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Numbers: 42
Recruitment: Open.
UD Group Rank: 6
UD Average Lvl: 39
UD Rating: 1659

Active Leadership

Jeremy Daniels
Don Tartalia


Frequency: 26.70



The Creedy Defense Force is a hardened, veteran, pro-survivor group based out of Fort Creedy and the surrounding areas. The group itself is ranked in the official Urban Dead group listing as 6th. The Creedy Defense Force was founded in late 2006 by several survivors who found it essential that a group be formed to accommodate the needs of civilians living in the area around the Fort. They have since been an integral part of Urban Dead history and has made an everlasting impression on survivors and undead alike.

The group is spearheaded by several Elder members of the CDF who have shown dedication and maturity. These members have made the group what it is today and kept it alive through it's hardest of times. The Creedy Defense Force is in a rebuilding stage, trying to call on allies and enemies alike to rekindle old flames and bad blood. This is a game after all, and a game is more fun when you know who's showing up to play. If you'd like to join, establish a working relationship (or a hostile one) please visit the Discord chatroom and make an account. They are allowing Leaders or Liaisons from other groups to make an account that will automatically be marked as such when established that you are who you say you are.

The group continues to aid survivors across the Creedy area and is currently taking applications.

Recent Operational History

OPERATION: Metal Thumbs - [19 May 2020]-[ongoing]
[Moved to Whittenside to defend it and attack Fort Perryn.]

Past Operational History

OPERATION: Metal Thumbs - [29 April 2020]-[4 May 2020]
[With the help of the local population, recovered Pitneybank and North Peppardville.]

OPERATION: Continued - [01 April 2020]-[24 April 2020]
[Reset the repair costs of most of the buildings and contested control of Darvall Heights.]

OPERATION: March on the Dead - [01 March 2020]-[31 March 2020]
[Reset the repair costs of all of the buildings in the 6 suburbs of the DMZ with the DEM, DHPD and Soldiers of Crossman.]

OPERATION: Noname - [Started 17 February 2020]-[29 February 2020]
[After the arrival of The Dead six days ago, we raided resource buildings daily with Soldiers of Crossman.]

OPERATION: New year's gift - [Started 01 January 2020]-[31 January 2020]
[We launched a strike on Blackmore NT on 31st December with the DEM. We occupied Ridleybank for a month, and several times got it mostly barricaded with Blackmore's Knights, Knights Templar, Roftwood Elite and Soldiers of Crossman. We also launched two more suicidal strikes on Blackmore NT for a laugh.]

OPERATION: Peanut Butter Gonads - [Started March 20 2018]-[complete]
[The CDF have been raiding Pitneybank to reset repair costs after a zerg decided to squat the suburb. We strike every Tuesday and usually take at least a couple of buildings.]

OPERATION: Fort Creedy Siege - [Started Aug 5 2016]-[complete]
[The CDF have joined an alliance to fight off the horde.]

OPERATION: Bash Wars - [Started Jun 21 2013]-[complete]
[The CDF have joined an alliance to fight Big Bash 4.]

OPERATION: Danger Case - June - [Started June 1 2013]-[complete]
[Defended Creedy, then Pitneybank with the help of the Boardsies, Squadron1111 and Knights Templar.]

OPERATION: Jelly Pad - [Started May 20 2013]-[complete]
[Looking for a break, the CDF retook Hildebrand Mall with the help of the local population.]

OPERATION: Farmer Bob - [Started Feb 22, 2012]-[complete]
[After hearing news of the passing of truly one of the great Creedy Defense Force members the CDF mobilized to take over the Armory from the zeds to hold a memorial ceremony in his honor.]

OPERATION: Singing Tack - [Started June 7 2011]-[complete]
[Held Fort Creedy for nearly a month with the help of random Pitneybank survivors]

OPERATION: Black Switch - [Started April 2 2011]-[complete]
[Creedy Defense Force members attempted to retake and hold Dewell NT and the surrounding buildings in Spracklingbank, but met with heavy resistance and were pushed back into Pitneybank. Rebounding, they retook and defended the Farmer NT cluster while reviving the suburb's population.]

OPERATION: Early Bird Special - [Started March 14 2011]-[complete]
[The CDF - with the help of the local Pitneybank population - retook Fort Creedy for over a week, making fun of the zombies the whole time.]

OPERATION: Stinger Missile - [Started December 13 2010]-[complete]
[Hoping to have the fort in survivor hands until after Christmas, the CDF retook the fort but were only able to hold it for five days.]

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Creedy Defense Force Structure



Feel like joining the CDF? Come to our forums and sign up. The Unranked are those who are part of the CDF, but have not yet earned their stripes and become full CDF members. Once they've proven themselves and have shown themselves to be dedicated, they are promoted out of the Unranked masses and given Security access on our boards.



These survivors have proven their worth and are given access to a secure area of the CDF forums and can use a number of tools available to CDF Security members.These hardened survivors are some of the toughest in the CDF and remain in the Unranked squads to provide direction and support to the Unranked members.

What they say has significantly more weight than the words of an unranked member. With this privilege also comes an entirely different part of the forums in which you can access and discuss more secure topics like timed attacks, safe-houses, as well as security only operations.

Wondering how to get Security Status? Well, there is no set way. Some unranked have been known to gain Security status in a matter of days, while it took others months. It all depends on the intel you give us, fights you engage in, friends you make and the impression you leave on the Staff. With determination, you will get your rank quick enough. Asking for it directly does not assist you in any way. If anything it throws suspicion down as to why you want it so badly, which is never a good thing. The best way to get promoted is to remain active, posting useful helpful information. At any rate, I'm sure you're an upstanding survivor citizen who will fly through the unranked and one day be leading a crew of your own. Good luck!



Long standing CDF veterans. They are given access to the staff area to aid discussion and influence the direction the group goes. Generally drawn from retired Global Moderators and Administrators. Advisers help with the current Staff discussions and policies. Old legends never die so naturally most advisers stay around for sometime after they have given their rank up, although this is not always the case. Staff have the ability to expel members, ban forum users and start operations and end them. The CDF Staff team is made up of around three top members and then a foray of smaller members who aid the higher ones. The staff are subject to change at will.



The following are not members of the CDF

The Hand Book

When you first become a CDF team member you are required to read the Creedy Defense Force Handbook (3rd Edition). The Handbook is a tell all guide to the inner workings and policies of the force. Reading this material will enable you to have a better understanding of the group and reference point for future questions. The handbook is regularly checked and edited from time to time. The Handbook also details the individual groups inside the force itself and provides exact analysis of our policies. For sake of brevity the handbook can be found here.

Fort Creedy Status

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[78,47] - [80,49] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Fort Creedy
26.02 MHz: "Fort Creedy is in shambles.. Completely overrun with zombies"
--VVV RPMBG 06:20, 11 May 2024 (UTC)

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This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

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