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This is just a page about me.

Who 'I' Am:

'I' am a female Level 24 zombie. 'I' have blue-green eyes, tawny hair, and very pale skin.
'I' am wearing what was once, probably, a pair of black silk pants or shorts. Possibly a skirt. Also wearing a T-Shirt with the remains of a slogan on it. Through holes is a few words: 'U laug ow bu wil u laug whe I craw ou fro und bed?' It is also black, with blood-red letters. Over that is a black trenchcoat. (In case you were wondering, the 'actual' me has that shirt. It says 'You laugh now, but will you be laughing when I crawl out from under your bed?')
'My' heroes are Nny, Eugene Victor Tooms, Venom, and Hannibal Lecter. (Look them up, they're very cool!)
According to [1], I am a Loopy Philosopher Pinko Grammarian Ennui Lonely Guy Bong Evil Clown. (Don't ask.)
'My' skills so far are Free Running, Body Building, Tagging, Scent Fear, Scent Blood, Scent Trail, Scent Death, Digestion, Infection, Vigor Mortis, Neck Lurch, Death Grip, Rend Flesh, Tangling Grasp, Feeding Drag, Memories of Life, Death Rattle, Ransack, Feeding Groan, Ransack, Flailing Gesture, Lurching Gait, Ankle Grab, and Brain Rot. 'I' am currently in Reganbank.

'My' Personality

If anyone were to ask, 'I'd' say that 'I' am cynical, pessimistic, and generally bitter. Well, 'I'd' actually say 'Mrh? Graaah!' But that's besides the point. LOL! 'My' favorite song is, naturally, 'Zombie'.

My Opinions:

ErrorUgly.png Too Many Templates
This user puts way too many templates on their page.

Bbticon.jpg Template Whore
This User includes as many templates as possible on his or her User Page.
I mean, come on! Tusken Raider?!?

Miskalogo.jpg Friend of MU
This user or group supports Miskatonic University

Fine Arts1.jpg Fine Art of Malton Supporter
This user or group supports the Fine Art of Malton movement & acknowledges that all museums are PK ceasefire zones, heal points, and are to be a barricading priority.

Thinker.gif Royal Society of Malton
This user or group is a member of the Royal Society of Malton, a coalition of groups and individuals who pride themselves on their intellect and strive to make the survivors within Malton more intelligent.

DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.

Zombiejz9.JPG What do you mean I can't use an axe?!
This user can't understand why zombies are not allowed to use fire axes.

Keyhole2.jpg Just Lock the Freaking Doors Already!
This user can't figure out why survivors don't just lock their doors to keep out the zombies.

Generatorcarry.JPG Heavy Lifters, Maybe?
This user can't figure out for the life of them how survivors are able to carry around several portable generators at once.

Socks.gif Sock Puppets
Because democracy works better without all that pesky democracy.

Cthulhuplushshrunk6qb.jpg Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!
In his house at R'lyeh, this dead user waits dreaming.

Dontpanic.gif DON'T PANIC!
Hey, you sass that hoopy GuesssWho? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!

Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.

FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.

Female.jpeg Female
This user is female.

Bill&ted05.jpg DUDE! It's a Template!
This user has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.

Bored.jpg Sorry, what was that first part again?
This user has ADD, so don't expect them to pay much attention to anything.

Nuke.jpg Just Nuke the Place!
This user thinks the military should drop the bomb on Malton so that the zombies can mutate into something more powerful and finally pose a real threat to survivors. That is, if any of the survivors make it...

Holidayimperialism.JPG Stop Holiday Imperialism!
This user refuses to acknowledge the start of Christmas season until the day after Thanksgiving.

Vandalism.gif IT NEVER ENDS!
This user is frustrated by the sheer amount of stupidity and crap on the wiki.

Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?

Calculus.JPG Calculus
This user really hates calculus.

DontNerf.JPG Don't Nerf Mah PKing!
This user is sick of people trying to nerf PKing.

Tetris.jpg Tetris Addict
This user is addicted to Tetris.

Crucifix.jpg Stop Suggesting Crap!
This user or group supports
intelligent suggestions because:
Crucifixes should be useless,
just like in real life.

Sleep.jpg Pseudo Zombie
This user needs more sleep.

Smiley.png It's a Joke, OK?
This user supports the use of humor, even when other people don't get it.

Bored.jpg Why are you still reading these?
This user thinks you have way too much free time on your hands.

Clonearmy.JPG Attack of the Clones
Attack of the Dupe Clones!

AntiChuck.JPG Chuck Norris Sucks!
This user thinks that Chuck Norris isn't that cool, he's just a cowboy.

Fire.jpg The Final Sign of the Apocalypse!
One of Mr Aushvitz's suggestions was implemented!

Spam1.jpg Spam
This user recognizes Mr.Aushvitz's valiant attempt to fill Peer Rejected Suggestions with his own retarded suggestions.

Aliengreen.jpg Alien
This user is an alien.

GeorgeBush.jpg Bush is an alien!!
GuesssWho thinks bush is an alien because he can't speak english.

GeorgeBush.jpg HURRRRRRRRR!!!1one!!1
We can't affurd mexed missages in the long worm!

GeorgeBush.jpg The President
<---God, this guy is pathetic!

Un-w.png Project UnWelcome Member
Need help? Piss off.

Hypnotoad-1.gif Hypnotoad
All glory to the Hypnotoad!

NoHubbard.jpg Scientology Unfriendly
This user thinks that Scientology is ridiculous.

Pirate.JPG Pirate
This user be a Pirate. Death to the Ninja dogs! Yarr!

Salvador.jpg Ouch!
That's definitely gonna leave a mark!

Concert.jpg Zombie Karaoke
This undead user enjoys serenading survivors when visiting safehouses.

Zombiespy.gif Zombie Spy
GuesssWho may or may not be a zombie spy.

Fire.jpg Hell
This user is going to Hell.

Holy Zombie txt.jpg Ban Heresy
This user or group does not tolerate heresy against Sweet Zombie Jesus.

The Vengeance Committee

Kaga.jpg Allez Cuisine!
This user believes that brains are a delicacy and should be treated as such.

Fire is Pretty
This user thinks that fire is pretty.

Leftswordguy.gif An Adventurer is Me!
GuesssWho plays The Kingdom of Loathing

NoLOL.png Gramear
This usar or gruop suport teh use of propper gramer and speling on the Wiki.

This user is a member of the Green Party.

Sonny.jpg I am Sonny!
This user claims to be Sonny Corleone.

GangstaRapVader.gif Gangsta Rap
This user is correct that it's not the East or the West side, North or the South side, but the Dark Side.

This user has been exposed to chemical pollution and thinks like a purple tentacle.

Abcletters.jpg SGP, MFD, CMS, UBP...
This user thinks there are enough capital letters used on the wiki to feed every bookworm in the world.

Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is her bite.

Freerunningfinal.JPG "Free" Running?
This user believes that Free Running works by making holes in the walls between the buildings.

Pissedoff.gif What the Hell is Wrong with you People!?
This user thinks that getting revived takes too freakin' long.

Damn.gif ... Wha?
This user just doesn't care.

Piano.jpg Music Lover
This user likes music.

Project Sleep.jpg Project Sleep
This user is a Zzz...

Fascism.gif Fascists
This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.

SatanLawyer.jpg Blood Sucking Lawyers
This user thinks all lawyers should all just drop dead.

Burnthewitch.jpg Burn Her! She's a Witch!
This user is on a witch hunt and will burn any witch they find.

Newt.gif How do you know she is a witch?
This user was turned into a Newt...

Trench coat.jpg Trenchcoater
This user finds no irony in 20 shotguns and katanas.

Shootmess.jpg Shoot the Messenger
This user or group follows the strategy of Shoot the Messenger.

Combat reviving this user's character is a good way to eat a bullet.

CryingZombie.jpg Zombie Sympathizer
This user or group doesn't think that zombies should be shot just because they are different from us.