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Clock.png Historical Event
This historical event is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the event's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

What is Yahoomas?

Yahoomas Day is a zombie holiday which lasts for two weeks. Yahoomas is a celebration of zombie love where zombies young and old travel around showing their affection for new arrivals to Malton, kissing them under the romantic flickering lights, removing the barriers that separate them from their long-lost relatives so they can hold them in their gentle loving embrace, dancing and singing with their brothers and sisters, and spreading their infectious joy.

Why Celebrate

Why Celebrate? Because Ol' Yahoo brought us around 15,000 Yahoomas harmanz; it's better to ask "Why not celebrate?" It is a time of feasting and joy for all zombies young and old, a time for celebration, love, and camaraderie.

The Season of Days, Yahoomas

6-18 (June 18th)

On 18 June 2007, Yahoo published an article (now taken down; link is to the wayback machine) that inspired more than 4000 people to join the game in the space of about 12 hours.

This has had and continues to have a large impact on the game. The most obvious and immediate effect was noticed first by zombies: large numbers of survivor characters were sleeping outside, with some clumped six to a square and other suburbs noticing that all squares, from buildings to streets, had at least one survivor outside it. Of course, as time goes on and the new people either learn more about Urban Dead or give up, the UD community will change due to this sudden and unexpected influx of new people with new ideas.

As of 6-21, Maltons active population seems to have stabilized at ~50,000; this is actually down from a high of 51,528 at 20/06/07 23:00, but up a great deal from the pre-6-18 average of ~38,500.

And now as of 6-26, the population has decreased even further to ~42,000. Malton still has a larger population than before the Yahoo article, but it seems that only a small portion that joined UrbanDead after seeing it advertised have continued playing.

A complete record of the Yahoomas population boom can be seen here.

6-18 is known as the official first day of Yahoomas and the beginning of the celebration of Yahoomas festivities.

Diggahkah (June 19)

The day after Yahoo's article kick started Yahoomas and brought joy to zombies everywhere, a second article was released by Digg on June 19th, extending the happiness Yahoomas.

Idle Day (July 3rd)

Idle Day, July 3rd, is a day of great sadness for the young zombie children, for it marks the beginning of the end of the Yahoomas festivities. July 3rd saw the last few unopened Harmanz beginning to spoil and become unfit for use. The Idle-mass lasts for two days after the end of Yahoomas and is a time of reminiscence and giving of thanks.




 Dead Bodies 
 Revivifying bodies 

The spike in numbers is Yahoomas.


This term came about primarily due to zombie players, as the gifts of easy prey/more bra!nz were very welcome, hence the connotations of Christmas from

Yahoomas Season Pictures