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Project Sleep

Project Sleep is an idea that stemmed from a random parody template. In essence, users who have left the Urban Dead Wiki can place messages or notes here to let others know of their status, whether they are coming back or not, and why. This helps the community in knowing who is still around and the reasons why they are not here anymore.

What we do

Essentially, nothing. Just maintain this space really.

How to get involved

Create a heading under 'Register' with your user name and a link.

Useful Tools

Use these templates on your page to signify that you have (or will be) inactive on the wiki for some time:

Project Sleep.jpg Project Sleep
This user is a Zzz...
{{Project Sleep}}
Clock.png Less Active
This user will be less active for at least a few weeks. Please leave all important messages on his/her talk page.

And for the long term holiday taker:

Revive.gif This user is in a wiki-coma.
Because of reasons a,b,c, I probably won't be around for a while. Don't be surprised if I come back in a few months and start yelling about how I don't recognize anybody.
{{Coma|Because of reasons a,b,c}}


This user has left the wiki.
You can leave them a message, but don’t expect a reply.

Place them at the top of your page and fill in the reason to why you will be away. If you want to change the alignment of the third one, go to the template page and follow the instructions there.



Place reasons and messages under this heading


  • Summer Break


  • Just doesn't remember this site much


  • Left ages ago. Couldn't be bothered putting a notice on my page at the time, doing so now.