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A Mrh? Cow, prime for the tipping...

Cow Tipping (known as Gah Zabbang in Zamgrh) is the practice of "tipping" Mrh? Cows over at revive points. This is drawn from the real sport of Cow Tipping, which is practiced in rural areas by those with nothing else to do. In UrbanDead, it is the Mrh? Cows who have nothing to do, and are largely ignoring one full half of the game by immediately trying to become human again (see Dual Nature Policy and The Opportunists).


In practice, the game is easy to play. First, a human(or extremely bored zombie), finds a marked revive point full of Mrh? Cows. Next, they announce a "Cow Tipping!" or "Gah Zabbang!" to warn the poor zombies of what is about to come. Last, they attack and attack and attack until they are out of AP. This provides a steady source of risk-free XP, as the Mrh Gaahz usually won't be paying attention enough to attack back.

Pros and Cons

Beneficially, this sport carries little risk, as Mrh? Cows rarely log-in except to check if they have been revived. Since a zombie, once tipped, will only stand back up to be revived, there is no large penalty for them in the AP department, as they have lots of unused ones from waiting so long for a revive. Some survivors(especially dedicated revivers) will take offense to the act, as they take it as infringing upon their "research candidates." The retort to this is that there are plenty of zeds out there to revive.

It may also get you listed in a Sacred Ground Policy Breakers list.


The following templates have been made for those who like to Tip Cows. Add them to your userpage or group page, and help promote this sport!

Cowtipper.jpg Cow Tipper
This user is a Cow tipper and treats marked revive points as they would a cattle ranch. They particularly enjoy shooting zombie-cows with their buddies.


Cowtipper.jpg Cow Tipper
This user is a Cow Tipper.


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