Malton Sanitation Department

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Malton Sanitation Department
Abbreviation: MSD
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Anthony Rigatoni
Goals: Take Out Malton's Trash
Recruitment Policy: Cannot have more than one character in the DEM, preferably a Pasta name
Contact: Contact

The Malton Sanitation Department was created to take out Malton's trash. Zombies, PKers, Zergers have plagued our beautiful city for too long. Dead bodies occupy our buildings and are piled in our streets. Only the Garbage Men (G-Men) can clean up this mess.


Our Goal is to clean up suburbs to a more environmentally safe, Green color.

Our starting suburb is Penny Heights.

Recruitment Policy

We only ask that if you join you make this your only DEM character. This is to reduce chances of zerging.


To join you need to be a survivor character, preferably with a Pasta name. Show up to work in Penny Heights and clear out the garbage.


Forum is on Brainstock. If you want access to it please contact Saromu or Bobs_Aturd on the forum. You will then be given access.

A zombie captured by the MSD