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Sonny Corleone

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Aiden Fury has assburgers

Urban Dead

We miss you Pluto!

Because of the International Astronomical Union's stupidity for demoting Pluto I decided to quit Urban Dead in September, 2006. I could no longer play a game where there were only 8 planets.

Cornholioo Is A Faggot

Also, if you do not choose me you are admitting that you are also a faggot and give me permission to say so on my userpage. --Sonny Corleone DORIS I jizzed in my pants pr0n 00:34, 24 March 2010 (UTC)

I do not accept. --Cornholioo 14:53, 25 March 2010 (UTC)




Canderous Ordo


Dirty PKer of DORIS. Was once a member of the CDF but was driven mad and killed all those around him. Joined Red Rum and then Assault on Stupid Survivors before creating DORIS. Leader of the Coalition and the Invasion of Gibsonton.

Canderous Ordo DORIS.jpg

Retired Characters

Sonny Corleone



Former leader of the RRF. Sonny Corleone. Will eat your children if you spam the suburbs pages. Service to the State! Glory to the race!

Read about the press interview with Papa Sonny. Here.

Well he ain't my boy but the brother is heavy. Gave away my possessions and moved into a Chevy. Van, yeah thats the masterplan. Drive into the woods and eat corn out the can. Yeah I gave it all away, the hard rock band. The groupies the booze, the all night jams. Now all these fans, asking where did he go? Meditating on a rock letting go of the ego. So rappin with the squirrels is the way of the mountain. They took half my nuts and berries. And riddled "who's counting?" Bit my finger with the truth, the blood was spouting. Now my cup overfloweth, just like a fountain. Seen birds in the sky, trees inbetween. Grubs in the ground, it was so serene. The sky was blue, yeah the grass was green. And that's three square meals if you know what I mean. So now I wake up every morning with a fat cup of piss. My third eyes open so give me some swiss miss. Saw a thirty foot fairy walking down your street. Though I was down with God I had to yell retreat. Because I gone guru so cut the ballyhoo. Rock the tamborines and the didgeridoo. Set the animals free from the pimpin zoo. And I'll elevate your mind like airplane glue.

Mnweye.gif Malton's Most Wanted!
The user below is currently #2 on Malton's Most Wanted list, and should be terminated on sight without mercy.
Sonny Corleone - Zombie Player

Wanted for crimes against humanity, high treason, espionage, slander, grand theft auto of M1 Abram Tanks, murder, assault and battery, breaking and entering, and jaywalking.

For these crimes, the penalty is Pantsing.

Last seen in Central Malton.

Rezzens Laffo

The Day Malton Ran Red:

Zombie Renaissance



  • Killed a man once just to watch him die.
  • Shot Undeadinator JFK-style from the Grassy Knoll.
  • Shot Greedo for thinking he shot first.
  • Made Centaurs hung like horses, but horses hung like Sonny.
  • Is the evil Puppet Master of the game.
  • Is the worst traitor since Fredo.
  • Is like the fucking illuminati.
  • Is behind every evil zombah plan.
  • Is behind you right now.
  • Can control where new characters start.
  • Fixed the 1860 elections so that Lincoln could grow a beard.
  • .. / ..-. ..- -.-. -.- . -.. / ..- -. -.. . .- -.. .. -. .- - --- .-. / ... / -- --- -- / ..--.. /
  • Doesn't like you.
  • Killed Grim with a battle axe due to his vulnerability to non magic weapons.
  • Despises the Disgruntled Heroes, and everything they can potentially stand for.
  • Is secretly Mr. Hootington.



Zombie Revolutionary behind the Caiger Resistance Front.



RETIRED for good


Former Councilor, leader of The Stanbury Renegades, member of the PA Rebel Alliance, co-founder of the Alliance of Giddings. Genius.

Current Prime Minister of the Council of Leaders.

Runs a McZeds in Pitneybank at the Sprod Building [86, 43].

Macarthur.jpg I shall return!
This user claims to be General MacArthur.

Alliance of Giddings pages


Anthony Rigatoni

Manager of the Malton Sanitation Department

An Italian with slicked back hair. Has a large, golden Cross that hangs over his wife beater and Gucci jacket. Has an extremely hairy chest, back, knuckles, legs, and eyebrows. His hobbies include going to Church, goofy chains, and spaghetti.


Wiki Stuff


So yeah I've been doing some projects around the wiki.

  1. Fixing the retardedness on location pages. Honestly, is it that hard to code it as a location rather than a suburb so that it isn't broken?
  2. Suburb history pages. Stanbury Village History, Ridleybank History, Galbraith Hills History, Barrville History.
  3. Writing stories for the Families of Malton.
  4. Making fun of groups that "invade" Ridleybank.
  5. Templates. (see below)
  6. Spamming the stupid suggestions.
  7. Zombie Renaissance