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December 25

Unofficial Notes

  • You heard the thrum of a helicopter flying over the building. (1 hour and 33 minutes ago)

December 10

  • Another winter in the quarantine zone, and survivors are marking the turning of the year by hooking festive lights up to their safehouse generators, dragging freshly-cut fir trees through the empty streets, and looting the forgotten costume caches of shopping malls.
  • This year it's cold enough to snow, and it's beginning to settle. Walking outside will leave trails of footprints that last until the snow covers them - be careful about leading any unwanted visitors back to your well-hidden safehouse.
Unofficial Notes
  • Trails take the following format:

Thick snow covers the ground, with footprints entering from the east and south, and leaving to the north, east and south. Further sets of prints lead into and out of the building. A collapsed snowbank shows where someone has fallen from the building.

  • Footprints can also lead into and out of buildings.
  • Killing a survivor outside gives a flavour text describing how blood soaks into the snow. The location description is altered to mention the blood-tinged snow around the building.

  • You attack Sirius Lockwood for 2 damage. They die. Blood soaks into the snow.

December 3

Unofficial Notes
  • One is now able to see who dumps one's body.

  • You were killed by garr 2. (1 hour and 4 minutes ago)
  • garr 2 dumped your body out onto the street. (1 hour and 3 minutes ago)

November 1

Unofficial Notes
  • All changes made on the 31st of October have been undone.

October 31

  • Another day of freak weather conditions, today, as thick fog blankets the city. Stay inside, ignore any thumping on your safehouse doors, and please do not feed the zombies, even if they're wearing plastic masks.
Unofficial Notes
  • Candy Stores have been reopened in Malls. You can grab a few handfuls of stale candy from one to give to whomever you want. They only appear to be located in one or two corners of a Mall.
  • Costume Stores have appeared in certain corners of Malls. They allow survivors to put on various Hallow'een-themed masks in the same fashion as normal clothing.
  • Players can knock or thump on doors from outside, alerting those inside of their implied request for candy.

August 24

  • As the dead suburbs are falling further into disrepair, it's no longer possible to free run through the smashed windows and blocked-off shortcuts of ruined buildings - attempting to free run into a ruin will instead drop a survivor onto the street outside. (Free running out of a ruined building is unaffected.)
  • It's been a long quarantine, and a lot of the city's inhabitants are now missing in action. Members of your contacts list that haven't been seen in Malton for over a month are now flagged as such.
  • Unskilled and desperate survivors can now use lengths of pipe to block the doors to a building, as a crude form of barricade.
Unofficial Notes
  • Knives can no longer be used to de-barricade a building. Any attempts are met with the message "The barricade has nothing that you can usefully cut away."
  • Available to recieving radio frequences have been enlarged to 25.90 - 29.00 MHz. Added frequences 25.90 - 25.99 MHz are closed on broadcasting as external military frequencies. It's possible to catch their reports there.
  • When trying to start a character with an already taken name it will give random suggestions, one female and one male:
Sorry, the name 'Ace' is already taken.
Random suggestions: Thomas Pridham or Mary Dauncey.

August 14

  • Survivors skilled in construction are now able to use salvaged toolboxes to repair damaged generators and radio transmitters.
  • Some of the more territorial zombies have taken to ruining buildings; ransacking a building to such a thorough extent that the damage is visible from the street. Ruined buildings can only be repaired by survivors with construction experience and a toolbox.
  • In an attempt to reclaim the derelict forts, survivors have cleared the pathways inside the fort perimeters, and can now drag bodies from any part of a base to outside its gatehouse.
Unofficial Notes
  • Some minor flavor was added to messages, in particular for a successful FAK search and a successful Tangling Grasp

July 3

Unofficial Notes
  • Happy Birthday Urban Dead! Helicopters have been heard and seen in the skies over Malton.
  • Several new clothes were added and slots fixed for some of the existing items. There are also temporary game-anniversary paper hats in all of the city's clubs, for a couple of days - zombies are able to pick them up and wear them, as an action button.

June 20

Unofficial Notes
  • There has been a change to the stats page. It now shows not only the groups membership #'s, but also the average level of the group members, and the total combined level of all members.

June 18

Unofficial Notes

June 12

  • More clothing updates: the city now has bandannas, aprons, mirrored sunglasses, 3D glasses, extra scarves, leather goods, fur coats and fast-food staff paper hats.

June 6

A few of these suggestions have now been implemented (I won't bother with an in-game news announcement):-

  • Kilts can be found in the wardrobes of one particular mansion, and in Malton's one and only Kilt Store, hidden away in the corner of a mall (it'll show up as a searchable shop).
  • Jeans have been added to malls and a few other places.
  • Necklaces are available; basic ones in malls, and rarer ones in certain mansions.
  • Gas masks can be found in fort storerooms and fire stations.
  • Safety goggles exist in NT buildings and a few other places.
  • Broken night-vision goggles gather dust in fort storerooms; the military took all the functional ones with them when the forts fell in 2005.
  • Nurse's caps are now available in all healthcare facilities.

Have fun. --Kevan 12:39, 6 June 2007 (BST)

Sourced from Talk:Clothes/Suggestions. --Ducis DuxSlothTalk 14:44, 6 June 2007 (BST)

May 31

  • Some survivors are going out of their way to salvage clothing from the shops and buildings of the city, either as uniforms, souvenirs of specific locations, or simple fashion statements. Clothes may become tattered and bloodstained over time, but you can always just loot some fresh, clean ones. (Use the "settings" page to change your clothing. Flak jackets still work as before, and will be folded into the new system later.)
  • The undead can brush the dust off to reveal what they were wearing at the time of their death, but can only do this once.
  • With barricades now such a familiar sight across the city, survivors (and zombies with memories of life) are finding them easier to pull down from the inside, and anybody inside a building will now notice when others are responsible for fully destroying or starting to rebuild its barricades. Ransacking buildings and refuelling generators will now also be noticed by inhabitants of the building.
Unofficial Notes
  • Undead players can choose from a wide variety of clothing options from their settings page, however, this list only appears once. After that, you can only remove clothing. This clothing appears in your profile afterwards.
  • The barricade messages can appear now, with the option in settings to ignore them. They appear as follows:
#  Ryan87lx began to rebuild the barricades, using a table. (18 minutes ago)
#  A zombie brought down the last of the barricades. (4 minutes ago)

April 20

  • Players can now edit more details in their profiles, as well being able to configure some gameplay settings - it's now possible to automatically ignore items you don't want to search for, and to filter feeding groans, radio broadcasts and flare sightings, according to personal preference.
    • Any item that a player has chosen not to pick up will return the message You find a <item name>, and discard it as useless when found, and the item will not be added to the player's inventory.
Unofficial Notes
  • User profile & settings page now has a link to the wiki Recruitment page.

April 8

  • Some deranged survivor cult or other has hidden 250 chocolate eggs around the empty buildings of the city. Eating or smashing them will get your name on the Egg Hunt Leaderboard.
  • There are no eggs remaining to be found

April 1

  • Logging in today shows that the user has been hurt, though clicking on "An airstrike" reveals this to be a joke(much like every past April Fools prank). Outside ther is a message about an M1 Abrams tank, Clicking on "An M1 Abrams main battle tank" links to the same page as above (the numbers in the URL of the page are 070401, the yy/mm/dd of April Fool's Day). The numbers given to the survivors killed, damage taken and zombies ran over are random:
    • An airstrike demolished the building around you, killing 6 survivors and showering you with wreckage for 26 damage.
    • An M1 Abrams main battle tank passed down the street, running over 22 zombies.

March 27

Unofficial notes
  • When you have reached an encumberance of 100% or greater, the message You are now fully encumbered - you cannot pick up anything else until you drop or use some of the items you're carrying is shown.

March 21

Unofficial Notes
  • The map, provided by NecroNet Scan has changed; now each block is more square.
  • Ransacked buildings now give a different message when searched, new message reads:
The building being ransacked makes it hard to find anything. You search and find nothing.

March 18

Unofficial Notes
  • The screen shot on the urban dead home page has been updated to show more recent updates such as encumbrance and highlighted powered buildings.

March 10

Unofficial Notes
  • The icon of site (small logo in the browser's tab) has been redesigned from Old ud icon.png to New ud icon.png

March 6

  • Survivors have begun looting the city's museums of treasures and ornaments, to improve the ruined décor of their safehouses. At least until zombies break in and ransack everything.
  • These and other heavy or unwieldy items now take up more space in players' inventories, and the total level of encumbrance is now shown. Being at an encumbrance level of 100% or greater means, as before, that you cannot pick up further items.
  • Installing equipment in a building is now noticed by nearby characters.
Unofficial Notes
  • The cost of dropping an item is now displayed by the drop down menu.
  • Survivors cannot directly target decorations to destroy them.
  • Paintings take up 20% encumbrance. You must have that much open to pick one up.
  • New flavour text added to attacks.
  • Generators and Radio Transmitters now have some sort of "health" instead of the "1 successful hit=kill" pattern they used to follow, and when installed flavour text attached to them inform everyone in the building how damaged they are.
  • Many new weapons can be found at the Sports Store of any Mall now. Their effectiveness varies between each case.

February 22

Unofficial Notes
  • Contacts are now coloured on the drop down list.

February 2

  • Hammering on the barricades of the derelict suburbs, the dead are learning from their experiences, and filling with a slow anger - zombies now gain experience points for tearing down barricade levels, for ransacking empty buildings, and for destroying machinery that survivors have set up.
Unofficial Notes
  • The top item in the "Drop" list is now a null item, which will help players avoid inadvertently dropping items they wish to keep.

January 19

  • As winter drags on and the dead adapt further to the urban terrain, their sense of smell sharpens. Zombies are now able to distinguish infected survivors from the uninfected using Scent Blood, and can use Scent Death to locate nearby members of their own group.
  • The dead are beginning to notice when a scientist jabs a needle into one of their horde, and survivors are paying more attention to the final coughs of a zombie infection. Dropping from infection or revivification will now be visible to other players, in the same way as a standard death.
  • A cold wind sweeps the streets, and post-quarantine newspapers now offer some advice and propaganda to new players, rather than long-forgotten local news.
Unofficial Notes
  • When killed by a survivor without headshot, the text 'you were killed by X' appears in the same bold text as a headshot notification.
  • Also, the text after a message saying that you have been killed or revived is now faded.
  • Infected survivors have their HP written in green if you posses the Scent Blood skill.
    • Survivors now get experience for repairing ransacked building damage.

January 9

Unofficial Notes
  • Using a DNA Extractor on a brain rotted zombie in a powered NT building now gives you the option to revivify immediately.
  • Christmas Trees, Fir Trees and Christmas Lights appear to have been removed during the early part of January. They remain in buildings and inventories, but no new ones can be found.