Council of Leaders

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Council of Leaders
Abbreviation: CoL
Group Numbers: 9 Councilors
Leadership: The Council
Goals: Bring back law and order to the streets of Malton in an organized and systematic approach.
Recruitment Policy: Councilors are voted in by the people of Malton. Affiliate groups join any time.
Contact: Speak to a Councilor on the NMC Forums or on the wiki

Nominations for Councilors will be over Here.

Two years ago almost to this very date our beloved city of Malton was quarantined off from the rest of the world. The British Army promptly evacuated as much as possible and left us to fend for ourselves. When all seemed lost, when our local government failed, when neighbor turned on neighbor, both live and dead; a small band of humans, no, survivors of the outbreak, stood on the steps of city hall and shouted, "You have taken our lives, our land, our way of life, BUT YOU WILL NOT TAKE OUR FREEDOM!"


In cheesy tv terms "the tribe has spoken"

A Vote of no confidence in the current PM and denying him access.

A Vote against the unlawful impeachment of councillor TSC.

A Vote for changing our name.

The nine councilors remain, but our Prime Minister is out. We may be forced to a new group, which we're perfectly prepared to do. Thankyou for your patience, good citizens.


There are three branches of the Council of Leaders, the Councilors making up the biggest part. First off is the Councilors that act as the legislative branch. They run the city of Malton, making decisions and guarding over the citizens. The Executive Branch is led by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is in charge of public affairs and organization of the Council but makes no real decisions. The Prime Minister is also there for life, or until resigning. The third and final branch is the Military. In charge of the Military is the Council's General, who leads the Council's Expedition Unit. The General is handpicked by the Councilors and can be removed at any time by a majority vote by the Councilors.



1. Johnny Lunchpail

2. Dikki

3. Masque

4. Sexy Rexy Grossman

5. Benigno

6. Captain Leah

7. Specialist290

8. Zod Rhombus

9. Seat open for election

Prime Minister



None currently. Must be voted in by Councilors.


The Council of Leaders was born. Daxx, a simple police officer from Dakerstown; Lieutenant Tacozza, an officer right out of RMAS; Sgt. Jeff Shockmatic, UN soldier; and Ludwig, well....he was Ludwig; joined together to bring back a stable government. Soon after others joined the fledgling acting government including Jack Denton, Sam Vimes, Vincent Montgomery, Bobmcfartsens, Yuri Ruler, Karen Sanger, and Dreadnaught. Those 11 ordinary men and women showed leadership and initiative. They were the Councilors and Malton finally had a form of government.

But the Council did not have it easy. No, far from it. Just as they started bringing law and order to the suburbs a zombie menace came. In Mexico they call them El Muchos. Children know them as the monsters that hide under their beds. Women turn pale in the cheeks when they are mentioned. And men just stare off for miles upon remembering the horror. A horde like no other came down from the north and sweeped into central Malton. A plague of death swarmed upon Shearbank and ate everything like locusts. They were The Many, and we were the few.

The Council fought hard and bravely against the unstoppable Many but it was too late for the suburb of Shearbank. When the zombies left a psychotic, socialist militia took over and executed all survivors of the Many onslaught. They called themselves the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs but there was no democracy involved. The Council met its polar opposite, its enemy. Everything the Council stood against DARIS stood for. The newly formed government could not declare all out war on the seperatist militia. Instead they hired bounty hunters and employed small groups of humans to systematically take them out. Shearbank became the deadliest suburb of the city. Within minutes of sitting down in Shearbank, or the immediate area, you would find a shotgun barrell to your face or an axe to the back of your neck. It was urban warfare.

Fortunatley for the Council the militia did not survive. The bounty hunters and mercenaries killed the fleeing militia after another swarm of zombies breached their defenses. It was around this time that the Council formed an actual organized army instead of irregulars and volunteers. Tony Blair, a young soldier named after the politician, was selected and led the Council's army.

Like the Cold War it ended with only one super power left, and without a rival the Council started to dwindle. Its support and numbers fell. Councilors were assassinated and devoured by zombies. It was at this time that another zombie horde came. The Ridleybank Resistance Front, a name created for the zombies that were drawn to the center of the city. Without the Council leading the people, anarchy soon took over.

The few Councilors that survived, Dreadnaught, Karen Sanger, Lt. Tacozza, Yuri Ruler, Ludwig, Bobmcfartsens, and Tony Blair vowed to help the people once more. In November, four months after the Council was formed, the Council of Leaders accepted three more to fill the empty seats. Von Luthius, Olhado, and Saromu became the new Councilors. But this new government was inneffective. The militia once thought dead returned under the guise of the New Council of Leaders. And the tired people of Malton believed them. After fighting for all those months against unstoppable numbers they accepted them as their true form of government. The Council broke up in February of 2006. Some formed the Caiger Mall Survivors while others formed the Alliance of Giddings, two very different organizations created on the other side of the city in Malls. But a third group emerged, a secret society of sorts. The Gingerbread Men. They challenged the largest zombie horde at the time, the RRF. Hiding in the city to give inspiration to those in Caiger. It was a noble cause.

The CoL was gone, lost to the pages of time. There was a time when it seemed like it would be coming back in July of 2006 but with the zombies outnumbering humans there was no one left to lead.

But now humans are taking back their city. Axes and pistols are taking back the streets, and they are watching. The eyes of the people are looking beyond theirs Malls, beyond their suburbs. The city as a whole needs a unified government and the time for that is now.