continue to study their habits and behavior in the wild. (Note that some of the profiles listed here are clearly trenchcoater parodies.)

A list of trenchcoaters (maintained by the community,) is left here.


Trench coat.jpg Trenchcoater
This user finds no irony in 20 shotguns and katanas.

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