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Dux Ducis' Wiki User Page

Note to IE and Safari users: this is what my sig is supposed to render like: What it should look like, but doesn't
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This user has left the wiki.
You can leave them a message, but don’t expect a reply.

About Me:

Male from Australia.
Currently living in Sydney.
Thinks social networking is over-rated.

Wiki Contributions:

Virtually all of the Chudleyton location blocks (and that was back in the day before auto-block templates!).
Added significant content to the templated signatures page.
Also added content to the basic formatting page, such as Re-ing, indenting and quoting.
Pushed for a revision of the welcomenewbie template.
Gained a few achievements in the Signature Race.
Founder of Project Sleep.
Semi-occasionally archiving the clothes suggestions page. 'Cause no-one else ever seems to do it.
A few templates here and there. Try to spot them.

Characters / Groups:

Brief leader and general foundation builder of the Survivor Security Zone and Zone Defenders.
Had a bash in brainROTRUM with a lvl 42 PKer, who is now with the Ridleybank Resistance Front.
Gained minor infamy in Red Rum with my second-oldest character.
Had a nice run with Ghetto Cow - it was fun while it lasted.
Tried to get The Surrealists off the ground. Didn't get very far. Still, editing the group page was fun!

Projects / Ideas:

Overhaul the Guidelines for System Operator Requests.
Develop and grow an awareness of Project Sleep.
Revise the Welcome Newbie template.
Win the Signature Race!

Un-w.png Project UnWelcome Member
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Socks.gif Sock Puppets
Because democracy works better without all that pesky democracy.

Ever wanted to know the total number of articles on the wiki? Well here it is: 19,388 articles!