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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The PA Rebel Alliance
Abbreviation: PARA
Group Numbers: Approximately 13 active individual members with more in reserve
Leadership: Active Members
Goals: Unite members of Penny Arcade and to purify Malton from Zombiedom
Recruitment Policy: Group is exclusive to Penny Arcade Forum Members
Contact: Penny Arcade forums

The PA Rebel Alliance (formerly known as the Penny Arcade Zombie Hunters) are a powerful group of humans from the Penny Arcade forums. They do not have any official enemies or alliances, nor any specific leader. The group now consist of 13+ members, most of which are high-level. They are popular defenders during the various sieges of Giddings Mall.

Historical Significance Section

Important Events


  • August 2nd - The newly formed PA Rebel Alliance attempts to take Fort Creedy. Calling themselves Gold Team, they were met with the resistance of every zombie in the area and, due to their lack of skills, Gold Team only managed to hold the fort for a few hours. Some members died while others managed to retreat with their lives. PARA waves this event around as their flag with the slogan "8/2 NEVAR FORGET." After the failed Creedy incident, most members brake off into small groups in the surrounding suburbs for several weeks of leveling before reforming at Giddings Mall.
  • September 7th - Around 90+ zombies of The Many, according to one of their leaders who was involved, attack and are subsequently repelled from Giddings Mall. The humans residing there include PARA, various unaffiliated survivors and a small number of the Pretorians. PARA had been alerted to the zombie's approach the day before, having seen the horde gathering in Scorse Cinema. This attack was brief and had minimal human casualties.
  • September 18th - PARA notes a second horde of The Many, approximately 60-strong, gathering for another attack on Giddings Mall. A preemptive strike on Chippet Grove Police Department reduces The Many's standing numbers by at least half. The following day, the zombies rise up and besiege the mall, managing to take one section for several hours before being driven back. This siege lasted for several days but, after a week of inactivity from The Many, PARA claims victory.
  • November 1st - The Dia de los Muertos massacre. Having spread out to render aid to other suburbs, the PARA presence at Giddings Mall is low. The stronghold is taken by the Ministry of the Dead after three days of fighting, during which each section of the mall falls successively. Casualties unknown.
  • December 3rd - Some members of PARA split off to form The Two and begin an active campaign of harassment against their former teammates.


  • January 15th - Having been marshaling their scattered forces to defend Giddings Mall from Mall Tour '06, they were instrumental in the days preceding the beginning of the siege on Giddings, reinforcing the Pitneybank barricades before the fall of Mitchem Mall. The Two agreed to a ceasefire in the hostilities in order to work together to protect the mall from the upcoming assault.
  • January 18th - Though their numbers and influenced had been decreased by The Two's break with them and punitive, personal assaults by Fazed, believed to be acting as zombie sympathizers during the current siege, those who still can play remain steadfast in their resolve.
  • January 20th - After the fall of Giddings, many PARA members are angered by the lack of aid or support from other groups, or even acknowledgment that their existence helped fend off the Zeds at Giddings. One of our members has resigned from the Council of Leaders as a direct result of this. Here is a transcript of the letter:
It is sad to say but...I am retiring from the Council.
For the time that I've been here nothing has ever been done. Our greatest accomplishment are the Gingerbread Men and even then it's not that great.
My loyalties lie with PARA.
I've asked for help numerous times. Giddings Mall needs help. Who came to help? Yuri. That's it. Who didn't come to help? Caiger Mall Survivors and the Gingerbread Men, including the Councilors who are affiliated with them.
So no help for Giddings. But when Caiger was besieged we all dropped what we were doing and rushed towards Caiger.
Why couldn't Giddings be saved? Why not Nichols? Why not the Arkhams?
Let's look at the list of groups that had a presence at Giddings: CDF, ACC, Renegades, PARA, Queer Jews, NMD, etc. Any CoL, GBM, or CMS men there? No.
Let's look at Nichols, both battles: Renegades, STARS, l2k, and PARA. Any CoL, GBM, or CMS troops? Nope.
The Arkhams: The Malton Confederacy and the Renegades. Any CoL, GBM, or CMS? Not at all.
My point? What has the Council done for me? Nothing. I've gotten a whole bunch of bullshit.
So without further delay I am retiring. I am going to help create the Alliance of Giddings.
-Saromu, former Councilor, member of PARA, and Renegade leader.
P.S. Do not expect any support for Caiger from us. We are beyond insulted by them.

As a direct result of the betrayal by other groups at Giddings, a spinoff of PARA called the Cult of Cockfucktus, has been created.

  • January 28th - PA Rebel Alliance opens up a McZeds in Pitneybank. Do you want a Finger Fries with your Fillet O' Flesh?
McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

  • April 16th - The PA Rebel Alliance have successfully revived the zombies waiting at Walrond Square after the small attack on Giddings Mall.
  • May 9th - PARA officially shuts down and becomes as historial group.